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Friday, 15 June 2012

Julia Pennefather, daughter of Joseph Lysaght Pennefather

Julia Elizabeth Clare Pennefather ( c.1833 - 1875) was the daughter of the Tipperary-born barrister, Joseph Lysaght Pennefather, and of his first wife, Elizabeth Rea, of Barnwood, Gloucestershire.  Joseph's half-brother, Edward Pennefather, was our maternal 4 x great grandfather - both were the sons of the Rev. John Pennefather of Newport, Tipperary.

Julia had been born in Barnwood in about 1833, nine years after her parents' marriage in 1824;  her mother died shortly after this, in December 1848.  The Newport, Co Tipperary, parish register records the birth of an earlier child, named Anne, born in 1823 to Joseph Lysaght Pennefather and to a woman whose name seems to be something like 'Daly' - both must have died shortly after.
Joseph's daughter, Julia,  cropped up on the 1851 census, at the home of her grandfather, Joseph Rea, in Barnwood, Gloucestershire.

Ten years later in 1861, she reappeared, this time at 133, Victoria Place, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire.  She had married, in 1859, Sharrock Semmens Dupen, a steamship purser, who had been born in Phillack,Cornwall in about 1835 (and it's important to bear in mind that people at that time didn't pay great heed to accuracy when it came to their ages) to an earlier Sharrock Semmens Dupen, who had also worked as a ship steward aboard 'The Herald' and who had distinguished himself in the 1830s by his business acumen - noticing that broccoli was selling at low prices in Cornwall, he bought cheap and transported the lot to Bristol where the same vegetable was selling high.
In 1861, Julia and Sharrock Semmens Dupen had the one young son, John Lysaght Pennefather Dupen;  by the time of the 1871 census, their family was rapidly increasing and Sharrock had become a wine and spirit merchant. They had six children ranging in age from 10 to 2, all English-born- John Lysaght Pennefather Dupen, Anna Pennefather Dupen, Julia Pennefather Dupen, Percival Pennefather Dupen, Clare Pennefather Dupen, and Dora Pennefather Dupen.
There were relatives visiting the household too, and I'll expand further on some of these later - Matthew Francis Pennefather Hare, aged 24, a spirit merchant of Tipperary, and his wife Ada Hare, aged 17, of Clapham.
Also present the night of the 1871 census was a 15-yr-old visitor, Thomas Burke, who had been born in the United States in about 1856, but I'm unsure if this was a relation of the family or not.

Julia Elizabeth Clare Dupen, née Pennefather, died at Bedminster, Somerset, in 1875.  Her husband, Sharrock Semmens Dupen, went into the hotel business - in 1881 the census showed him as a licensed victualler in the Guildhall Hotel in Bristol, living with his daughter, Julia P. Dupen.  There was also a housekeeper, Elizabeth Greening Harvey, who Sharrock would go on to marry;  he died on 1st December 1886 at Weston-Super-Mare where he ran the Claremont Hotel - his will was proved by his widow, Elizabeth Greening Dupen of 24 Cromwell Street, Gloucestershire, the house next door being the infamous home of the serial killers, the Wests, a century later.

Julia's eldest son, John Lysaght Pennefather Dupen, married Maria Constance C. Mclorg, the daughter of Edward Mclorg, in Barton regis, Gloucestershire, in October 1884.  The couple emigrated to the United Stated in 1888, with their two children, Francis and Mary. Later, John became known as Lysaght Dupen and Maria as Constance Dupen.  Starting in Wisconsin, they worked their way west over the years;  he worked as a stenographer/bookkeeper, and was noted in 1898 in St.Paul working for the 'Y + L Coal Company.
By 1900 the Census shows them in Douglas, Wisconsin, and the return gives the following useful information about their children:
  Francis Dupen, born September 1885 in England.
  Mary born March 1887 in England.
  Clare born July 1888 in Wisconsin.
  Eustace born July 1890 in Wisconsin.
  Ella born April 1893 in Wisconsin.
  Catherine born June 1895 in Wisconsin.
  Anthony born June 1897 in Wisconsin.
  Philip born April 1900 in Wisconsin.

By 1910, they have moved to Cochise, Lowell, Arizona where Lysaght had a job as the bookkeeper for a mining company, and his son, Eustace, was a stenographer in a law office.  There are extra children - 4-yr-old Pauline H. Dupen who had been born in Wisconsin, and the Arizona-born Mary C. Dupen, aged 1.
The family were still in Cochise in 1920, but ten years later, they had moved to Los Angeles.

Another son of Julia Elizabeth Clare Dupen, née Pennefather, was the master mariner Sharrock Percival Pennefather Dupen, who called himself the simpler Percival P. Dupen.   In July 1893 in Liverpool, he married his first wife, Mabel Hewitt Manifold, the daughter of the late Edward M. Manifold.  One of the witnesses was an Emma Manifold, possibly Mabel's sister.
A son, Alan Percival Dupen, was born on 22nd October 1894 in Liverpool, but he died there in July 1900.
His mother didn't last too long either - the 1901 Census shows the widower, Percival Pennyfather (sic) Dupen, who was the master of the 'SS Jebba' moored in Liverpool.
Pervical married his second wife, Harriet Ransford Stewart (no relation of our Co. Down Stewarts) in Cheltenham in 1904.  Harriet was a cookery/domestic science teacher, the daughter of a chemist, James Stewart.
Her husband died four years later in Paignton, Devonshire, in 1908.

Yet another son of Julia Pennefather and Sharrock Semmens Dupen was Vivian Pennefather Dupen, born 30th April 1871 in Clifton, Bristol.   In 1891 he was a 19-yr-old ironmonger's assistant, living with his two aunts, Joanna Dupen, a teacher of Phillack, Cornwall and her sister, Salome Dupen, also a teacher.  Vivian's sister, Dora Dupen aged 22, was also living there and was working, like her paternal aunts, as an assistant teacher.
Vivian Dupen, a merchant, would emigrate to Madras, India, where he married Jane Ann Rowe, the daughter of John Rowe, on 17th March 1903.  The Passenger Lists record him coming and going over the years. He returned to England aboard 'The Empress of Australia' in 1947 and was heading to 23 Brunner Rd, Ealing.   In 1957, he returned again, this time aboard 'The Stratheden' and gave his English address as 'Weyland', Mavelstone Close, Bromley, Kent.
Vivian had a daughter, Dora Pennefather Dupen, born in Palghat, India, in 1908, and a son, Vivian Cecil Dupen, born 1904 in Tellicherry, Madras, who married, in 1928, Grace Katherine May Purdoe.

A daughter of Julia Pennefather and Sharrock Semmens Dupen was Julia Mary Pennefather, who in 1881 had been living with her father in the Guildhall Hotel in Bristol.
By 1891, she was living in Redruth, Cornwall, and had married the Rev. William Russell who was 20 years older than her.  She had two children - Bernard William and Dorothy Frances, and her sister, Clara Pennefather Dupen, was visiting.
Julia Pennefather Dupen died in June 1893 in Redruth, Cornwall.

Another daughter, Anna Pennefather Dupen, died in Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, in October 1882.


  1. Very interesting! I am the granddaughter of Dora pennyfather Dupen who was born in Palghat, India.

    1. Hi there Linda! We're vaguely related, both being descendants of Rev. John Pennefather of Newport. It's great that you took the time to comment. Had you done research into your family's origins already? I hope you don't mind me encroaching briefly into your branch of the Pennefather family!

  2. I have a full family tree from my generation through the Pennefathers, Lysaghts,Boyles, Howard's ,De Veres and right up to Henry 3rd and Edward 1st. It was compiled by a relative of ours called J. Hambley Rowe in 1912. I've read through your blog and interestingly enough my married name Iis Grattan!