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Saturday, 2 March 2013

John Anderson, schoolteacher of Drumadarragh, Antrim

John Anderson was the son of William Anderson (1804 - 1892)  and Sarah Fay (1804 - 1887)  of Kells, Co. Antrim, and was our immediate paternal ancestor.  I've already done an earlier post on the Anderson family of Kells/Connor, Co. Antrim, but this post details them further.

William Anderson and Sarah Fay of Kells also had the auctioneer Joseph Anderson and Ellen Anderson, discussed in the preceding link.

William Anderson, and his son John Anderson, were both teachers and worked in a variety of schools south of Kells and Connor. I found reference to them in several records. From an 1851 report on National Schools, I discovered that William Anderson was the principal and sole teacher of Tildarg National School in Ballyeaston Parish.  This school joined the National School system on 22nd August 1833, and William Anderson was being paid £16. 13s a year.
Also in 1851 John Anderson, his son, was the principal and only teacher of Ballybracken National School in the same rural area. The school joined the system on 4th November 1841, and in 1853 John Anderson was being paid an annual salary of £4 11s 8d.   In 1850 Ballybracken School had 52 pupils.
Tildarg, Ballybracken and Drumadarragh are adjacent townlands, situated between Kells and Ballyclare in Co. Antrim.
In 1862 William Anderson was leasing a house and garden from William Todd in Drumadarragh. The Tithe Applotment Books of the 1830's don't show William Anderson;  William Todd was there, however, leasing 26 acres.

William Anderson's son, John Anderson, married Jane Wilson Blain on 24th October 1856. From the certificate we learn that John, a teacher, was born in 1835, and was living in Drumadarragh, Kilbride, Co. Antrim presumably still at home with his parents.  Closeby, as can be seen from Griffiths Valuation, was a school in Ballybracken townland where John Anderson was the principle and only teacher.  On the marriage certificate we see that Jane Wilson Blain lived here in Ballybracken. She had been born in 1837 to William Blain, a weaver of Ballybracken, and to his wife Shusoneah Susan Willson.   The witnesses to the marriage were J.S. Rainey (ie: James Rainey who was married to the bride's sister, Eliza Blain) and Samuel Ferguson.

NB:  The names 'Blair' and 'Blain' may well be the same family, the names being interchangable, although this is unclear.

The children of John Anderson and Jane Wilson Blain were:

1) William John Anderson, baptised in Connor Presbyterian Church, Kells, on 28th March 1858. He would later marry Agnes Keating in Belfast; they were the grandparents of our grandmother, Agnes Keating Wilson who married our Dublin-born grandfather Bertie Stewart.

2) James Anderson, born 11th July 1860, and baptised in Connor Presbyterian Church on 7th Oct. 1860.  Alive in 1869, he was mentioned in the will of his paternal great uncle, James Wilson who died on 1st April 1869 in Ballybracken.

3) Sarah Agnes Anderson born 22nd Dec. 1862, christened in Finvoy, Ballymoney, on 13th Jan. 1863. She married James Barbour of Drumachose, Derry, and died in Manitoba on 28th February 1948.

4) Daughter, Susan, was born to the couple on March 18th 1865 in Ballyhartfield, Templepatrick, Doagh, Co.Antrim and was baptised in Ballylinny Presbyterian Church on 18th May 1865 - Ballylinny is in Newtownabbey.  This child died of scrofula at the age of seven on 31st July 1872; her father, John, was present when she died at home at 59 Hardinge Street in the centre of Belfast.

5) A third daughter, Ellen, was born July 2nd 1867 in the New Lodge Road, Belfast - she possibly died in 1875, aged 8 - this was registered in Belfast.  Ellen had been named after her father's sister, Ellen Anderson Blair.

In January 1861, at the Ballymena Petty Sessions, John Anderson, the teacher in Tullynamullen School near Kells, was fined £3 for physically assualting a 12-year-old pupil named Robert Boyd who had been tussling with other boys all trying to warm themselves at the classroom fireplace.

On a government sessions report into Irish schools, I came across a reference to John Anderson, a teacher of Carnmoney No.2 Boys' School in 1865.  Carnmoney is in Newtownabbey where hisdaughter, Susan, had been baptised in 1865.

John Anderson took over the running of Aughanloo National School, Co.Derry, in the 1870s, where he was succeeded by a son-in-law, Mr. McIntire according to the Derry papers of the day - it's unclear who this McIntire was.  The newspapers might be confusing the schoolmaster, McInture, with John Anderson's son-in-law, James Barbour, who was married to Sarah Anderson.

The Wilsons and Blains of Jane Wilson Blain, wife of John Anderson, teacher:
John Anderson's first wife and mother of his children, Jane Wilson Blain, had been born to Shusonneah Susan Willson (1800 - November 1873) and William Blain (1789 - 11th August 1882).

William Blain died on 11th August 1882.  From the Belfast Newsletter of 12th August 1882: 'August 11 at the residence of his son-in-law, James Rainey, Umery, Antrim, William Blain, aged 93 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Connor Burying-ground on Monday...'

The children of William Blain and Shusonneah Willson were christened in Connor Presbyterian Church:

1)  Robert Blain. 

2) Hugh Blain, a carpenter, born 29th April 1822 - 23rd April 1902.  He married Eliza Service, the daughter of Thomas Service on 4th July 1861 in Ballyeaston.  On 23 Aug 1865 they had a daughter, Elizabeth Blain, born in Ballybracken.  There was also a daughter named Susan Blain. Hugh settled in Ballybracken where he died on 23rd April 1902, leaving everything to the unmarried Elizabeth Blaine, his daughter.  He was named as the primary beneficiary of his great-uncle James Wilson's will of 1869.   James Wilson of Ballybracken left his entire property to his grandnephew and, in 1901, Hugh Blaine and his daughter, Lizzie, were living here at Ballybracken.

3) Andrew Blain, 2nd February 1824 - 15th May 1887, married Margaret Gordon in Ballyeaston on 23rd December 1853. Margaret's father was Robert Gordon.  Andrew Blain was appointed the executor of the will of Elizabeth Gordon of Ballyrobert, Templepatrick, when she died in 1875. Andrew Blain at that time lived in Ballywalter, Ballylinney, just south of Templepatrick and close to Ballyrobert.  Elizabeth Gordon named her two sons as Robert and James Gordon, and her daughter as Annabella Gordon. 
Andrew Blain of Ballywalter, Ballylinney, was also named as the executor of his great uncle Andrew Wilson's 1869 will.

A daughter of Andrew Blain and Margaret Gordon was Eliza Blain who married William Reid - this couple had a son named Robert Blain.
The son of Andrew Blain and Margaret Gordon was Robert Andrew Gordon Blain (1854 - 1841) who married Isabella Stewart (1860 - 1930) the daughter of farmer Alexander Stewart and Mary Ann Ferguson of Drumdreenagh, Drumballyroney, Co. Down. The wedding took place in Ballyroney on 26th April 1885 and was witnessed by civil engineer William Robinson and by William Urey Stewart who was Isabella Stewart's brother. William Urey Stewart  had been born on 2nd May 1872;  his brother, Joseph Nixon Stewart, had been born on 7th March 1869.   In 1885, when he married Isabella Stewart, Robert Gordon Blain was living in London. He taught civil and mechanical engineering.  He and Isabella reared their four sons in England but they kept an address in Ireland, where Robert would die on 30th December 1941.
The children of Robert Gordon Blaine and Isabella Stewart were:

 a) Robert Andrew Gordon Blaine, born on 19th June 1886. A mechanical engineer, he emigrated to the United States in 1907 with his wife, Eva L. Blaine.  They lived in a variety of places, including Buffalo, NY, New Brunswick, NJ, and Detroit.

b) William A. S. Blaine, born in Wanstead, Essex, in 1887.  In 1925, Robert Gordon Blaine and Isabella travelled to Michigan to visit their eldest son, Robert. They named their next-of-kin as their son, Rev. William Blaine of Coleraine.

c) Victor John Perry Blaine, born in Wanstead on April 4th 1890. He emigrated to the States, and, in 1910, was staying, along with his older brother, Robert, at the home of his widowed, Irish-born, aunt, Agnes Waugh, and her son Richard's family, in Detroit.   He married a woman from Illinois named Ethel, who worked as a librarian, but, at some stage, the couple divorced. Victor died in Michigan in 1964.  A son, Victor Chandler Blaine, was born in Michigan in 1916 - his mother, Ethel, who'd been born in 1896 in Clinton, Illinois, to Joseph Garrigus and Minnie Lisenby, married her second husband on June 14th 1936,  the Illiinois attorney, Eugene M. Smith, the son of Felix F. Smith and Claribel Hooker.

d) Joseph Ferguson Blaine, born in Essex on 17th May 1897.  Born in Essex on 17th May 1897, Joseph  qualified as a surgeon in Belfast, and lived in Pontypool, Wales, and, in the 1950s, in Nelson, New Zealand. He administered his father's will in 1941.  He died in Sussex in Rustington, Sussex, in 1977.

 4)  Eliza Blain, 2nd February 1827 - 24th February 1910, married James Rainey of Umry, Clonkeen, Co. Antrim.   Her father, William Blain, died here in Umry on August 11th 1882. Their children were David Rainey, Jane Rainey, John Rainey, Margaret Rainey, Susan Rainey and Eliza Rainey (1854 - 1943) who married James Orr Agnew (born 1856).   See below for more on the Rainey family of Umry.

5) James Wilson Blain, born 21st December 1829. He married, in 1874, Eliza Gleghorn. She may have been a member of the Gleghorn family of Potters Walls, just north of Antrim town, and 10 miles west of Drumadarragh/Ballybracken.  In 1872, a James Gleghorn of Potters Wall made his will and named a daughter as Eliza.
6) William John Blain, born 29th July 1833,  married Jennet Jones in Templepatrick on 16th January 1857. Their children were Amelia Blain, Margaret Blain, Susie Blain, and William Blain.
7) Twins Jane Willson Blain and Shusonneah Blain, born 14th February 1835.  Jane Willson Blain married the schoolmaster John Anderson in 1856 - we descend directly from them.  Nothing further is known about Jane's twin Shusonneah Blain.  
The parents of Jane Willson Blain (the first wife of schoolmaster John Anderson) were William Blain (1789 - 11th August 1882) and Shusonneah Susan Willson or Wilson (1800 - November 1873).  
Shusonneah Susan Wilson had a brother named James Wilson who might have been named after an earlier James Wilson of Drumadarragh, whose daughter, Sarah Wilson, married John Gann of Ballycleverty in 1835.  From Belfast Newsletter of 31st July 1835:  ' Rev. John Doherty of Donegore, Mr. John Gann, Ballycleverty, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. James Wilson of Drumadarragh...'
This earlier James Wilson of Drumadarragh might have been the father of Shusonneah and James Wilson.
A sister of Shusonneah Susan Wilson was Elizabeth Wilson who married a member of the Rainey family and who was mentioned in her brother, James', 1869 will.   She had a son, James Rainey.

Shusonneah Susan Wilson's brother, James Wilson, lived in Ballybracken next to Drumadarragh. James Wilson died on 1st April 1869 leaving a will, in which he mentions his niece, Jane Wilson Anderson, the daughter of his sister, Shusonneah, and also his two nephews, Hugh and Andrew Blane or Blain, the sons of Shusonneah and her husband William Blain.
'...I allow the sixty five pounds twelve shillings I owe Hugh Blane on foot of an be paid out of my property...I allow my sister, Elizabeth Rennie (ie: Rainey), the sum of ten pounds...and if any of it is unpaid at the time of her death, the remainder is to go to her son James...
...I allow my niece, Jane Wilson Anderson, the sum of fifteen pounds...and if she should die before it is all paid, the remainder is to go to her son James..
...I will and bequeath to Hugh Blane all my property...I nominate and appoint the said Hugh Blane, my nephew, and his brother, Andrew Blane of Ballywalter (ie: Ballylinney), executors...'

James Wilson's above will of 1869 was witnessed by Ephraim Wilson and Archibald Wilson of Maxwells Wall, Antrim.   This Archibald Wilson also held land in Carncome, which immediately adjoins Maxwells Wall, both townlands being midway between Kells and Ballybracken/Drumadarragh.   Griffiths Valuation of 1862 shows a strong cluster of Wilsons farming here, and this is possibly the origin of the Wilson family of Shusonneah Wilson.  The other Wilson s there in 1862 were Speir Wilson, John Wilson, Hugh Wilson, John Wilson (distinguished from the other John Wilson by the word 'Big' after his name), James Wilson (distinguished from the other James by the word 'Ross', possibly his mother's family name), and James Wilson.
As can be seen from James Wilson's 1869 will, his sister, Elizabeth Wilson, married a Rennie or Rainey.

The Blair Family of Drumadarragh: 
 Eleanor/Ellen Anderson was the sister of the teacher, John Anderson, and the daughter of William Anderson and Sarah Fay.  Born in 1826, she married John Blair, the son of Andrew Blair of Drumadarragh, on 10th July 1856 in Kirkinriola, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  At the time of the marriage, her father, William Anderson, was named as a farmer of Drumadarragh, rather than a teacher.  John Blair was named as a farmer of Drumadarragh, although later he worked as a gardener in Belfast.  The witnesses to the wedding were what seems to be Alex. Anderson, and Sarah Anderson who may be Ellen's sister or her mother, Sarah Anderson, née Fay.

One of the daughters of John Blair and Ellen Anderson was born in Drumadarragh on 3rd July 1864.

Ellen Anderson and John Blair, a gardener, settled permanently at 1 Newington Avenue in Belfast.

John Blair, gardener of 1 Newington Avenue and husband of Ellen Anderson, died 27th November 1901, and left everything to his two daughters, Jane and Sarah Ellen Blair. His will was executed by his brother-in-law, the auctioneer Joseph Anderson of 30 Vicinage Park, who was another son of William Anderson and Sarah Fay of Drumadarragh.
Joseph Anderson also proved the will of John and Ellen Blair's daughter, Jane, who died at 1 Newington Avenue on 17th May 1907.  She left her trinkets, gold watch and wearing apparel to her sister, Sarah Ellen, her Irish crochet collar to a Mrs. Broomfield of 9 Carlingford Terrace, Drumcondra, Dublin, her India gold embroidered cosy to a  Mrs. Jane Roberts of 308 Springfield Road, and her furniture to her mother Ellen Blair, along with a £16 annuity.

Ellen Blair, née Anderson, widow of John Blair, born in 1826, died on 6th July 1909 at 1 Newington Avenue aged 83. She was buried in Plot F633 in the City Cemetery, along with her husband, John Blair, who had died aged 70 on 27th November 1901 at 1 Newington Avenue.

Their daughter Jane was buried there too - she had died on 17th May 1907.  There was also an 11-month-old child, William Edward Jackson, buried there, who had died at 1 Rosleagh Street on 22nd June 1902.
William Edward Jackson had been born on 6th July 1901 at 1 Rosleigh Street, Belfast, to commission agent Joshua Jackson and to Margaret Ann Blair.
Joshua Jackson, son of farmer John Jackson, married Margaret Ann Blair, daughter of the gardener John Blair and Ellen Anderson, in Shankhill, Belfast, on 3rd October 1892.  This was witnessed by  the bride's sister Sara Ellen Blair and Andrew Dunn.
Margaret Ann Blair and Joshua Jackson, who had been born in 1851 in England, had other children besides the shortlived William Edward Jackson - Nellie Anderson Jackson was born in Belfast in 1894, and John Jackson was born in Liverpool in about 1897.

Sara Ellen Blair, the daughter of Ellen Anderson and John Blair, also witnessed the wedding of her first cousin, Ellen McTeer Anderson, the daughter of auctioneer Joseph Anderson (son of teacher William Anderson and of Sarah Fay)  and Ellen Campbell. 

John Blair, who married Ellen Anderson, was the son of a farmer, Andrew Blair of Drumadarragh.  Griffiths Valuation of 1862 shows up two Andrew Blairs in Drumadarragh, one leasing 19 acres and the second leasing 41 acres;  John Blair was present too, leasing a house only, as was Hugh Kernohan; a James Kernohan married Janet Blair, the daughter of Andrew Blair.

There was also a major clustering of Blairs in the Ballycor area of Ballyclare, three miles east of Drumadarragh, and these may well be related.
Andrew Blair the Elder of Drumadarragh made his will on 7th May 1884.  He appointed as his executors Thomas Cunningham, a teacher of Drumadarragh, and his son Robert Blair of Drumadarragh.  He left his farm, which he held under Colonel Langtry, to his son Robert who was living with him.  A Samuel Blair was one of the witnesses, along with the teacher, Thomas Cunningham.  Probate was granted 1st August 1884.

The son of the above Andrew Blair, Robert Blair of Drumadarragh, died on 12th February 1900;  he left a will in which he bequeathed his family lands of about 50 acres in Drumadarragh to his trustees;  they were to let out the farm and sell off the stock, crop etc., and, after paying outstanding debts, etc., they were to give £5 to his nephew, Andrew Kernaghan.  They were to pay the balance to Robert's unmarried daughter, Jane Blair, who, should she marry with the consent of the trustees, was to get the farm. If she was to die without heirs, then the farm should pass to his nephew Andrew Kernaghan.  Another of Robert Blair's nephews was William Kernohan who was the informant of death when his uncle Robert died in Drumadarragh on 12th February 1906.

Andrew Kernaghan/Kernohan had been born in Co. Antrim in 1871 to James Kernohan and Janet Blair, the daughter of Andrew Blair.  A Hugh Carnaghan was born in Belfast in 1873 to James Carnaghan and Jenette Blair, probably the same couple.   William Kernohan was yet another of the sons of James and Janet.

The unmarried Jane Blair was the sister of the above Robert Blair, and of John Blair, gardener of Newington Avenue and of Andrew Blair, shoemaker, who died on 16th April 1897 at the home of his brother, the gardener, John Blair of 1 Newington Avenue, Belfast.  The unmarried Jane Blair of Drumadarragh died on 1st February 1897, and left a will in which she mentioned her sister, Jennie (ie: Janet) the wife of James Kernaghan/Carnaghan/Kernohan, and her nephews William and Robert Kernaghan. She also named her brother, John Blair, who was named as one of the executors, and a cousin, Agnes Hill, the widow of the shoemaker, Alexander Hill, whose daughter was Jennie Fulton; another cousin was named as Margaret Todd, spinster.  The witnesses were Samuel Blair and Andrew Kernaghan.
(Another Andrew Kernohan was born on 8th March 1906 in Drumadarragh to an Andrew Kernohan and Jane Blair.)
Jane Blair's 1897 will mentioned her cousin Agnes Hill.  This was Agnes Todd who had married the Doagh shoemaker Alexander Hill.  Among their children were John Hill born 6th march 1869, Robert born 17th April 1875, Samuel born 29th July 1878, Andrew and Jane.  Daughter Jane married Joseph Fulton, son of Joseph Fulton of Doagh, on 21st June 1887 in Kilbride;  the witnesses here were Hugh Strange and Eliza Hill.

Blains of Ballybracken:
John Anderson's first wife, Jane Wilson Blain, had been born to the Ballybracken weaver, William Blain and his wife Shusonneah Susan Wilson, and I wonder were the Blairs of Drumadarragh related to the family of William Blain?  The spelling of family names at this time was not an exact science, so Blain could well be a variation of Blair.  Ballybracken and Drumadarragh townlands lie immediately adjacent to each other.
Both families married members of the Rainey family in this same area south of Kells, so I'll document what is known so far.

Elizabeth Wilson, the sister of Shusonneah Susan Wilson and James Wilson, married a Rainey and had a son, James Wilson Rainey, not the James Rainey who follows.

Eliza Blain, the daughter of William Blain and Shusonneah Wilson, and sister of Jane Wilson Anderson, née Blain, married James Rennie/Rainey, the son of John Rainey, on 28th September 1852 in Kirkinriola, Antrim.
James Rainey and Eliza Blain subsequently settled in the townland of Umery, Clonkeen in Drummaul, just outside Randalstown and also south of Kells.  He appeared on Griffiths Valuation of 1862 leasing 19 acres in conjunction with a James Smith;  also present in the same townland was William Rainey Senior and William Rainey Junior.
James Rainey witnessed the wedding of his nephew, William John Anderson, the son of the teacher John Anderson and of Jane Wilson Blain, to Agnes Keating in Belfast in 1877.  A  J.S. Rainey, possibly the same individual, or maybe his father, witnessed the wedding of William John's father, John Anderson, to Susan Wilson Blain in 1856.

James Rainey,  farmer of Half Umry and husband of Eliza Blain (the daughter of William Blain and Shusonneah Susan Wilson) left a will, and died on 14th September 1895 at Half Umry;  his son, David Rainey, was the informant of death.
 'This is the last will of me, James Rainey, of Half Umry in the Parish and County of Antrim, farmer. I leave unto my wife, Eliza Rainey, an annuity of twenty pounds to be paid in equal parts farms in Half Umry and Clonkeen in the parish of Drummaul  by two sons to whom I bequeath said farms, my farm in Half Urmy I leave to my son David and that in Clonkeen to my son John aforesaid...and also the sum of one hundred pounds sterling to each of his sisters, Jane, Maggie and Susan, such legacies to be payable if demanded two years after my decease...I nominate and appoint my wife, Eliza Rainey, and my son David Rainey executors of this my last will...'

Clonkeen is located immediately next to Gillistown, Randalstown, where there was a neighbouring settlement of Raineys.  William Rainey of Gillistown died on 1st August 1875, mentioning a wife, Mary, daughters, Sarah and Margaret, a son, Hugh Rainey;  he named, as his executor, William Rainey of Clonkeen, which seems to suggest a family relationship between the two families.  Also, in 1907, Sarah Rainey of Clonkeen made her will, in which she mentioned her niece, Sarah Thompson of Gillistown.

Eliza Rainey, née Blain, the widow of James Rainey, died on 24th February 1910 at Half Umery;  the informant was her son David Rainey.
The children of Eliza Blain and James Rainey of Half Umry were David Rainey who died aged 62 at Half Umry on 9th March 1917, Jane Rainey who died at Half Umry on 15th October 1917, John Alexander Rainey, Margaret Rainey who was born on 12th January 1867 and Susan Rainey who was born on 13th January 1870.  Another researcher, who left her family details on the LDS website, identified another daughter as Elizabeth Rainey (1853 - 1943) who married James O. Agnew and who emigrated to the US.

John Anderson's second wife, Eliza Todd:
John Anderson, schoolmaster, and Eliza Todd married in Belfast on 2nd August 1872.  As is often the case, the marriage registration certificate for this event was written in the worst handwriting ever, so I found it impossible to decipher the name of the church.  However, other details were clearer - Eliza, was a widow, and had previously been married to a man by the name of Robertson.  She was the daughter of William Todd, a farmer.  John Anderson was, of course, a widower and a teacher, the son of William Anderson who was likewise a teacher.   Both bride and groom were living in Belfast, but no address was given.  The witnesses were a Charles and Rachel Hutton.

The Todd Family of Drumadarragh:
Schoolmaster John Anderson's second wife was Eliza Todd, the daughter of William Todd of Drumadarragh.  In 1862, Griffiths shows this farmer leasing 66 acres, in Waterheadstown, Drumadarragh, and subletting a house to John Anderson's father, the schoolmaster William Anderson.

William Todd died on 13th February 1877, leaving a will:
'...I leave to my wife, Margaret, ten pounds a year for her maintenance while she lives out of the interest of my money and a free residence on my farm...
...,  I leave all my interest in my said lands, with all stock and crop, which may be thereon, and any farming implements and household furniture to Robert Todd and William Todd, sons of my late son Robert, in equal shares...
...It is also my will that my daughter-in-law, Sarah, widow of my late son Robert, shall be entitled to reside in the dwellinghouse on my farm and be suitably supported out of the profits of my lands, provided, and so long as, she remains unmarried and attends to the welfare of my said grandchildren and the management of my farm and, otherwise, in all respects, conducts herself to the satisfaction of my executors.
I leave to the daughters of my late son, Robert, the following legacies, namely to Margaret, one hundred pounds,  to Annie, one hundred pounds,  and to Sarah Jane, one hundred pounds...
...I leave to my son, William, twenty pounds, to my daughter, Margaret McCauley, otherwise Todd, twenty pounds, and to my daughter, Eliza Anderson, otherwise Todd, twenty pounds, which three legacies shall be payable at the end of one year from the time of my decease....'

Amongst the executors and witnesses of William Todd's will was Robert Blair, who was the brother of the gardener John Blair who married John Anderson's sister, Ellen Anderson in 1856.
(Before moving on from the Todd family of Drumadarragh, I'll mention two other wills, which might belong to a related family. James Todd of Drummadarragh died on 15th March 1885, leaving a will, in which he names his wife as Sarah Todd, and a sister as Agnes Todd. Also mentioned was his son  James Todd, who was to inherit the farm in Drumadarragh, his son Hugh Todd of Adelaide Street in Belfast,  a grandson James McCrorey, a daughter Sarah Todd who was married to W.J. Rainey of Belfast, a daughter Mary McCammond, and a granddaughter Ellen McCammond.
On 10th September 1894, James Todd, the son of the previous James Todd of Drumadarragh, died and left a will which stated that his sister, Ellen McCammond, was living with him. Her son was named as James McCrory - he had been born as James Todd McCrory on 16th May 1884 in Drumadarragh to James McCrory and Mary Todd;  a Sarah Todd had been present at the birth.  James Todd also mentioned his aunt, Agnes Todd, and his sister, Sarah Wilson Rainey, who had earlier been mentioned in the 1885 will of their father James Todd.   Sarah Todd had married the grocer James Wilson Rainey (1850 - 1921).
Sarah Todd and James Wilson Rainey had a family, first in Belfast, and then at Islandbane, Muckamore, Co. Antrim - William John Rainey, Samuel Brown Stevenson Rainey born 29th July 1884 at 30 Berlin Street, Hugh Todd Rainey born 23rd January 1889 at 30 Berlin Street, David Alexander Rainey born 11th February 1893 at Spring Farm, Isalandbane, Robert J. Rainey born Belfast, and Morton Rainey born in 1891 in Belfast.
James Wilson Rainey, grocer, died on 3rd October 1921 at 135 Alexandra Park Avenue, Belfast;  the informant was his son Stevenson Rainey;  his widow, Sarah, died there on 13th September 1932.)

So William Todd (1800 - 1877) of Drumadarragh died leaving a widow, Margaret.  William and Margaret Todd had had Robert, who predeceased his father, William Todd, Margaret who married a McCauley and Eliza who married the schoolmaster John Anderson.

William and Margaret Todd's shortlived son, Robert, married Sarah Graham in 1866. Robert and Sarah had an unnamed daughter in Drumadarragh on 20th February 1867, Ann Todd on 24th December 1868, Robert Todd on 2nd January 1871, William on 16th June 1872, and Sarah Jane on 8th December 1873.
In 1901, Robert Todd, the son of Robert Todd and Sarah Graham, was living still in Drumadarragh with his wife, Mary Marshall, the daughter of a Larne farmer, John Marshall. They had married in Larne on 27th October 1893, and the witnesses had been Sara Todd and John Marshall, possibly the parents of the bride and groom. Living with Robert Todd and Mary Marshall in Drumadarragh in 1901 was Robert Todd's maternal uncle, Robert Graham.

Schoolmaster John Anderson and his second wife, Eliza Todd, moved soon after their 1872 marriage to Derry where their children were born:

A female, unnamed, born 18th January 1873.
Joseph Anderson, born 7th August 1874 at Ballarena, Derry.
Margaret Anderson born 7th April 1879 at Aughanlis, Derry. She died in Belfast in 1941.
Elizabeth (Todd?) Anderson born 1st March 1881 at Aughanloo, Derry.

All the above places are situated on the outskirts of Limavady, and close to Drumachose -  Sarah Agnes Anderson, the daughter of John Anderson and his first wife, Jane Wilson Blain, married schoolmaster James Barbour of Drumachose.

Eliza Todd, John Anderson's second wife, died on 31st March 1886, and John married a third time, to the widow, Margaret Mcmains, on 18th July 1892 in Drumachose.  The daughter of Archibald Dunn of Pellipar, Dungiven, Margaret had previously married Marcus McMains of Granagh, and late of Melbourne, Australia, in April 1864 in Scriggan Presbyterian Church. ('The Coleraine Chronicle', 16th April 1864.)

Margaret, the third wife of schoolmaster John Anderson, had died by the time of the 1901 census.
John Anderson died on 8th February 1903 at Aughansillagh, Derry, and the will was proved by his brother, Joseph Anderson, an auctioneer of Belfast. This was the same Joseph Anderson who had erected the headstone to their parents, William Anderson and Sarah Fay, in St. Saviour's Churchyard in Connor in 1892.

Our line continues via John Anderson and Jane Wilson Blain's son, William John Anderson:


  1. Hello, I am a fifth-generation descendant of William Blaine and Shusonneah Wilson (who is listed as Susie in my family's records) via their daughter Eliza Blaine Rainey. My elderly mother, who now has advanced dementia, wrote down a family tree some years ago which I have been entering into this afternoon. I soon started googling things, and ended up here. You have quite a lot of information that was missing from my mother's tree, so I found this entry very useful and interesting. Thank you.

    Of note, my mother's tree lists one Robert Blaine as a son of William Blaine and Susie Wilson. There are no dates or descendants so I presume this baby was lost in infancy.

    Similarly, Hugh Blaine and Eliza Service are listed as having a daughter Susan Blaine in addition to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Blain. There's no further information about her either.

    Also, she has listed one Lizzie (Elizabeth?) Blaine as a daughter of Andrew Blaine and Margaret Gordon, sister to Robert Gordon Blaine. It says Lizzie married William Reid and had one child, Bob (Robert?) Reid. No dates or places. I need to do a little searching on that.

    The first wife of Victor John Perry Blaine, son of Robert Gordon Blaine and Isabella Stewart, is a question mark on my mother's tree, so I was glad to fill that in based on your information above. She does have "Lu?" penciled in for a second wife, which isn't much of a clue, is it.

    If you are interested in what I've entered into so far, you can look me up as user margaretofthebluedoor.

  2. Hello -this is wonderful. I currently have a temporary subscription to Ancestry so I'll check out your info after work and update this post with it. Thanks a million for your generous input!