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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jamiesons of Donaghadee, Co. Down

On 26th June 1856, our paternal great-great-great grandparents married in Carrowdore Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  They were Samuel Keating, a farmer of Ballyhay, who was the son of an earlier Samuel Keating.  The bride was Agnes Jameson, the daughter of Robert Jameson, a farmer of Ballyhay.  The witnesses were James Jameson and William Keating.

Records of the Ballyhay Jamiesons/Jamisons/Jamesons
Agnes' father, Robert Jamison, was farming in 1863 in Ballyhay; he was leasing 18 acres from Louisa Webb. William Keating, a member of our Keating family, was leasing eight acres from the same Louisa Webb in the same townland.
Samuel Keating was leasing fourteen acres of land plus a house and outbuildings from Daniel Delacherois, and was sharing an acres of turbary, or bog, with Ann Gilmore, leased from the same landlady Louisa Webb.

The Donaghadee First Presbyterian Church register, which I accessed in the Public Records Office in Belfast, shows up the baptism of a Robert Jamieson on 21st July 1814.  His father was named as Hugh Jamieson.  The previous year, 1813, the same register recorded the baptism of Eliza Jane Jamieson, the daughter of Hugh Jamieson, a tailor of Ballyhay,

(There were other Jamieson entries in the Donaghadee 1st Presbyterian Church register, but few of them involve the Ballyhay branch;  I include them here to benefit other researchers:

Baptism, May 25th 1802 - Gian (?) Jameson, daughter of David Jameson of Killaughey.

Baptism, 1813 - Eliza Jane Jamieson, daughter of Hugh Jamieson, tailor of Ballyhay.
Baptism, 21st July 1814 - Robert Jamieson, son of Hugh Jamieson.    

Baptism, 14th November 1825 - John Jamieson, son of John Jamieson and Catherine McKenny of Donaghadee.
Baptism, 13th March 1826 - James, son of Charles Murdoch and Nancy Jamieson of Donaghadee.
Baptism, 30 December 1828 - Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Murdoch and Nancy Jamieson.
Baptism, 7th June 1832 - Catherine, daughter of John Jamieson and Catherine McKenny.
Baptism, 29th July 1834 - Charles, son of Charles Murdoch and Nancy Jamieson.
Baptism, 17th January 1835 - Elizabeth, daughter of John Jamieson and Catherine McKenny of Donaghadee.
19th June 1835 - Mary, daughter of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams of Killaughey.
27th October 1839 - Alexa or Alice (indistinct), daughter of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams of Killaughey.
7th March 1843 - William, son of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams of Killaughey.
31st October 1846 - Joseph, son of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams of Killaughey.
June 1851 - William John, son of Joseph Angus and Jane Jamieson.
21st June 1853 - David, son of Joseph Angus and Jane Jamieson.
20th July 1853 - Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams.
30th March 1854 - Jane, daughter of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams.
27th February 1855 - Mary Jane, daughter of James Angus and Jane Jamieson of Craigboy.
28th April 1857 - Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams.

Some Marriages, also from the Donaghadee First Presbyterian Church Register:
Marriage, May 28th 1815 - James Jamison of Killaughey to Ann Johnston of Donaghadee.
Marriage, 15th July 1825  - Charles Murdoch and Nancy Jamieson, both of Donaghadee.
Marriage, 23rd January 1835 - Joseph Jamieson and Eliza Adams, both of Killaughey.
Marriage, August 18th 1874 - William Jamieson, cabinet-maker, living in Newtownards, married Orcilla Eadie, daughter of Gilbert Eadie, a farmer.  Orcilla Jamieson made her will in Ballymacarrett in 1892.  Orcilla/Urcilla and William Jamison had kids - Mary Ann, born 26th May 1875, and Robert James born 31st January 1881. )

Robert Jamison's (1795 - 25th March 1878) wife was Veronica Jamieson (1796 - 18th August 1878).
The following headstone, which I believe is in Greyabbey, and which I filched off the internet, commemorates the Jamison family of Ballyhay.

The children of Robert and Veronica Jamison were:

 1) Elizabeth Jamison, 1821 - 18th Feb 1916, died Ballyvester;  on 5th October 1884 at 69 Templemore Avenue, Elizabeth Jamieson of Wallace Street, Newtownards was present at the birth of her niece, Elizabeth Veronica Anderson, aka Lily Anderson, who was the daughter of Elizabeth's niece, Agnes Anderson, née Keating.    In 1901  the unmarried Elizabeth Jamieson was spending the night with Agnes Keating and her husband William John Anderson in their house on the Woodstock Road.
Elizabeth Jamison, farmer's daughter, died aged 98 in Ballyvester on 18th Feb 1916;  Jane Pollock was present.

2) Ann Jane McKeag, 1827 - 9th February 1914.  Ann Jane Jamison, daughter of Robert and Veronica Jamison of Ballyhay,  married William McKeag of Ballyhay in Newtownards on 9th March 1880; she was his second wife - William McKeag's first wife, Anna Sloan, had died aged 26 in 1878, having had a son, James McKeag, on 16th September 1872.
When Ann Jane McKeag died on 12th February 1914, son James was the informant.  His father, William McKeag, died not long after in Ballyhay aged 71 on 16th April 1916.

3) Agnes/Nancy Jamison, wife of baker Samuel Keating and mother of Agnes Keating, 1832 - 1873.
Agnes Keating, the daughter of Samuel Keating and Nancy Jamison, married William John Anderson in Belfast in 1877.   Their daughter, Agnes Jane Anderson, married Edward Leviolett Wilson in Belfast in 1901 and had our paternal grandmother, Nessie Wilson, who would go on to marry our grandfather Cuthbert Stewart.

4) Margaret McKee, 1832 - 18th August 1871, died USA.  Were Agnes and Margaret Jamison twins, both being born in 1832?

5) James Jamison, son of Robert and Veronica Jamison of Ballyhay, married Jane Gordon.  James Jamison of Ballyhay was not only a farmer, but also the schoolmaster of neighbouring Ballyvester school in the 1880s.
Retired schoolmaster James Jamison, late of Ballyvester,  died aged 85 at his son Henry's home at 36 Woodvale Street, Belfast, on 1st January 1921. Probate of his will was granted to Hugh Rea of Ballyhay.
James Jamison's wife was Jane Gordon, the daughter of Robert Gordon and Elizabeth Moorehead of Ballyhay.   Jane Gordon married James Jamison on 25 Nov 1864.

(Robert Gordon of Ballyhay 1797 - 18th February 1892,  and his wife Elizabeth Moorehead had the following children, all baptised in the First Presbyterian Church of Donaghadee:

a) Eliza was born 13th Aug 1834. James Alfred Keating married Eliza Gordon on 12th March 1859 in Donaghadee.  Amongst their seven children were William Robert Keating, born 9th March 1864,  John Keating born 1st January 1866 in Ballyhay, a second John Keating born 7th November 1871 Ballyhay, Margaret Gordon Keating born Ballyhay 6th July 1867 and Susannah Keating born 17th June 1873.  The family of James Alfred Keating and Eliza Gordon emigrated in about June 1873 to Blythe, Ontario, but, in 1879, they headed to Adair County, Iowa;  they would have thirteen children in total.

b) Robert Gordon was born 14th September 1836. 

c) William Gordon was born 1st May 1838. Did he marry Agnes McKeag, daughter of James McKeag on 11 January 1866?  They had Hugh Gordon in Ballyhay on 17th June 1866. This Hugh later married Eleanor Withers of Ballyhay, daughter of James Withers on 28th May 1891. Witnesses were James Withers and Maggie Gordon.  There is the possibility, however, that William Gordon emigrated to Australia prior to 1863.

d) James Gordon was born in 1840 and died on 23rd November 1889.

e)  Jane Gordon, who married James Jamison,  was born on 3rd January 1842 and died in Ballyhay on 19th July 1920.

f) Margaret was born on 3 Jan 1844, and married John McGimpsey of Killaughey on 15th January 1869.

g) John Gordon was born 18th June 1847; he married Margaret Duncan of Upper Ballyblack on 21st April 1871, before emigrating to Canada, accompanied by Eliza Jamison, the daughter of Jane Gordon and James Jamison in 1894.

James Jamison of Ballyhay, son of Robert and Veronica Jamison of Ballyhay, and Jane Gordon had:

a) James Jamison, born Ballyhay 18th October 1873, who must have died young, and who was succeeded by a second James Jamieson, born 29th December 1874.  James son of James of Ballyhay married Martha Withers, daughter of James Withers of Ballyhay on 21st December 1898 in Newtownards Registrar's Office; the witnesses were sister Annie Jamison and Hugh Withers.  On 29th December 1899, James Jamison and Martha Withers had a son, Ernest Jamison, at Ballyhay. In 1933, he was found shot dead in his bedroom at the home of his uncle, Mr. Withers.
James Jamison, farmer of Ballyhay, died there on 6th September 1946, with his will granted to his brother Henry Jamieson and to James Pollock.

b) Amelia Veronica Jamison.  She married James Pelan, a publican of Belfast and the son of Samuel Pelan, on 5th September 1894. The witnesses at her wedding were Lowry McBriar and Mary Bailie.
In 1901 Samuel Pelan, shopkeeper, and his wife, Amelia, were living at 102 Argyle Street, along with Amelia's as yet unmarried sister, Annie Jamison, who was working as an assistant shopkeeper, presumably with her brother-in-law.
Spirit merchant Samuel Pelan died of TB at 358 Shankill Road on 7th November 1902; the informant was James Harvey of 146 Conway Street.  Amelia Veronica remarried five years later.

Amelia Veronica Pelan, the widowed daughter of a retired schoolteacher James Jamieson, married an ex-policeman, John McCullough of Westmeath, the son of the late George McCullagh of the RIC.  The wedding on 18th January 1907 in St. John's,  Belfast, was witnessed by Mary Brady and James E. Celulow (this second signature is illegible to me).  Both the bride and the groom were living at 111 Durham Street in Belfast at the time of their marriage;  in 1911 they were still there, along with two sons,  George McCullagh and John McCullagh.   Son George Oswald McCullagh was born at Durham Street on 26th October 1907;  his father, John, was now working as a publican.   Son John McCullagh was born on 15th June 1909.

c) Ann Jane Jamieson,  born Ballyhay 10th June 1878.  Anne Jamison, daughter of James Jamison and Jane Gordon,  married Thomas Petticrew Hamill, mechanic, son of Stewart Moore Hamill, a farmer, in Belfast on 31st Jan 1903. The witnesses were James and Maggie Mairs, sister and brother-in-law of the bride.  In 1901, the family of Thomas Petticrew Hamill were living at 187 Springfield Road, Belfast.  His father, Stewart Hamill, would died aged 88 later that year, leaving a widow, Catherine, and a daughter Jane Hamill.  Stewart Moore Hamill, the son of Charles Hamill, had married Catherine Ritchie, the daughter of James Ritchie, in Ballymoney on 31st December 1853.
The daughter of Ann Jane Jamison and Thomas Hamill, Amelia Veronica Hamill, was born on 7th January 1906 at 20 Woodvale Road.
A son, William Hamill, was born on 27th February 1912 at 266 Cambrai Street.

d) Margaret Agnes born 4th October 1876 - she married Belfast grocer James Mairs, son of grocer Archibald Mairs, in Donaghadee on 24th February 1897. The witnesses were James Jamison and Jennie Mairs.   The children of Margaret Agnes Jamison and James Mairs were Mary Susan born 1899, Amelia Veronica Mairs born 15th January 1900, Robert Henry born 30th May 1902 and Jane Elizabeth born 8th October 1903, all at 169 Tennent Street.
Grocer Archibald Thompson Mairs died aged 73 on 1st May 1908 at 49 Upper Charleville Street;  son David Mairs was the informant of death.   Archibald Thompson Mairs was born at 60 Shankill Road on 7th April 1900 to grocer John Bell Mairs and Maria Turner.

d) Magdelina born 6th July 1879; a later Magdalena was born in Ballyhay on 4th July 1881.

e) Henry McKee Jamieson was born in Ballyhay to teacher James Jamieson and Jane Gordon on 30th March 1865.   He died at Ballyhay on 25th August 1948, and his will was administered by Mrs. Mary Jane Singleton.

f) Lydia Jamieson born Ballyhay 9th July 1885. On 13th October 1916, Lydia Jamieson of Belfast, the daughter of James Jamison, married Hugh McDonald, sailor, son of engineer William John McDonald. The witnesses were the bride's brother-in-law, John McCullagh, and her sister Margaret Mairs.

g) Sarah (birth unknown), daughter of James Jamison, married William McWilliams, the son of Andrew McWilliams of Ballyhay, in Ballycopeland on 22nd June 1899.  Annie Jamison and David J. Bunting witnessed the wedding.    William's father, Andrew McWilliams died in Ballyhay aged 74 on 11th May 1898; his mother, Magdalena McWilliams had died earlier aged 73 on 20th November 1891.
Agnes McWilliams, daughter of Andrew McWilliams of Ballyhay, married James Campbell of Donaghadee, son of labourer Hugh Campbell, in Ballycopeland on 28th February 1889. Witnesses were Magdalena McWilliams, and David Campbell.
Margaret McWilliams, daughter of Andrew McWilliams of Ballyhay, married Benjamin Nown of Ballyfotherly, Bangor, son of Benjamin McNown, in Ballycopeland on 30th September 1886. Witnesses were Andrew Pollock and Magdalena McWilliams.

Andrew McWilliams, widowed farmer of Ballyhay, died aged 74 on 11th May 1898;  his son, William McWilliams, was present.  Andrew's wife, Magdalena, had died earlier aged 73 on 20th November 1891.
In 1901 the family of Sarah Jamison and William McWilliams were living next door to the Keatings in Ballyhay, along with their newborn daughter, Magdalena McWilliams.  Mother Sarah McWilliams, the daughter of James Jamison and Jane Gordon, died of TB on 21st October 1904.

h) A daughter, Eliza Jamison, accompanied her uncle and aunt, John Gordon and Margaret Duncan, to Canada in 1894.

(The following family seem to be related to the Ballyhay Jamisons:  Andrew Pollock and Lizzie Jamison married in Donaghadee on 8th October 1896 - she was the daughter of John Jamison; he the son of Andrew Pollock, both of Ballyfotherly.  Witnesses were Daniel Bishop and Maggie Campbell.  Andrew Pollock of Newtownards died of paralysis in the Down Asylum in Downpatrick aged 7th July 1912.   The children of Lizzie Jamison and Andrew Pollock were Elizabeth Ann Pollock born 1st May 1898, James Pollock born 25th November 1899, Esther Pollock born 8th January 1902, Jane born 2nd April 1903 and Amelia Veronica born 10th April 1906.)

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