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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Potted Genealogy of the Grattan Family

This post follows on from earlier posts I've done on the Grattan family of Kildare and Offaly, and their links to Hon. Henry Grattan.  I've taken  genealogical notes taken from, amongst others, The Peerage online website, and also from family notices posted in newspapers over the centuries, which help to clarify the various families and relationships. This is, however, an ongoing work in progress so I'm constantly updating the information according to newly-discovered sources.

I personally link vaguely to the family of Richard Grattan JP of Drummin, Kildare/Offaly, who was married to Elizabeth Biddulph, and whose daughter, Frances Grattan, married Rev. William Willis.  I descend directly from William Willis's sister, Eliza Willis.

According to 'University Magazine: A Literary and Philosophic Review, Vol. 42', in the reign of Queen Anne, six Grattan brothers settled in Dublin and neighbouring counties;  these were friends with of Jonathan Swift, the Dean of St. Patricks.  From these six men, the Irish Grattans descend.   And there are a lot of them.....

The Grattans of Clonmeen, Carbery, Kildare:
A  Symon/Simon Grattan of Rinaghan, Carbery, Kildare, died there in 1697.  He also owned or leased property in James St, Dublin, but I can find no further reference to Simon Grattan.
A John Grattan of Clonmeen died in 1741;  a second John Grattan of Clonmeen died there in 1754.

These Clonmeen Grattans were buried in Carbery.  An early headstone there reads: 'Here lieth the body of Mary daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Grattan who departed this life the 26th (?) 1721 aged 17yrs. Also Robert Grattan who departed this life December 7th 1748 aged 77. And Elizabeth Grattan who departed this life December 6th 1758 aged 73.'

John E.Grattan (1696 - 1740) of Clonmeen:
'This stone was placed by Martha Grattan in memory of her husband John E. Grattan who departed this life June 1740 in ye 44th year of his age...'
Also:  'On April 17th 1756 Olivia Grattan daughter of John E. and Martha Grattan of Clonmeen appoints this stone to be erected in memory of her said parents whose remains lye in the body of this church but their descendants have chosen this place on the northerly side for their internment. Here lye Ann and Elizabeth Whitterig, granddaughters to John E. and Martha Grattan. Here lyes the body of Miss Martha Whitterig who died October 1763 in the 16th year of her age. Here also lyeth the body of the mentioned Olivia Grattan who departed this life ye 15th October 1786 in the 66th year of her age.'
A John Grattan was married to a Martha Mason, but it's unclear if this John Grattan and Martha were the same as the preceding family. One of the daughters of John Grattan and Martha Mason, Anne Grattan, who died on August 6th 1748, married the wealthy merchant, William Lunell of Dublin, while a second daughter, Mary Grattan, married William Whitmore and had a daughter, Olivia Whitmore, who married Arthur Guinness of Beaumont.
John Grattan and Martha Mason also had a son, Rev. William Grattan, who might be the Rev. William Grattan (1715 - 1761) of Carbery who married Catherine, the daughter of  Counsellor Sherlock, and who was recorded as dying at Sherlockstown, Kildare, in July 1761, although I'm not sure about his parentage. The deed which follows clearly states that the son and heir of John Grattan of Clonmeen was Rev. William Grattan.  His headstone in Carbery reads: 'Here lyeth the body of Rev. William Grattan of Drummin who departed this life July 1st 1761 in the 46th year of his age. This is the appointed burial place of his widow and children.'

Deed 132-331-89496, dated  February 1745, details an arrangement between John Grattan of Clonmeen, Kildare, and his son and heir, Rev. William Grattan, whereby it was agreed that, during his life, John Grattan should hold land known as Demesne - still called that today - and that he would pay £6 8s. 6d. per annum to the heirs and assigns of Robert Grattan.  His son and heir, Rev. William Grattan was to get half of Clonmeen, somewhere indecipherable such as Derenany as well as a windmill in the same townland, Ballyshannon, Knockballyboy, Phillipstown and Killaderry.  Most of these places are close to Carbery, Drummin/Drummond and Edenderry.   Clonmeen was two miles north of Edenderry.

Historian Turtle Bunbury confirms that John Grattan, who married Martha Mason, and who lived at Clonmeen, Edenderry, Kildare,  was indeed a cousin of Hon. Henry Grattan, although the term 'cousin' can refer simply to a family link and should not be taken literally.

Hon. Henry  Grattan was the son of James Grattan, Recorder of Dublin, who was the son of Henry Grattan and Bridget Flemyng of Garrycross, Co. Cavan;   the great-grandparents of Hon. Henry Grattan were Rev. Patrick Grattan and Grisel Brereton, who follow....

The descendants of Rev. Patrick Grattan and Grisel Brereton:
The Rev. Patrick Grattan was appointed to Cappagh Rectory, Co. Derry, on 27th November 1671. He died in 1703 having married Grisel Brereton in 1669, the daughter of his predecessor.  His estate was in Belcamp, Santry, Co. Dublin.  His family were on close personal terms with  Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin.

A son of Rev. Patrick Grattan of Belcamp, Santry, and of Grisel Brereton was Rev. William Grattan of Fermanagh (1672 - 1719), who married Sophia Gore, daughter of Sir William Gore, baronet.   A daughter of Rev. William Grattan was Elizabeth Gore Grattan, born circa 1716 at Cappagh, Tipperary, who married Skeffington Bristow, and who died in 1792 in Antrim.   Rev. William Grattan succeeded his father at Cappagh Parish, Co. Derry, on 24th August 1703.  

Another son of Rev. Patrick Grattan was Henry Grattan of Garrycross, Co. Cavan, who married Bridget Flemyng.  He was noted as High Sheriff of Cavan in 1710.
Henry Grattan and Bridget Flemyng's son was James Grattan, Recorder of Dublin who married Mary Marlay, daughter of Thomas Marlay, chief justice of Ireland.   The Marlay estates were situated at Celbridge Abbey, Kildare;  Celbridge Abbey passed therefore into the Grattan family.
James Grattan and Mary Marlay were the parents of the Hon. Henry Grattan of Grattan's Parliament.   As well as Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan, James Grattan and Mary Marlay had a daughter, Catherine Grattan.

Another son of Rev. Patrick Grattan was Rev. Robert/Robin Grattan of St. Audeon's Church, Dublin (1678 - 1741), executor of Jonathan Swift's will, as was his brother, Rev. John/Jack Grattan of St. Audeon's, Clonmenthan, and St. Nicholas Within (1680 -1754).

Another son of Rev. Patrick Grattan was Charles/Charlie Grattan, (1688 - 1747), master of Portora School, Enniskillen.  He married Mary Copeland.  Their son was Rev. William Grattan of Sylvan Park, , and of Swanlinbar, Cavan, who was married to Elizabeth Foster.  The son of Rev. William Grattan  of Sylvan Park was Rev. William Copeland Grattan (1784 - 1844) who married Anna Selina Nixon and had two sons, Copeland Grattan of Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, who died there in 1850, and also Humphrey Grattan who emigrated to Australia and married Sophia Beggs of Dublin.  
A daughter of Rev. William Grattan and Elizabeth Foster of Sylvan Park, Meath, was Emily Eleanor Grattan, who married in Crossakiel Church, Co. Meath, on 12th July 1853, Edward Hudson of Loughbrickland, Co. Down, and of Gardiner's Place, Dublin. In 1853, the estate of Edward Hudson was being sold in Cavan - he was named as trustee of the estate of the late Rev. William Grattan.

Rev. Patrick Grattan and Grisel Brereton also had Sir Richard Grattan, alderman and Sheriff of Dublin, who died in 1736.  (Alternatively, Betham's Extracts records the will, dated 19th June 1713, of a Dublin merchant, Richard Grattan, who named his mother as Grizel.  A sister was Mary Grattan and a brother was Henry Grattan. Henry Grattan's daughter, the niece of Richard, was Catherine Grattan. Other brothers were William, Dr. James Grattan, Rev. Robert and Rev. John Grattan, and Charles Grattan.  His aunt was named as Catherine Langham.)

But to return to James Grattan MD, son of Rev. Patrick Grattan and Grisel Brereton....

1) James Grattan, MD (1673 - 1747), son of Rev. Patrick Grattan: he trained in medicine in Holland and was three times the President of the Royal College of Physicians.  James Grattan MD married Elizabeth Tyrrell, most likely a member of the Tyrrell family of Castle Grange, Kildare, whose family intermarried with the Grattans of Edenderry

A son of Dr. James Grattan and Elizabeth Tyrell was Rev. William Grattan of Edenderry.  The Hibernian Journal of 3rd October 1781, notes that the widow of Rev. William Grattan of Drummin, Kildare, died at this time.
 Rev. William Grattan married Catherine, daughter of Counsellor Sherlock of Sherlockstown, and Rev. William Grattan of Drummin is noted as having died at Sherlockstown in 1761;   later, Richard Sherlock of Dublin made his will in the 1790s in which he left his property to his wife, Ann, and also to his two nephews, Richard Grattan and Rev. William Grattan.

Given that Rev. William Grattan was linked to Drummin, I would hasard a guess that Richard Grattan JP who married Elizabeth Biddulph in 1788, and who lived at Drummin, descends from this man.  Rev. William Grattan, the father of  Richard Grattan JP, took out a lease on approximately 580 acres of land at Drummond, Kildare, in 1746. This lease was renewed by his grandson, Richard Grattan MD, in 1840 for the lives of himself and his two sons, Richard and William Grattan.  Also mentioned in the lease was the name Nicholas Biddulph.

A son of Dr. James Grattan and Elizabeth Tyrrell was Thomas Grattan of Rathvilla.  The Hibernian Journal of 22nd March 1776 noted that Thomas Grattan of Rathvilla, King's County, married Miss Field of Rathangan, Co. Kildare. A Thomas Grattan was paying tithes on a property in Rathvilla in the 1830s, although given the date, this must have been a grandson of the original Thomas Grattan.  Thomas Grattan of Rathvilla married Isabella Field, who, following his death in 1854, emigrated to Australia with her children.   A notice in 'The Argus' of Melbourne noted on 16th February 1881, that Isabella, widow of Thomas Grattan, late of Rathvilla, King's County, died aged 63 at Glasgow cottage,Chapel-street, South Yarra.

A son of Dr. James Grattan and Elizabeth Tyrrell was Francis Grattan (1759-1801) who married  Rosanna Odlum, the daughter of Henry Odlum and Elizabeth Paine in 1791.

A son of Dr. James Grattan and Elizabeth Tyrell was  Joseph Grattan who died young, and Richard Grattan, who was born and died in 1754.

John Grattan MD of Edenderry (1713 - 1787) and Hannah Colley:
This brings us to the son of James Grattan and Elizabeth Tyrell who was John Grattan MD (1713 - 1787) of Edenderry, Offaly/Kildare.
Dr. John Grattan of Edenderry was married to Hannah Colley whose family estate was at Castle Carbery, Kildare.
The son of Dr. John Grattan and Hannah Colley of Edenderry was  Captain William Grattan (1744 -18th September 1798) of Rathangan, Co. Kildare, who had studied medicine in Dublin inder Mr. Cleghorn before being appointed to the post of assistant surgeon with the 64th Regiment in the US and in the Napoleonic wars.  Following 18 years of military service, he returned home to Edenderry, to his elderly parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters,  and married, in 1792, Jane Gifford, the daughter of Sir Duke Gifford of Meath.  He subsequently settled in Rathangan, Co. Kildare, and died suddenly in Wexford at the height of the 1798 rebellion, having joined up again with the military, this time with the 44th Regiment of Foot. He helpfully made his will on 15th September 1798, and died three days later.  He named his 'natural' son' as William John Grattan who would attain the age of 21 on 9th November 1804, having, therefore, been born in 1783.  A second son was John George Grattan, but no age was given.  His wife was Jane Grattan.  His two sisters were Elizabeth and Sarah Grattan.  A nephew was John, son of his brother Colley Grattan, and a second nephew was Thomas, son of his brother Arthur Grattan.

A daughter of John Grattan MD and Hannah Colley was Elizabeth Grattan (1746 - 1808).

A daughter of John Grattan MD and Hannah Colley was Sarah Grattan, as named in her brother, William's will of 1798.

A son of John Grattan MD and Hannah Colley was Thomas Grattan MD of Edenderry (1769 - 11th November 1801) who had two wives - Ann Sullivan and then Frances Muloch or Mulock. (A Robert Mulock of Banagher made a will on 5th February 1781, in which he named his wife as Katherine, his daughters as Elizabeth and Frances, and a son as John Mulock. His son-in-law was named as Thomas Grattan, the husband of Frances Mulock.)
A son of Thomas Grattan and Ann Sullivan was John Grattan MD of Edenderry (1788 - 15th January 1836) who married Margaret Alicia Shawe, the daughter of Edmund Shawe of Coolair, Kildare, and these were the parents of Thomas Grattan, apothecary of Belfast (1810 - 1879).  The Carbery church register noted the marriage of John Grattan of Monasteroris, Edenderry, with Margaret Alicia Shawe/Shaw of Carbery as taking place on 19th November 1808.
Another son of John Grattan MD of Edenderry and Margaret Alicia Shawe was the dentist William Grattan who died in December 1847.  On 12th February 1850 in Belfast, Richard Evans son of William Evans, married Eliza Shawe Grattan, second daughter of the late Dr Grattan, ie, the daughter of John Grattan of Edenderry and of Margaret Alicia Shawe.
Another son of Thomas Grattan MD and either Ann Sullivan or Frances Muloch of Edenderry was Surgeon Colley Grattan of Edenderry (6th June 1816 - 9th May 1847), as clarified by the family's Carbery headstone: 'Sacred to the memory of Surgeon Colley Grattan of Edenderry, King's County. Born 6th June 1816, departed this life May 9th 1847 aged 31 years. Also of his father Thomas Grattan MD., Edenderry, King's County, who departed this life November 11th 1801 aged 32 years. Also his widow Frances who departed this life January 5th 1840 aged 90 years.'
The burial register of Carbery Church has the following entry: 'Colley Grattan of Edenderry 6th May 1847 aged 30.'
(The Public Record Office in Belfast holds the surgeons' and apothecaries' certificates of members of the Grattan family of Edenderry, King's County, 1799-1840, along with rent receipts for Thomas Grattan's premises as a surgeon dentist in College Square, Belfast, 1869-1877, and an emigrant letter from A. Tyrell in Weston, Ontario, 1850, who was related to the Tyrrell family of Elizabeth Tyrrell of Kildare, wife of Dr. James Grattan MD of Edenderry.  William Tyrrell emigrated to Weston, Ontario, and was the father of engineers, Henry Grattan Tyrrell and James Williams Tyrrell.)

A son of Dr. John Grattan and Hannah Colley was the attorney and solicitor Colley Grattan (1754 - 1815) of Clayton Lodge, Castle Carbery, (which was burned out in 1798) married to Elizabeth Warren,  and these two were the parents of the writer, Thomas Colley Grattan (1791 - 1864) , the cousin of Dr. Richard Grattan of Drummin, Co. Kildare.  Thomas Colley Grattan had a daughter who was married to the Belgian Secretary of Legation in Turin, and two sons, Edmund Arnout Grattan, H.M. Consul in Anterp, and Colonel Grattan of the Royal Corps of Engineers.  A son of Thomas Colley Grattan was Henry Colley Grattan, late consul of Tenerife who died aged 62 at Westfield House in 1881. Henry Colley Grattan had married Lucy, second surviving daughter of Christopher R. Nugent, on 9th September 1850 at the Consulate in Ostend.
Another son of the solicitor Colley Grattan and Elizabeth Warren of Carbery was William Grattan of the Connaught Rangers who married Jane Menzies and who died in 1858. The daughter of William Grattan and Janes Menzies was Harriet Grattan who married Neptune Blood Gallwey, the son of Major Gallwey of the 16th regiment, on 10th November 1857 in St. Peter's.  You just know Neptune Blood Gallwey had a walrus moustache.  A son of William Grattan and Jane Menzies was William Grattan JP of Farmhill, Kildare, who married Louisa Martan Patterson, and whose only son was William Henry Colley Grattan.
As named in his uncle William's will of 1798, a son of Colley Grattan was John Grattan.

A son of John Grattan MD and Hannah Colley was Arthur Grattan as named in his brother William's 1798 will. Arthur Grattan had a son named Thomas Grattan.

Note - The following Carbery headstone shows up another Colley Grattan, this one married to a Mary, and who was living in Athy at the time of his death in 1816.  'This stone was erected by Mary Grattan in memory of her husband Colley Grattan of Athy in this County Esq., who departed this life on Sunday 9th June 1816, Also in memory of her son John Edward Grattan who departed the 13th of January 186?'

William Grattan (1789 - 1863) of Edenderry:
Another strain of this 'Colley' branch of the family would be William Grattan  (1789 - 1863), farmer of Edenderry, who married Anne Cathcart in 1818. and whose son was Robert Grattan, hosier of 14 Nassau Street - this Robert Grattan named his son in 1864 as Robert Colley Grattan, which would suggest a family link to the descendants of Dr. John Grattan and Hannah Colley of Edenderry.
It's as yet unclear where William Grattan of Edenderry enters this 'Colley' branch of the Grattan line. Who were his parents? He cannot be a son of John Grattan and Hannah Colley of Edederry, since William was born in 1789, and John Grattan died two years before this in 1787; also, John Grattan and Hannah Colley already had a surviving son named William.

William Grattan (1789 - 1863)of Edenderry died on 21st July 1863, aged 74. According to his gravestone in Carbery Hill, his wife was Anne Grattan: 'Sacred to the memory of William Grattan who died at Edenderry July 21st 1863 and his wife Anne Grattan who died May 24th 1882. Also their children Charlotte Eliza died 1841. Nassan Cathcart 1842. Eliza 1852. Richard 1863. Frances 1870, George 1892. Anne Jane 1898. Emily 1909.'
In November 1841 at Edenderry, Joseph Russell married Eliza, the daughter of William Grattan.  She would die there on 17th January 1852.
On 16th February 1848 in Edenderry, William Watson of Ballinrath, King's County, married Marianne Grattan, second daughter of William Grattan Esq. of Edenderry.
Daughter Emily, as named on her family headstone, died in Edenderry in 1909; the census captures her living on Main Street, Edenderry, in 1901, and therefore we know she had been born in 1836.

In April 1841, the death occurred of Charlotte Elisa, eldest daughter of William Grattan of Edenderry, although an entry in the Carbery burial register says 'Miss Charlotte Grattan of Edenderry buried 28th March 1841 aged 21.'
Another entry in the same parish register notes that '? William Grattan aged 2 of Edenderry buried 17th May 1840.'
In April 1858 in the parish church of Rosenalllis, Queen's County, Richard, second son of William Grattan of Edenderry, married Ann, the eldest daughter of the late Richard Goodbody of Mountmellick.   In January 1869, William Romans, Esq., C.E., Northumberland-road, married Anna, the widow of Richard Grattan of Edenderry, King's County.   On November 21, 1865 at 76, Haddington Road, Dublin, Richard, the last surviving child of the late Mr. R. Grattan, of Lunville Lodge, Edenderry, King's County, died of scarlatina, aged 5 years and 7 months.

The 4th son of William Grattan of Edenderry, hosier Robert Grattan of 14 Nassau St., married in St. Anne's, Dublin, on 31st December 1850, Matilda Bolton, the youngest daughter of hosier John Bolton of Grafton Street.  The witnesses were William Grattan and William Bolton.
A son was born at 14 Nassau St on 6th August 1853.
In November 1856, Matilda, the infant daughter of Robert Grattan, died at 14 Nassau St.
Matilda Grattan was born 31st March 1858 at 14 Nassau St, and died in Philadelphia on 29th November 1845.
A later address for Robert Grattan and Matilda Bolton was Bellevue, Merrion, Donnybrook, where a son was born  on 14th May 1862.
Robert Colley Grattan was born 24th August 1864 in Bellevue, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin.

The fifth daughter of Robert Grattan of 14 Nassau Street, Frances Victoria Grattan, married on 3rd March 1881 in St. Annes, Joseph Dobbs, hoisier, son of James Dobbs of Abbeyleix. The witnesses were the possible siblings of the bride, William Robert Grattan and Charlotte Grattan.
On 25th September 1866, at Bellevue, Merrion, Matilda Grattan, wife of Robert Grattan, died, and he died at 14 Nassau Street on 13th July 1879 with probate granted to a Richard Robinson, optician of 63 Grafton Street.

Other Grattans of Edenderry:
The descendants of James Grattan MD and Elizabeth Tyrrell settled at Edenderry which straddles the border of Kildare and King's County/Offaly.    The following Grattans were associated with Edenderry, but I can't decipher which strain of Grattan they link correctly to.

The widow of a Rev. William Grattan of Edenderry, Elizabeth Grattan (1765-1837), died aged 72 in Dublin in 1837.   It's as yet unclear which Rev. William Grattan this was.  There are a lot of them.

On 3rd February 1864 in Edenderry, Dr. Mathew Henry Grattan of Chipping Ongar, Essex, son of the late Dr. William Grattan of Edenderry, married Lizzie, daughter of John J. Hipwell of Edenderry.   Dr. Mathew Henry Grattan of Edenderry graduated from the College of Physicians in Ireland in 1863.

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