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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

William Henry Cuthbert and Elizabeth McManus Grattan

Our maternal great-grandmother was Rebecca Cuthbert who married Robert Stewart. Her brother, William Henry Cuthbert married Elizabeth McManus Grattan on February 22nd 1898 in St.Werburgh's, Dublin.  William Henry Cuthbert was a joiner like his father, Henry Thomas Cuthbert, before him, living at home at 69 Seville Place, while Elizabeth was a dressmaker who worked for the Abbey Theatre.  At the time of the marriage she was living with her family at 19 Parliament Street; the witnesses were A.W. Miller and Annie Coe.

William Henry and Elizabeth Cuthbert spent the early years of their marriage at 27 Spencer Street, North Dock, before moving to 96.1 North Strand Road.

Amongst their children, all born in North Dublin, were:

1) Annie Elizabeth Cuthbert, born at 37 Mary Street in December 1898.  She married twice. The first marriage took place in the North Strand on 20th September 1922.  Annie Elizabeth Cuthbert of 116 North Strand Road married the engineer's assistant, James Emanuel Moriarty of 34 Waverley Avenue, Fairview, the son of a farmer James Bowen Moriarty.  (James Bowen Moriarty, ex- RIC, would die on 17th December 1930 at 34 Waverley Avenue; his son, James Moriarty of 139 Richmond Road was the informant.)
The witnesses to the 1922 marriage of Annie Elizabeth Cuthbert and James Emanuel Moriarty were the bride's brother-in-law, George Rowden, and her sister Amelia Frances.

James Moriarty died in Clontarf aged 49 on 15th November 1935, and his widow went on to marry a second time in Clontarf Church on 29th March 1937.  She was living at 'Alpina', Vernon Avenue, Clontarf.  Her second husband was a civil servant, George Wyndrum, of 47 Botanic Avenue, Glasnevin, the son of timber broker David John Wyndrum.    Annie's siblings, Doreen Cuthbert and Robert Francis Cuthbert witnessed this second wedding.

George Wyndrum, second husband of Annie Elizabeth Cuthbert, had been born to Belfast-born clerk, David John Wyndrum and to Dublin-born Mary Strahan, at 11 Philipsburgh Avenue, on 12th February 1899.  He would died aged 64 on 16th September 1963 at 166 Quarry Road, Glasnevin;  a daughter, G. Wyndrum, was there.

2) Amelia Frances Cuthbert, born 7th October 1901; the family were then at 27 Spencer Street.  On 7th July 1937 in Clontarf Church, Amelia Frances Cuthbert of 'Drumyat', Howth Road, Clontarf, married a painting contractor of 'Marley', Station Road, Sutton, George Cameron, who was the son of tea importer Gilbert John Angus Cameron.   Amelia's paternal uncle, Joseph Charles Erskine and his son, Eric C, Erskine, were the witnesses - Joseph Charles Erskine had married Amelia's aunt, Emily Amelia Cuthbert, in 1912.

3) Lilian Maud Cuthbert, born 10th August 1903; she married joiner George Rowden, the son of lighthouse keeper John Rowden, in St.Paul's Church on the North Strand on 30th September 1929. At the time of the wedding, John Rowden was living at 12 Bessborough Avenue, North Strand, while the bride's addess was 116 North Strand.  Lilian's siblings, Amelia Frances Cuthbert and Henry William Cuthbert were the witnesses.

George Rowden (16th September 1900 - 1993) was the son of John Rowden - a fisherman at the time of his son's birth at 3 Pembroke Cottages in 1900 - and Anna Maria Blackmore, as was William John Rowden whose son was John Noel Rowden.

The child of Lilian Maude Cuthbert and George Rowden was Cecil George Rowden who was born in 1930.

4) Henry William Cuthbert, born 13th November 1905 at 11 Spencer St. He married Lilian Maud Halpin in St. Matthew's on 14th September 1936.  An engineer, in 1936 Henry William Cuthbert was living at 97 Howth Road, Clontarf, while Lilian Maud Halpin, the daughter of robe maker,  Richard Halpin, was living at Royal Bank House in Sandymount.  The witnesses were Henry's brother, Robert J. Cuthbert, Iola Francis Halpin and Mary Earl.

Lilian Maud had been born on 19th December 1907 at 19 Raymond Street to TCD porter, the Kildare-born Richard Halpin, and to his wife, Wexford-born Alice Essie Earl.

Marine superintendant, Henry William Cuthbert of 75 Iveragh Road, Whitehall, died in Sir Patrick Duns Hospital on 19th May 1962.  His son was named as J.W. Cuthbert of 75 Iveragh Road.

5) Robert Francis Cuthbert, born September 1910.

6) Dorinda Florence Cuthbert, aka Doreen Cuthbert, born 12th September 1913 at 4 May Street;  she married John Percival (Percy) Lovegrove in the North Strand Church on 2nd April 1946.   Orphaned at a young age, he had been reared by an uncle and aunt in Co. Laois.
Their son, David John Lovegrove, was born on 21st February 1947 and the birth was registered in North Dublin.
Doreen Cuthbert Lovegrove danced with the Abbey Theatre Ballet from 1927 till 1933.
Doreen Cuthbert
Her daughter, Doreen Lovegrove, née Cuthbert, died in Sutton on 7th November 2007;  her husband, John Percy Lovegrove, of Strand Road, Sutton, died later on 15th June 2014.

Elizabeth Grattan, née McManus Grattan, died on June 26th 1946.  From the Irish Times:  'Cuthbert (née Grattan) - June 26th, 1946, at her daughter's residence, "El-Arish", Burrow Road, Sutton, Co. Dublin, Elizabeth McManus, dearly-beloved wife of William Henry Cuthbert, after a long illness.'
Her son, Henry William Cuthbert of 75 Iveragh Road, Whitehall, was the informant when she died in 1946.
Elizabeth's husband, the carpenter William Cuthbert, died aged 76 at 14 Hughes Road, Walkinstown, on 7th September 1951;  his son was present - Robert Francis Cuthbert of 14 Hughes Road.

The Grattan Family:
Elizabeth McManus Grattan, who married our William Henry Cuthbert in 1898, was born on 22nd September 1874 to the tailor, William Grattan, and to his wife, Mary Anne McManus, at 43 Bolton Street, Dublin.  She was baptised in St. Mary's.

I had believed that Elizabeth's mother, Mary Anne McManus (1844 - 1892),  had been born in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, England, in about 1845, to the Longford-born tailor, Michael McManus (born circa 1819), and his wife Catherine, who also hailed from Longford. (In 1851, this family were living at 12 Victoria Street, Hulme, Lancashire.  Michael McManus was working as a journeyman tailor, and they had three young daughters - Mary Anne 6, Eliza 4 and Catherine aged 2.  Ten years earlier, the unmarried Michael McManus had been living in a boarding house in Ashton-under-Lyne with his younger brother, Thomas, who was also a journeyman tailor.) 
However a fellow researcher has contacted me to let me know that the father of Mary Anne McManus was actually a shoemaker by the name of Bernard McManus;  her mother was Letitia Fitzgerald.  Bernard McManus and Letitia Fitzgerald  had married in 1839 - their children were all born in Manchester - MaryAnne McManus on 1st September 1844,  Elizabeth McManus on 29th November 1840, and John McManus on 3rd July 1842.  All three children were christened in the anglican Manchester Cathedral.

Did they perhaps move home to Dublin soon after the birth of their children?  A Bernard and Letitia McManus were the witnesses in Glasnevin on 11th January 1847 when carpenter William Meade married Mary Moy, the daughter of a tinsmith Arthur Moy.

Mary Anne McManus, daughter of Bernard McManus and Letitia Fitzgerald, married the tailor William Grattan in 1867.

Robert and Jane Grattan of Cork Street, Dublin:
The tailor William Grattan (1841 - 1903 or 1908), who married Mary Anne McManus, was the son of Robert and Jane Grattan who lived in the Liberties area of Dublin.  Robert Grattan worked in the textile industry as a fustian or cord cutter which was a process involved in the manufacture of corduroy.
The children of Robert and Jane were all christened in St. Catherine's on Thomas Street.
William was born to Robert and Jane on July 8th 1841 at 13 Ormond Street, which is off Cork Street.
On 28th February 1836, Samuel Grattan was born to Robert and Jane at Cork Street.
A son, Francis Grattan, had been born at 10 Cork Street, on 21st July 1838, to Robert and Jane.  He would later work as an upholsterer, and married Matilda Harriett Sharpe, the daughter of a clerk, George Sharpe; they married on 9th July 1870 - at the time they were living in 36 Aungier Street. Robert J. Wilkin, Francis Grattan's brother-in-law, and Caroline Sharpe were the witnesses in St. Peter's.
It seems that Francis Grattan died five years after his marriage to Matilda Harriett Sharpe - a Francis Grattan, aged 33, of 99 Cork Street, died on 11th June 1875 and was buried at St. Catherine's.

On 6th May 1844 in Cork St, Robert and Jane Grattan had Mary Anne Grattan who would later marry a timekeeper, George Bartholomew Pilkington or Pelkington, the son of Thomas Pilkington, a tax collector. Both bride and groom lived at 99 Cork Street when they married in St. Catherine's on 22nd February 1869;  the witnesses were Robert James Wilkin (Mary Anne's brother-in-law) and her sister Fanny Jane.

On 20th March 1847 at 118 Cork St, Robert and Jane Grattan had Fanny Jane Grattan.  Frances Jane Grattan, the daughter of the fustian-cutter Robert Grattan, married Robert James Wilkin, a cabinet-maker of Bride Street, the son of a Cavan farmer Robert Wilkin. The wedding took place in St.Catherine's of Thomas Street on 25th April 1875;  at the time, the Grattan family address was 99 Cork Street.  Margaret Curtis and Samuel Grattan were the witnesses.
The Wilkin family lived at 93 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines.

Robert Grattan, born 1771, of Cork Street was buried in St. Catherine's on Christmas Day 1847, aged 76.  Was this the father or grandfather of William Grattan?

The Children of William Grattan, tailor, and Mary Ann McManus:
   Robert Francis Grattan, born 13th April 1868 at 99 Cork Street.
  William Henry Grattan, born 19th December 1869, at 113 Middle Abbey Street.
   Bernard John Grattan, born 2nd May 1872, at 5 Henrietta Street.
   Elizabeth McManus Grattan, born 22nd September 1874, at 43 Bolton Street.
   Letitia Fitzgerald Grattan, born 23rd December 1875, at 43 Bolton Street.
   Valentine Samuel Grattan, born 7th April 1878, at 15 Capel Street.
   Edward Patrick Grattan, born 15th March 1880, at 75 Capel Street.
   Francis Alexander Grattan, born 26th September 1881, at 75 Capel Street.
   Samuel Charles Grattan, born 22nd September 1884 at 157 Capel Street.
   Mary Jane Frances Grattan, born 21st July 1886, at 157 Capel Street.

Mary Anne Grattan, née McManus, died in North Dublin, and her death was registered in the second quarter of 1892.

The second marriage of William Grattan:
William Grattan, tailor of 157 Capel Street, married a second time.  On October 5th 1893, he married Mary Norton of 15 Reginald Street.  She was the daughter of a shoemaker, Thomas Norton.  The marriage in St. Catherine's was witnessed by Henry Kay and Maude Eveline Norton.

There were two children resulting from this second marriage, both born at 157 Capel Street:
    Albert James Grattan, born 6th October 1894.
    Emily/Amelia Victoria Grattan, born 26th June 1897, died 1905.   (Irish Times: 'Grattan - Dec.16, at Adelaide Hospital,  Amelia Victoria (Amy) aged 8, youngest daughter of William and Mary Grattan of 157 Capel Street.')

William Grattan, tailor, died on December 6th 1908 at his residence, 157 Capel Street.
He was alive for the 1901 Census at 157 Capel Street.  Some of the children were still at home - the two youngest were Albert James, aged 6, and Amelia Victoria, aged 3.  Edward, aged 21, was a tailor like his father;  Samuel Charles, aged 16, was a grocer;  Mary Jane Frances was only 14.
By 1911,  William Grattan has died, as has his youngest daughter, Amelia Victoria. The youngest son, Albert James, a clerk, was living with his uncle, Thomas Norton, a printer of 13 Susan Terrace, Merchants Quay.

Where were the others?
William Henry Grattan, a tailor, married Jane Ray, and lived with his family, first at 11 Fishamble Street, then at the family home of 157 Capel Street.  The couple married in St. Werburgh's on 26th December 1893 - Jane's father was William Ray, a tinworker of 9 West Essex Street, while the groom, William Henry Grattan, was a tailor still at home in 157 Capel Street.  The witnesses to the marriage were Lucy Ray, Lizzie Grattan and Alfred John Dunne.

Bernard John Grattan married, in 1894, the London-born Rebecca Elizabeth Collins. (Bernard had been named after an earlier Bernard Grattan of Cork Street, who also worked as a cordcutter, and may have been a brother of Bernard Jr's grandfather, Robert Grattan, a cordcutter of Cork Street - this older Bernard Grattan had a daughter, Jane Grattan, who married Stephen Spain in St. Catherine's in 1850.)
Bernard Jr. worked as a tailor as did his father William.
 In 1901, Bernard and Rebecca lived at 181 Guinness Trust Buildings, Dublin, with their two sons, Robert Louis Grattan aged 4, and Bernard John Grattan aged 2.
On 18th August 1895, Bernard John and Rebecca had a son, Samuel Edward, at 34 Arklow Street, where Bernard John was working as a porter with the railway. This child must have died young as he's missing from the 1901 census.  By the following year, Bernard John was a tailor and the couple had moved to 35 St. Joseph's Place, off Dorset Street, where they had a son, Robert Louis, on 23rd October. On 23rd December 1899 they had Mary Annie McManus Grattan at 19 Marlborough Street - this child also seems to have died young but there is no death registered for a child of this name in the index;  William Charles Grattan was born on 3rd December 1902.
Bernard John Grattan was the witness to the wedding in 1892 of - possibly - a brother of his wife's, Charles Robert Collins, a bookbinder whose father was Charles James Collins, a dressing case maker. Charles Robert Collins married Kathleen Rock, the daughter of a baker, William Rock.

In 1894, Letitia (Fitzgerald) Grattan witnessed the wedding in St. Werburghs of Ellen Fitzgerald, daughter of the printer Richard Fitzgerald of Werbergh Street.  Ellen Fitzgerald married another printer, Thomas Cannon, son of John Cannon of York Street.
Letita Grattan married, in 1897, Arthur Clark, a cleaner and dyer of Waterford;  they lived in Castle Street, next to Dublin Castle. In 1911, their children were listed on the census as May Clark 13, Arthur 10, Laura 7 and Samuel 5.  Letitia worked as a waistcoat maker - her brother, Francis Grattan, an unemployed butler, was present in the household on the night of the census.

Valentine Samuel Grattan seems not to have survived childhood.

Robert Francis Grattan married Annie Burgess, the daughter of a bootmaker, Henry Burgess of 4 High Street.  The wedding took place in St. Audeon's on 19th February 1894, and was witnessed by David Burgess and Mary O'Neill.  Robert Francis Grattan was a tailor, surprise surprise.
Robert Francis died in South Dublin in 1898, aged 30.

Samuel Charles Grattan emigrated to Massachusetts where he married Annie Maria Bird in Watertown.  At the time of the wedding on April 20th 1906, Samuel Charles was working as a glazier, but he would later go into printing.  His wife, Annie Maria Bird, was a presser/laundress, who had been born in Fermanagh to Robert Bird and Annie Mulhern.  Samuel Charles stated on the certificate that he was the Dublin-born son of William and Mary Ann McManus Pilkington - he may have confused his late mother's maiden name with the married name of his paternal aunt, Mary Anne Grattan (his father's sister) who had married George Bartholomew Pilkington in Dublin in 1869.
Samuel Charles was drafted into the US army in 1917.  By this stage the couple were living in Malden, Massachusetts, and Samuel Charles was working as a printer for the Columbia National Life Insurance Co.
In 1920,  the family were living in Malden, with one son, Robert W. Grattan, who had been born 16th October 1911.  They were still there in 1930.  The son, Robert W., had become a printer's apprentice.
In 1934, the street directories record both Samuel Charles and his son, Robert W., living as printer/compositors at 57 Willard Street - by now, Robert had married a woman named Harriet.
Having survived World War I, Samuel Charles was called up again for the Second.  This time the registration card records that they were living at 57 Willard Street, Malden, and that his son also lived there, ie, Robert W.Grattan.   Samuel Charles worked for the Rapid Service Press at 470 Atlantic Avenue in Boston.
Robert W.Grattan died in Abingdon, Massachusetts, on 28th February 1987.

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