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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Children of Joseph Stewart and Elizabeth Madine

Robert Stewart and Rebecca Cuthbert/Culbert

ROBERT STEWART AND REBECCA CUTHBERT: (Our paternal great-grandparents.)
Robert Stewart was born at 11 Arnon St, Belfast, on 26th May 1866 to Joseph Stewart Junior and Elizabeth Madine.
Robert Stewart, the eldest son of Joseph Stewart and Elizabeth Madine, married Rebecca Cuthbert on 18th August 1896 in the Church of Ireland church of St. George on Cathal Brugha Street. He gave his profession as a book-keeper still living at home with his parents at 18 Goldsmith Street. Rebecca Cuthbert was also living at home at 69 Seville Place behind Connolly Station - her parents were the carpenter Henry Cuthbert/Culbert and Anne Allen.  The witnesses to the marriage were Robert's sister, Louisa Helen Stewart, and Rebecca's father Henry Cuthbert.

On 28th September 1908, Robert Stewart, bookkeeper, proved the will of a neighbour, John Fittis of 7a Barrow Street;  in 1899, Robert and Rebecca Stewart had been living at 7B Barrow Street, probably neighbouring apartments in the same house.   John Fittis had been born in 1835 in County Down and had been a soldier with the 46th Foot.  At the time of his death he was a gatekeeper.  He had married Irish-born Elizabeth Ann Carson in St. Thomas's, Hampshire, England, on 8th February 1870.  They had James McMullen Fittis in 1871 in Hampshire, Catherine Elizabeth Fittis in England in 1873, John Fittis in 1877 in Antrim, and Hannah Fittis in Dublin in 1879.   I doubt any family link between the Fittis family and the Stewarts, but I'll note them here just in case.

The children of Robert and Rebecca Stewart were Helen Louisa, Vera and our grandfather, Cuthbert. All the children were musical - Bertie/Cuthbert sang in the St. Patrick's Cathedral choir, Vera played the piano, and Louisa Helen the violin.

Their first child, Louisa Helen, named after Robert's sister, was born 15th March 1899 at 7B Barrow Street in Irishtown (currently Google's European headquarters) and was christened in St. Marks.  She would later marry John Thomas Sibbald in Dublin in 1925.
Louisa Helen and John Thomas Sibbald lived at 11 Waverly Avenue in Fairview where they had two children, Hazel and Leslie.  John Sibbald worked at Islandbridge as a clerk for the Western Railway Company, before becoming the secretary to a builder's company, J & R Thompson in Fairview.  Like their mother, the two children were musical, Hazel playing the piano and Leslie the violin.
Hazel Sibbald would marry Victor Dewar, an organist who worked, firstly, in the Clontarf Presbyterian church, then, following his marriage to Hazel Sibbald, in the Church of Ireland Church in Ballinasloe and Athlone. He worked for Cadburys in Athlone.

By 1911 Robert Stewart and Rebecca Culbert were living at 10 Edenvale Road, Rathmines where their second daughter, Vera Maud Stewart, was born in 1906.

Our paternal grandfather, Cuthbert/Bertie Stewart was born on 1st June 1909 to the bookkeeper Robert Stewart and his wife, Rebecca Cuthbert, of 10 Edenvale Road.
At some stage before 1914, the family moved down the road to 25 Edenvale Road, where Robert and Rebecca would spend the rest of their lives together.

Their daughter,Vera Maud, was born on 3rd April 1906 at 7 Barrow Street, and would later marry Bertie's schoolfriend,the tenor Robert Irwin, and emigrate to Canada where she died, aged 92, in Winnipeg, on 30th March 1999;  she is interred in Mount Jerome Cemetery. Vera played the piano and would accompany her husband, Robert Irwin.

Vera Maud Stewart of 25 Edenvale Road and Robert Irwin of 53 Dufferin Road, South Circular Road, married on 25th September 1931;  the witnesses were Vera's father, Robert Stewart, her brother, Cuthbert Stewart, and Robert Irwin's father, Samuel Irwin.

Vera's husband, Robert Irwin, had been born in Dublin on September 20th 1905, and died in Winnipeg in 1983.
In common with our grandfather, Bertie Stewart, he had attended St. Patrick's Cathedral School where he sang in the choir.
Robert Irwin's parents were Samuel Robert Irwin, who was a builder/foreman, and Frances Carlisle. Samuel had been born in about 1864 in Co. Cavan, and had a brother, George Walker Irwin, who had been born there in 1865.  Their father was a carpenter, John Irwin.   Frances Carlisle was born in Belfast, Co. Antrim, in 1873 to the carpenter, Thomas Carlisle, and Elizabeth Carlisle.   Robert's parents, Samuel and Frances/Fanny, married in St. Werburgh's, Dublin, on April 9th 1898 - at the time of the wedding Samuel Irwin was living at both Mayfield, North Strand, and Exchequer Street, while Frances Carlisle also had two addresses, at both Vavasour Square, Sandymount, and South Great Georges Street.   The witnesses were Samuel's brother, George Walker Irwin, who married a Scottish woman and who would, in 1911, be farming at Glenealy, Wicklow,  Emily Irwin, Maggie Carlisle and M. Carlisle.
In 1901, Samuel and Fanny Irwin were living at 53.2 Dufferin Avenue, off the South Circular Road, while immediately next door, in 53.1 Dufferin Avenue, was Fanny's widowed Antrim-born mother, Elizabeth Carlisle.  This house had presumably been divided into two, but by 1911, only the Carlisles were living here. The 1939 Electoral Rolls, viewable on the Dublin City Library website, shows Samuel and Fanny Irwin here, along with their daughter, Ethel.

Robert Irwin sang as an amateur at various music festivals in Ireland and won Gold Medal at a singing competition there in 1930. Following that he had given concerts in Dublin and broadcasts on Irish Radio. With the help of the famous Irish tenor Count John McCormack he would travel in 1937 to the USA.  He appeared on the manifest of the 'Samaria', sailing from Cork to NYC early in 1937 - his wife was named as V. Irwin and their home address was the South Circular Rd, Dublin.  Robert was heading to New York for three months, and would be staying with his friend, J. McCormack who was staying at a hotel on 41 East 42nd St.  John McCormack introduced Robert Irwin to the American public during a broadcast of his New York radio show on 14th March 1937.  Following this introduction,  Robert Irwin launched his professional career, and would later tour the UK with John McCormack in 1939/1940 raising funds for the Red Cross.
Robert studied in London with George Reeves and appeared before the public there in concerts and in particular in Lieder recitals. During the years of World War II, he could be heard in the "National Gallery Concerts" in London, which were organised by Myra Hess. He also sang as a soloist in oratorios and sacred vocal works, however remained interpreter primarily a well-known Lieder interpreter. He participated repeatedly in broadcasts of the English Radio BBC. After his active singer career was over, he immigrated to Canada and worked as a Professor (Supervisor of Vocal Studies) at the University of Manitoba.
Robert Irwin died in Winnipeg on 5th June 1983, and was buried at home in Mount Jerome cemetery.

Our grandfather, Bertie Stewart, spoke about an older brother named Bobby who died young, and the Irish Registration Indexes confirm this - Robert Henry Stewart had been born on 26th December 1903, and died, aged 4 on 14th June 1908 in 7b Barrow Street of whooping cough.  A daughter was born on 23rd May 1897 while the family were living at Barrow Street, but she didn't survive.

Bertie/Cuthbert Stewart was born 1909:

Rebecca Cuthbert Stewart of 25 Edenvale Road died aged 62 of heart failure on 30th December 1935.

Robert Stewart can be seen on the Dublin Electoral Lists for 1939-1940 living at 11 Waverly Avenue with his daughter, Louisa and her husband John Thomas Sibbald. (This couple had married in 1925.)

Robert Stewart died on 2nd May 1947 at The Old Men's Home, Northbrook Road, Rathmines, Co. Dublin.
Robert and Rebecca Stewart were buried together in Mount Jerome, along with their daughter Vera Irwin, who died in Canada on 27th March 1999, and her husband, Robert Irwin, who died on 5th June 1983.

Joseph Stewart was born in Downpatrick, Co. Down, on 22nd December 1876.

Sarah Kate Barton appears on the 1901 Census living in Inishtioge, Co. Kilkenny with her widowed father, Henry Barton, an RIC pensioner who had been born in Co. Laois/Queen's County in about 1837 to an ex-R.I.C. officer, now a farmer, Henry Barton.   The 1918 marriage cert of his daughter, Louisa Maude Barton, named him as Henry Wheeler Barton, which generally means that his mother or grandmother was a member of the Wheeler family.

The RIC Records mention two Henry Bartons of Queen's County - the first enlisted in 1852 aged 18, the second enlisted in 1856 aged 20.   This latter Henry Barton was the father of Sarah Kate.  His R.I.C. records - available to view free of charge in the National Archives in Bishop Street, Dublin - show that he was posted first to Kilkenny, then to Kildare on 1st December 1865, to Meath on 1st March 1883, before being pensioned off on 1st February 1887.
The Petty Court records, viewable via Find My Past, record him as the sub-constable in Dungarvin, Co. Kilkenny, in 1861, then later the same year in Shankill, Co. Kilkenny.  By 1863 he was in Gower, Kilkenny.  He was stationed at Athboy, Co. Meath from 1883 till his retirement from the force in 1887.
Following his time in the RIC, Henry Barton worked as a farmer in Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.  Three of his daughters appear on the National School Registers List, viewable online on the Find My Past website.  The three daughters of Henry Barton were resident at Teddington, Inistioge, when they enrolled in the local national school on 11th February 1889.  Previously they had lived in Co. Meath (Athboy).

Sarah Kate Barton herself had been born in Co. Kildare or Co. Meath, presumably when her father had been stationed there.  (Both the 1901 and 1911 census contradict each other.)
Her father, Henry Barton son of Henry Barton Senior, a farmer of Abbeyleix, (and possibly of a member of the Wheeler family) married Sarah Kate's mother, Eleanor Maria/Ellen James, the daughter of James James, a farmer of Inishtioge,  on 20th June 1865 in Inishtioge, Co. Kilkenny.  

A James James of Woodstock, Inishtioge, Kilkenny, died on 12th March 1864;  the primary beneficiary of his will was his widow, Ellen James. A word of caution, however: Inistioge, Kilkenny was crawling with men called James James at this time, so I've found it impossible to isolate which one was the father of Eleanor Maria James.  A Maria James, daughter of a James James, married on 31st December 1866, Thomas James who was also the son of a James James. Their children were born in Killeen, Inistioge - William James on 2nd May 1868, Sarah James on 14th may 1871, Jane James, James James on 27th September 1874 and Ellen James on 1st March 1873.

A Jane James was present at the 1876 birth of Henry George Barton, the son of Henry Barton and Ellen Maria James, when he was born in Killeen.  In Killeen in 1911, an elderly widowed Jane James was living with her son, Henry James, who named his father as a coachman, Henry James Senior, when he married Elizabeth Scott of Enniscorthy in 1900. This marriage in 1900 was witnessed by Thomas James.

The children of Henry Barton and Eleanor Maria James were born as follows:

  • John Thomas Barton, born 2nd August 1865 in Killeen, Co. Kilkenny, to policeman Henry Barton of Roar or The Rower, Killeen, Inistioge; he died in Athboy, Co. Meath,aged 17 in 1883.
  • Sarah Jane Barton, born  8th April 1867 in Killeen, Co. Kilkenny, to policeman, Henry Barton of Castledermot, Co.Kildare, and to Eleanor Maria James.  She must have died.
  • Sarah Barton, born  22nd January 1869, in Killeen, Co. Kilkenny, to policeman Henry Barton of Ballytore, Co. Kildare.  She died, aged 4, in Kildare in 1872.
  • Eleanor Maria, born 4th December 1870 in Bert, Co. Kildare; she died, aged 4, in Kildare in 1873.  A 2-yr-old Eleanor Maria Barton died in Co.Meath in 1884 - Henry Barton and Eleanor Maria James were living in Athboy, Co. Meath, in 1884, and may have had a second daughter named Maria James Barton in about 1882.
  • Margaret Barton, born 26th March 1872. Athy.
  • William James Barton,born 25th April 1873 in Bert, Co.Kildare; he died in March 1884 in Co. Meath, aged 10.
  • Emma/Emmeline Barton,born 16th January 1875 in Bert, Co. Kildare.  She must have died young since another daughter was given this name later in 1885.
  • Henry George Barton,18th September 1876, in Killeen, Kilkenny. A Jane James was present at his birth, most likely a relation of his mother's.  Henry George Barton also joined the police like his father before him - the records show that he enlisted in 1899 and that he was married; his birthplace is given as Kildare.  Henry George Barton married in St.Stephen's, Dublin, on 6th December 1907 to Jane Elizabeth Allen of Donard, Co. Wicklow.  At the time of the wedding, Henry George Barton of the R.I.C. was living at 'Ivy Mount', Athenry, Co. Galway, while his bride, Jane Elizabeth Allen, was at 30 Lower Mount Street, Dublin.  The witnesses on the day were Anthony Spaine and Lily Hughes. Jane Elizabeth Allen had been born in Donard, Co. Wicklow,  on 26th October 1874 to the shopkeeper/baker/farmer Thomas Allen and Jane Claxton, who also had a son, Edward William Allen in 1876.    In 1901 Jane Elizabeth Allen was visiting her grandfather, Thomas Claxton, in Donard - also present was Thomas Claxton's unmarried 56-year-old daughter Catherine Claxton, one of his great-grandchildren Edward Allen, only a year old, and another grandson, the Wexford-born baker George Reid.   By 1911 she was married and was living in Delvin, Co. Westmeath.  Her husband, the policeman Henry George Barton, was living immediately next door in the police barracks and was identified only by his initals as was customarily on the Irish census when listing soldier, police officers or prisoners.   In 1901 he had been stationed in Derryulk, Kiltannon, Co. Clare;  in 1905 he was in Kilkee, in 1908 he was in Monivea, Co. Galway but was moved that year to Delvin.  By 1913 he had moved to Tyrellspass, Rochfortbridge.  I can find no record of children born to Henry George Barton and Jane Elizabeth Allen.
  • Louisa Maude Barton, named in the Irish National School Registers as having been born in 1877.   She enrolled in Inistioge School on 11th February 1889 along with her two sisters, Sarah Kate and Emmeline.
  • Sarah Barton, born 9th August 1878, in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  
  • Anna Maria Barton, born 14th June 1880, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.
  • According to the Irish census, Sarah Kate Barton, who married our Joseph Stewart, had been born in either 1880 or 1882.  The National School Registers, which are available to view online on Find My Past, give her date of birth as 1881. The 1901 census gives her place of birth as Kildare, while the later 1911 version has her born in Co. Meath.  The National School Registers note that she started at Inistioge National School on 11th February 1889 and that she had previously been at a school in Co. Meath.  The Civil Registrations Indexes show up the birth of an unnamed daughter in Athboy, Co. Meath, to Henry Barton and Eleanor Maria James on 26th December 1883.
  • Emmeline Barton, born 15th April 1885 in Co. Kilkenny.  Her entry in the Index of National School Registers (on Find My Past) give her year of birth as 1882.   She enrolled in Inistioge School on 11th February 1889 alongwith her two sisters, Sarah Kate and Louise Maude.  They had been at school in Co. Meath prior to their move to Inistioge in 1889.   

Henry Barton died in Inishtioge, Kilkenny,  on 16th October 1909 - his will was granted to his daughter, Emilina Barton. His wife, Eleanor Maria Barton, died there on 15th May 1900 of cardiac disease, aged 50.

Sarah Kate Barton married Joseph Stewart, an ironmonger like his father, in Inishtioge on August 5th 1903. The witnesses to the wedding were Sarah Kate's sister, Emmeline (who had been christened 'Emma'), her father Henry Barton and John Stewart, Joseph's brother.  Joseph Stewart's address at the time of the wedding was still the family home at 18 Goldsmith Street in Phibsboro and he lists his father as a commission agent rather than an ironmonger.
Sister Emmie Barton had earlier appeared on the 1901 Census visiting Mary Jane Robinson and her family in Lucan, Co. Dublin.  Mary Jane Robinson, née Pigott, was the widow of the policeman, William Robinson, who had been stationed in Tullamore in the 1880s where the couple's children had all been born.
Also, in 1901, the census shows up  Louisa Barton, the daughter of Henry Barton and Ellen James, an ironmonger's assistant who was working alongside Sarah Robinson, aged 22, a drapery assistant, and daughter of the late policeman William Robinson.  Both Louisa Barton and Sarah Robinson were working for the draper, Thomas Saunders of Dundrum.

I found a record for an Irish Emmeline Barton, aged 30, who had 10 year's experience as a domestic servant, and who was sailing aboard the 'Hesperian' to Winnipeg.  On 25th April 1915 in St. John's, New Brunswick, Emmeline Barton married Henry 'Harry' Kearney, the son of Maurice H. Kearney and Alice Hodgins of Ballynamona, Durrow, Co. Offaly.   Henry Kearney had been born on 1st June 1890 in Ballyorgan, Co. Limerick.  In 1921, Emmie Barton and Harry Kearney were farming in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan;  she would die in High River, Calgary, Alberta, on 16th December 1990, while her husband, Henry, died there on 26th June 1982.  They are both buried in Highwood Cemetery, and their headstone makes no mention of any children.

On 12th March 1918, in St. Michan's Church, Dublin, Louisa Maude Barton, the sister of Sarah Kate Barton, and sister-in-law of Joseph Stewart, married Samuel Bodkin, a linen merchant from Mormeal, Draperstown, Co. Derry, who was living in 21 Exchequer Street in Dublin at the time of his wedding.  He was the son of a farmer, Hugh Bodkin, and his wife Eliza Taylor. Samuel's brother, Hugh John Bodkin, acted as witness to the wedding, as did a Louie Stewart, who must be Louisa Helen Stewart, the daughter of Robert Stewart and Rebecca Cuthbert.  (The only other Louis Stewart I can trace is the son of Joseph Alexander Stewart who had himself been born in 1867 to a Hugh Stewart and Jessie Carswell of Comber, Co. Down. However, I know of no connection between my own Stewart family of Comber and this one, so I would have to presume that the Louie Stewart, who acted as witness to the wedding of Louisa Maude Barton and Samuel Bodkin, was indeed Louisa Helen Stewart.)
Both Samuel Bodkin and his brother, Hugh John Bodkin, settled in Dublin, and can be traced through the Dublin Electoral Lists, available to view on the Dublin City website.  Hugh John Bodkin was living at 45 Sandycove Road, with a business address at 28 Talbot Street, in 1939-1940 but makes no further appearance after this.
His brother, Samuel Bodkin, and Louisa M.  Bodkin, née Barton, appear from 1939 till 1958 at 58 Rathgar Road.  A contributor to an online forum remembers that his Catholic mother worked for Samuel Barton at his Wicklow Street shop, the Belfast Linen Company, and describes him as a cantakerous Orangeman!
Louisa Bodkin, née Barton, died aged 67 in the Adelaide Hospital on 27th November 1952.

But, getting back to Joseph Stewart and Sarah Kate Barton....

The Irish Times:  'Stewart - June 20, 1904, at 68 Fitzroy Avenue, Drumcondra, the wife of Joseph Stewart, junior, of a son.'      This child, registered as Barton Stewart, didn't survive - his death was registered in late 1906.

The couple's daughter, Lilian Kathleen Emily, was born in Dublin on May 13th 1906 - the family were living at 68 Fitzroy Avenue, Drumcondra. By the time of the 1911 Census, they had moved to 7 Royse Road close to Goldsmith Street; they had moved house to No. 8 Royse Road by 1914.

Their second daughter, Joyce Audrey Wheeler Stewart, was born August 18th 1919, and carried the 'Wheeler' name, as had her grandfather, Henry Wheeler Barton.  By this time Joseph Stewart was working as a commercial traveller and the family had moved to the house where Joseph and Sarah Kate would spend the rest of their lives - 33 Grosvenor Road, Rathmines.   My late aunt, Vera Irwin, née Stewart, the sister of my grandfather, Bertie Stewart, maintained that Joseph Stewart and Sarah Kate Barton had been given the house by someone, but she couldn't remember who.
In 1956-1957, the Dublin City Electoral List notes that the elderly Catherine Stewart, who was Joseph's sister, was living with Joseph and Sarah Kate at 33 Grosvenor Road.

Joseph Stewart may have travelled to Ottawa in 1920 to give emigration a try, staying with his brother's in-laws, the MacKenzie family, who had emigrated earlier, but he returned to Dublin shortly afterwards.

The oldest daughter, Lilian Kathleen Emily Stewart, married John Frederick Leahy, an analytical chemist living in Leicestershire, England, the son of John Leahy, a farmer/butcher of Rathmines. The wedding took place in Rathmines on Sept. 9th 1930 and was witnessed by Lilian's father, Joseph Stewart, and by John  Frederick's mother, Rose Marion Leahy.  Rose Marion Leahy,née Pratt, had been born in 1877 in Fulham, London and died 2nd February 1950. She was buried in Mount Jerome, as was her husband, John Robert Henry Leahy, who died on 2nd May 1953, and her daughter, Dorothy Leahy who died on 19th January 1949.

John Frederick Leahy who married Lilian Kathleen Emily Stewart in 1930, had been born at 10 Charlotte Street on 30th January 1906 to the butcher John Robert Leahy and to Rose Pratt. His sisters were Amy Leahy born 11th February 1904 and Dorothy Leahy born 8th August 1912 at 12 Coulson Avenue.

Notes on the Leahy family of Williamstown, Co. Westmeath:
The interesting Leahy family had their origins in counties Cavan and Westmeath - the townland associated with them was Williamstown, Finnea, which is in both counties and close to Lough Sheelan.
An early gravestone in Ballymachugh Church, Co. Cavan, marks an early Lahy family of Williamstown
The earliest definite ancestor I can isolate is John Pakenham Leahy/Lahey, who follows.

John Pakenham Leahy and Anne, then Dorcas, Stratford:
From the 'London Daily News', 27th April 1910 - John P. Leahy of Faysan, Co. Westmeath, married, firstly Anne Stratford in 1828, and following her death, he eloped with her sister Dorcas Stratford of Faysan to Gretna Green, Scotland and was married by the blacksmith there on 19th November 1834. Apparently the entire wedding party became seasick on the crossing from Ireland to Scotland, and the groom, named as Rambling Jack Leahy, ran short of money and had to write to a friend for the £20 needed for the ceremony.
Dorcas Leahy, (née Stratford) 1820 - 1868, died in the Cavan/Westmeath area and her death was registered in Granard, Cavan.   Her will was lodged as Dorcas Lahey - she died in Williamstown on 27th March 1868 with probate in 1914 to her grandson John Gordon Leahy.
Her husband, John Packenham Lahey ( 1786 - 1868) of Williamstown, died on 20th June 1868 and his will was later granted to grandson John G. Leahy - the will had originally been granted to Edward Cody, a Longford farmer, but this had not been administered.    In 1882 the 'Dublin Daily Express' announced a matter in chancery on behalf of the minor John G. Leahy who needed to settle the will of John Packenham Lahey of Williamstown.  The will was finally granted to this John Gordon Leahy in 1914.

The sister of Anne and Dorcas Stratford was Catherine Stratford who died at some stage before 1853 when £653 of her money was lodged in the court of chancery.  In 1910 John Gordon Leahy, the grandson of John Packenham Leahy and Dorcas Stratford, represented the Leahy family in court and made claim to the forgotton funds of his great-aunt Catherine Stratford.  The court had to decide on the legality his grandparents' 1834 marriage in Gretna Green and whether the descendants of this marriage were entitled to make a claim.  The judge found in favour of the Leahy family and ordered the funds to be distributed amongst the next of kin accordingly.

John Pakenham Leahy and Dorcas Stratford had at least 18 children - the 'Carlow Post', 15th September 1860, announced the birth of a son to John P. Lahey of Williamstown, Co. Westmeath. This child, if it survived, was only 8 years old when his parents both died in 1868.

The known children of John Pakenham Leahy and either Anne or her sister, Dorcas, Stratford, were:

a) John Adolphus Leahy (died 1918 in Williamstown) who married Elizabeth Jane Rotheram in 1866 was named as the eldest son of John Pakenham Leahy.  I'll go into further detail on John A. Leahy and Elizabeth Jane Rotheram later...

b)  Robert Thomas Leahy (1845 - 1877) of 12 Leinster Avenue, Dublin, who died on 30th May 1877 with probate of his will to John Gordon Leahy.   Earlier, on 15th January 1875, the estate of Robert Thomas Lahey at Moydreston, Co. Westmeath, on the northern shore of Lough Sheelan near Granard, was up for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court, the petitioners being Michael Charles Barter and Rubina Anne Barter.
When Robert Thomas Leahy died at 12 Leinster Avenue on 30th May 1877, the 'Irish Times' of 5th April 1877 named him as the second eldest son of the late John Packenham Leahy of Williamstown, Co. Westmeath.

Robert Thomas Leahy married a Mary Anne Somerville, daughter of Captain James Somerville, JP of Ross, in Killeagh, Co. Meath in March 1870.
(Notes on Captain James Somerville of Ross House, Co. Meath:  Mary Anne Somerville, who married Robert Thomas Leahy in 1870, was the daughter of Captain James Somerville and Mary Anne Clarke of Ross House.   Born in Meath in 1816, Captain James Somerville was the son of Sir James Somerville of Mount Nugent, Co, Meath, who died in 1837,  and the nephew of Sir Marcus Somerville.   Captain James Somerville of Ross House had two brothers, William and Marcus, and two sisters, Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Cruise.  
Captain James entered the army, serving with the 6th Dragoon Guards in Scotland between 1841 and 1844.  He met Mary Anne Clarke, the daughter of a sergeant major, and the couple had a child in Yorkshire in 1844.  He left the army in 1846 and returned to Ireland to Ross House, where the couple had several more children, all born before 1858.  
Captain James Somerville and Mary Anne Clarke only married in 1861 in Killeagh Church;  the census of 1851, which was later produced in court in 1905, stated, as filled out by Captain James himself, that he was 'not married';  he also named his daughter as Mary Anne Clarke, a visitor to the household. 
In 1905 the impoverished eldest son of Captain James Somerville and Mary Anne Clarke, James William Somerville, who was at this time in the workhouse, attempted in court to be named as the legitimate heir to his father's estate, instead of his first cousin William Cruise. The Somerville children had only learned of their illegitimacy six months previously.  The judge confirmed them as illegitimate and ruled that their father's estate would indeed pass to their relations and not to them. Information gleaned from 'Dublin Daily Express', 5th May 1905 and 'Belfast Weekly News', 6th July 1905.)

Robert and Marianne Leahy had a son,  John Gordon Leahy, at 25 Wentworth Place on 5th June 1871.   John Gordon Leahy would sort out the wills of  his grandparents John Pakenham Leahy and Dorcas Leahy of Williamstown who had died earlier in 1868.

 Following the death of Robert Thomas Leahy, his widow, Mary Anne Frances Leahy married the doctor John Lawler on 10th April 1880 in the Catholic Church at Carrick, Co. Cavan.

On 11th August 1902 in St. Peter's,  John Gordon Leahy, a commercial clerk in the confectionary industry, of 27 Ballybough Road, the son of Robert Thomas Leahy, married Maria Louisa Hughes of 33 Holles Streert, the daughter of a cabinet maker, Elijah Wesley Hughes, who was one of the witnesses at his daughter's wedding, along with a Samuel A. Scott.  (27 Ballybough Road, where the groom was living in 1902, was the home of the groom's uncle, the grocer Frederick George William Leahy.)

John Gordon Leahy and Maria Louisa Hughes moved with their family to Spondon, Derbyshire, where John Gordon Leahy died at 82 Willowcroft Road, Spondon, on 2nd May 1941.  The 'Derby Daily Telegraph' reported on his funeral in Ripley Cemetery - the chief mourners were his widow, his sons and daughters-in-law, Mrs. and Mrs.Wesley Gordon Leahy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leahy and Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Leahy.  His daughter was Mrs. Frederick Bradley, and his brother-in-law was P. Dillon whose son, Pat Dillon, also attended.
On 9th June 1930, Marion Leahy of Willowcroft Road, married Frederick Bradley of Alfred Street, Ripley.
In 1937 John Henry Leahy (1913 - 1987) had married Lavinia Cockayne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cokayne of 31 Willowcroft Road, in Shardlow, Derby.  Both were employees of 'British Celanese Ltd'.    The bridesmaids were Jessie Cokayne, Pamela West and Jean Bradley.  The groom's brother, Robert Leahy, was the best man; the honeymoon was spent in Ireland.  Mr. and Mrs. Leahy (née Cockayne) had a daughter in January 1939 at the Leahy family home of 82 Willowcroft Road, Spondon.
Wesley Gordon Leahy (12th December 1904 - 1982) married Marjorie Hallam in Derby in 1931.  In November 1935 at 47 Francis Street, they had a daughter - their home address was given as Drumcandra, Shropshire Avenue.
Robert Pakenham Leahy (1st September 1912 - 1978)  married Alice Annie Holmes in September 1937.   The 'Derby Daily Telegraph' covered the wedding.  Both the bride and groom were employees of 'British Celanese Ltd'.  Annie was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Holmes of 30 Coxon Street, Spondon, while Robert Leahy was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Leahy of 82 Willowcroft Road.  There were five bridesmaids - the bride's sister, Mary Holmes, and the bride's nieces Joyce Holmes and Dorothy Pratt.  The other two were the groom's nieces, Miss Jean Bradley and Miss Sheila Leahy.  The best man was the groom's brother, John Henry Leahy.
(All references from the 'Derby Daily Telegraph', via Find My Past.)

c) Frederick George William Leahy (born 1858), a grocer of 27 Ballybough Road, North Strand, Dublin, who married Hannah Mary Barber, daughter of watchmaker William F. Barber late of 4 Gibson Street, then of 43 South Castle Street, Liverpool.  This marriage occurred in the Mariners' Church in Kingstown, Co. Dublin, on 6th October 1886, and was witnessed by Johanna Barber and William F. Barber.   Their children were:
Ellen Dorcas Leahy born at 30 Upper Georges Street, Kingstown, on 17th April 1887.
Frederick George William Leahy, called George on the 1901 census, was born on 13th May 1889 at 28 Raymond Street.
Thomas Stratford Leahy at 27 Ballybough Road on 9th March 1891.
Frederica Gladys Leahy born circa 1900 at 27 Ballybough Road.

Frederick Leahy died on 25th January 1929 at 27 Ballybough Road - the funeral was conducted by Nicholls Funeral Directors. His death was registered by Charles Thompson of 33 Croydon Green, Fairview.

d) An Albert Pakenham Leahy (1859 - 1864) died in Granard.

John Adolphus Leahy (1842 - 1918) and Elizabeth Jane (Leahy) Rotheram (1830 - 1908):

John Adolphus Leahy was the son of John Packenham Leahy of Williamstown and of either Anne Stratford or of her sister Dorcas Stratford.

On 13th April 1866 in St. Kevin's, Dublin, John Adolphus Leahy, the eldest son of John Pakenham Leahy of Williamstown, Co. Westmeath, married Elizabeth Jane Leahy, who was the widow of the late Thomas Rotheram of Triermore, Co. Meath.

 'The Dublin Evening Mail' of 4th March 1862 tells the colourful story of Elizabeth Jane Leahy's first marriage to Thomas Rotheram (1793 - 1861), the son of George Rotheram. Thomas Rotheram had married previously in 1814 , his first wife being Maria Cox, the daughter of Rev. William Cox, the Vicar of Lusk, Co. Dublin - this couple had a son, William Rotheram who died aged 19 on 19th August 1853 and also two surviving children  - a daughter, Maria Rotheram who married Ferdinand McVeagh, the only son of Ferdinand McVeagh of Drewstown, Co. Meath, on 27th May 1847 in Athboy, and a son, Thomas Edward Rotheram who would later contest his stepmother, Elizabeth Jane Leahy's claim on his late father's will.

In May 1854 (other newspaper articles gave the date of their meeting as 1851) the married Thomas Rotheram had met Elizabeth Jane Leahy, then aged only 23 - apparently Thomas Rotheram would leave his horse at the home of Elizabeth Jane's father, Dr. James Leahy, who lived at Crover by the shores of Lough Sheelan, while he went fishing on the lough.  (Dr. James Leahy might be related to the Leahy family discussed in this post, since they also lived in this Cavan/Westmeath area, but this is not proven in any way.)
Thomas Rotheram and Elizabeth Jane Leahy eloped to Northern Ireland in May 1854, Thomas Rotheram abandoning his wife and children, then to the continent and finally to Mount Tallant in Roundtown, Co. Dublin.  Thomas's wife, née Cox, died in June 1858, and he immediately married  - in Dublin on 3rd June 1858 - Miss Leahy by whom he had already had three children.   Another report says that Thomas Rotheram had a severe case of cold feet immediately prior to the marriage to Miss Leahy and scarpered to Liverpool;  she persued him and persuaded him to return and go through with it.
Thomas Rotheram and Elizabeth Jane Leahy had three children together before the marriage in June 1858:
a) Eugenie Elizabeth Rotheram was born on 23rd April 1855 and married Henry Mowatt on 20th September 1880.  At the time of the wedding, the bride was living in Rahinderry, Athy, Co. Kildare, while Henry, son of Henry Mowatt, was at 29 Castlewood Avenue in Rathmines. The witnesses were William Mason and Johnston S. Ennis.
b) Emily Rotheram was born on 29th December 1857 - she married Frederick H. Harrison in 1894.
c) Catherine Wilhelmina Rotheram was born in 1858 and married John Moore Flood in 1881.

Thomas Rotheram and Elizabeth Jane Leahy had two further children following their marriage:
d) Mary Anne Rotheram (1859 - 1907) who married Arthur Bishop Orchard,
e) Thomasina Rotheram (1860 - 1894) who married Frederick Hadley in Kennington, Surrey on 28th March 1889.

As regards the contested will of Thomas Rotheram who died in Dublin on 21st October 1861, the courts found in favour of his son, Thomas Edward Rotheram.
(Notes on the children of Dr. James Leahy of Crover - In July 1871, J. W. Leahy, surgeon of HMS Duke of Wellington, died in Portsmouth, England, and was noted as the eldest son of Dr. James Leahy of Crover.  The daughter of James Leahy MD was Wilhelmina Kate Leahy who married Henry LLoyd Robinson of Robinstown, Co. Meath, on 4th July 1861.  Another child was Alfred Leahy who emigrated to Shapparton, Victoria, Australia, where his wife gave birth to a son on 9th December 1878.  The father, James Leahy MD, must have emigrated along with his son, since he died in Meredith, Victoria, on 27th May 1870.)

The story doesn't end there - on 13th April 1866 in St. Kevin's, Dublin, John Adolphus Leahy, the eldest son of John Pakenham Leahy of Williamstown, Co. Westmeath, married Elizabeth Jane Rotheram, née Leahy, the widow of the late Thomas Rotheram of Triermore, Co. Meath.   Both bride and groom gave their address as 28 Holles Street.
'Saunders Newsletter' of 24th November 1866 reported on a further law suit instigated by Mrs. Leahy against her husband.  The couple separated early in their marriage, John Adolphus Leahy going home to Westmeath to his father's residence. Elizabeth Jane immediately sold both their house and the furniture, which led to legal wrangling over money, but I'm unsure of the outcome in this case.
John Adolphus Leahy and Elizabeth Jane Rotheram must have settled their differences and reunited, or perhaps John married another member of the Rotharam family, since there were children born as a result.
Elizabeth Jane Leahy (1830 - 1908) died in Williamstown, Co. Westmeath aged 78 on 24th May 1908;  her son Stanley Rotheram Leahy of Williamstown, was present.

The children of John Adolphus Leahy and Elizabeth Jane Leahy/Rotheram were:

a) Stanley Rotheram Leahy (1868 - 12th October 1929) who was living with his father in  1911 in Williamstown.   The 'Cork Examiner' of 3rd February 1868 announced the birth of a son to a John A. Leahy on 27th January 1868 in Birchfields, St. Briavels,  Gloucestershire.  The birth of a Stanley Rotheram Leahy was registered in 1868 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

On 15th January 1914 in Ballymackeogh or Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan, Stanley Leahy, 43-yr-old farmer of Williamstown and son of John Leahy, married Elizabeth Leahy, aged 23, the daughter of publican and farmer John Leahy and Julia Wilton of Aughakilmore, Ballymachugh, Co. Cavan.  The witnesses were John and Matilda Leahy.
The couple had no children - Stanley died on 12th October 1929 and his wife, Elizabeth, died of influenza in Mullingar Mental Hospital on 24th January 1935, aged only 44.

b) Mabel  Langford Mills Leahy was born on 16th June 1870 in Finnea - she was baptised as Mabel Elizabeth Leahy.

Mabel Langford or Longford Mills Leahy, married a draper of Castlederg, Tyrone,
William Johnston Speer, son of a grocer Isaac Speer.  At the time of the wedding in St. George's on 28th May 1894, Mabel L.M. Leahy, noted in the 'Freemans' Journal' as the eldest daughter of John Leahy of Williamstown House, Finea, had been living at 27 Ballybough Road, her uncle Frederick George William Leahy's house.  The wedding witnesses were Frederick Leahy and Eliza Emma Barber.

William Johnston Speer and Mabel Langford Mills Leahy had two sons, William David George Langford Speer/aka Langford Speer who was born in Castlederg on 19th July 1895, and Percival Speer who was born in Castlederg on 6th January 1897 and who died of 'dentition', aged only 7 months, on  26th October 1897.

William Johnston Speer died shortly after on 12th August 1897. His will had been witnessed by his sister-in-law,  the governess Dorcas Elizabeth Leahy.

The widowed Mabel Speer, daughter of farmer John Lahy (sic), married again in Castlederg on 6th March 1901 to John Crawford, a widowed merchant of Main Street, Castlederg, the son of merchant Samuel Crawford, and was living there with him and her son Langford Speer in 1901. By 1911 the family has disappeared....

c) Dorcas Elizabeth Leahy was born 26th March 1873 in Williamstown.  She married, in Rathgar Catholic Church on 7th October 1901, Nicholas Mulvany, a victualler/butcher of  7 Duke Road, Summerhill, Dublin, the son of a farmer Nicholas Mulvany Senior.  Christopher Mulvanny and Kate Gill witnessed the 1901 wedding.
By 1911 they had children - Nicholas John Mulvany was born at 1 Duke Row on 27th July 1902 but died of tonsillitis on 6th December 1909, Elizabeth Mary Mulvany, aka Lilly, was born at 1 Duke Row on 11th August 1903, Charles Patrick Mulvany was born at 71 Summerhill on 19th March 1907, Norman was born at 71 Summerhill on 19th March 1908, Dorcas Maria was born there on 19th May 1909 and a second Nicholas Mulvany was born at 71 Summerhill on 8th August 1910.

Butcher Nicholas Mulvany died at 71 Summerhill on 28th October 1931, and his son, Charles Patrick Mulvany was in attendance.  The widowed Dorcas Elizabeth Mulvany died at 71 Summerhill on 15th September 1956 - the informant was her son, Norman Mulvany, now of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow.

d) John Robert Henry Leahy born 8th March 1875, a butcher of Rathmines, who married Rose Marion Leahy in St. Matthias's on 23rd March 1901.  At the time of the wedding he was living at 10 Charlotte Street, while the bride, who was the daughter of commercial traveller Richard Pratt, was at 3 Eldon Terrace, South Circular Road.   The witnesses were the groom's brother, Frederick Leahy, and the bride's married sister, Amy Holland.

John Robert Leahy proved the will of his father, John (Adolphus) Leahy  of Williamstown House, Finea, Granard, near Moate, Co. Westmeath, who died there on 2nd July 1918.

Butcher, John Leahy and Rose Marion Pratt lived at 12 Coulson Avenue in Rathmines and can be traced through the Dublin electoral lists from 1939 onwards. They were joined later by a daughter, Dorothy Rosemary Leahy, who had been born on 8th August 1912 at 12 Coulson Avenue; a Dorothy R. Leahy died in 1949.   A second daughter was Amy Leahy, who had been born on 11th February 1904, and who appeared in the 1911 census along her brother John (Frederick) Leahy who would later marry Lilian Kathleen Emily Stewart, and who had been born on 30th January 1906 at 10 Charlotte Street.

The sister of Rose Marion Pratt, Amy Pratt, married the publisher's assistant Vincent Ernest Holland in Wandsworth, London, in  1890, and was living in Dublin in 1901, before settling in Wales.

Lilian Kathleen E. Leahy, the daughter of Joseph Stewart, died on 17th September 1990 in Derby, Derbyshire, but was buried in St. Luke's, Cork.  I'm indebted to Caroline Steele of Belfast, a descendant of the Leahys of Aughakilmore, for sending me the Leahy grave photos.  Lilian's husband, John Frederick, or Jack, Leahy, chemist, died on 21st June 1963.  The couple lived at Pic Du Jer Park in Cork, and had at least two children, Daphne who died on 7th April 1985 and Jack who died on 19th December 2009.

On the Dublin Electoral Lists for 1939/1940, Lilian Leahy's parent, Joseph and Sarah Kate Stewart, were still living at 33 Grosvenor Road.

Joyce Audrey Wheeler Stewart, known as Audrey, youngest daughter of Joseph and Sarah Kate Stewart, married Ernest Walter Hall, an accountant of Sevenoaks, Inchicore, the son of engineer Ernest John Hall, on 25th January 1940. The witnesses were F. Jebb Key and Gerard O'Hare. The wedding, which took place in Holy Trinity, Rathmines, was covered by the 'Weekly Irish Times'. Mr. Ernest W. Hall was of Paston, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, the only son of E. J. Hall. Miss Tommy Kerr was the bridesmaid on the day while the best man was Gerard O'Hare, and the groomsman was a Leslie Hyde.  The couple were to honeymoon in London before moving to live in Paris. Germany invaded and took over the city from the 14th of June 1940, so they must have left France shortly beforehand.
Ernest Walter Hall of Dublin passed his intermediate accountancy exams in July 1928.  In 1941, three men were accused in court of trying to bribe Ernest Walter Hall of the Supplies Department of the Board of Trade in London.
Later that same year he was living in Belfast, working as the regional accountant for the Board of Trade there.
The papers recorded the births of three children to Audrey Stewart and Ernest Walter Hall.  On 13th December 1942 at Park Nursing Home, a son was born to Audrey and Ernest W. Hall of 38 Marlborough Park South.   A second child was born there on 13th December 1943 - the gender of the baby was illegible thanks to the fading of the newsprint.  The couple also had a premature daughter who only survived a few hours;  she was born on 3rd November 1946 in Leinster Nursing Home, Dublin, but the family address was noted in the papers as 57 Marlborough Park South, Belfast.

Joseph Stewart, commercial traveller of 33 Grosvenor Road died, aged 81, on 17th March 1956 at The Rest, Camden Row.  His wife, Sarah Kate died later in 1974. Both were buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery :
'Sarah Kate Stewart, died February 9th 1974, wife of Joseph Stewart of 33 Grosvenor Road, Rathmines.'

Emily Stewart was born in Belfast in about 1862, prior to civil registration.
Louisa Stewart was born in Killyleagh in about 1863.
Mary Elizabeth was born on 26th Augusst 1870 in Killyleagh, Co. Down.
Catherine was born on 13th March 1874 at Saul Street, Downpatrick, Co. Down.

The four daughters of Joseph Stewart and Elizabeth Madine, Emilly 48, Louisa 47, Mary 40 and Catherine 37,  were all unmarried in 1911 and living together in a house named 'Cremona' on Church Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. The house had 12 rooms which was spacious for the time ; Emily and Louisa were working as dressmakers.  Before this, in 1907, the street directories record 'The Misses Stewart, dressemakers, 1 + 2 East Essex Street' in Dublin city.
Catherine, the youngest daughter, witnessed the wedding of her brother, John Stewart, and his wife, Mabel McKenzie, in Monkstown Church in 1905.
In 1914, the sisters were once again recorded as dressmakers of East Essex Street in Temple Bar.
By 1935, they were living in DunLaoghaire at 9 Clarinda Park - their brother, John Stewart, had lived for many years at No.6 Clarinda Park.

My father remembers meeting his elderly aunts and recalls that they were absolutely tiny! Their last known address was Glenomeena Cottage at Galloping Green, Leopardstown, South Dublin.  The four sisters travelled to Philadelphia in 1914 to visit their paternal cousin, Jane Orr (née Stewart, the daughter of their uncle William) and her husband James A. Orr.

The sisters' deaths are recorded:

Emily Jane Stewart died aged 62 of cardiac failure and pernicious anaemia at 11 Clarinda Park West, Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin, on 10th May 1924  - her younger sister, Catherine Stewart of the same address, was the informant.

Louisa Helen Stewart of Glenomena Cottage, Stillorgan Road, died aged 87 on 12th June 1951 - my father remembers visiting two of his elderly aunts at this address when he was a very young child.

Mary Elizabeth Stewart died aged 75 at Glenomena Cottage on 12th December 1945 of heart disease, her sister Catherine being present at the death.

Catherine Stewart died on 5th April 1957 aged 85 in St. Kevin's Hospital of cardiac failure.  At the time of her death, she was living with her brother and sister-in-law, Joseph Stewart and Sarah Kate Barton at 33 Grosvenor Road. (Dublin City Electoral Lists.)

John Stewart was born on 12th April 1872 at 8 Roundhill Street, Co. Down.
John Stewart married Mabel McKenzie on August 2nd 1905 in Monkstown Church. Both John and his father, Joseph Stewart, were listed as commercial travellers - John's father, Joseph, would die in 1908, his mother, Elizabeth Madine, had already passed away in 1901. John was still living at home at 18 Goldsmith Street at the time of his marriage.
Mabel Grace McKenzie was the daughter of Thomas Jackson McKenzie and Frances Hampton. She had been born and christened as Elizabeth Mabel McKenzie at 55 Great Brunswick Street (now called Pearse Street) on 21st January 1878.  In 1901 she was living at 3.2 Clarinda Park East, Dunlaoghaire, in the apartment of her aunt, Mary Anne Hampton, who seemed to own several properties in the street. On Mabel's marriage certificate, she lists her address as No. 6 Clarinda Park East.  Her father, Thomas McKenzie, is listed as a clerk but Mabel's family is absent from the 1901 Census and I can find no trace of them anywhere.
John and Mabel's daughter, Eileen Gladys Stewart, was born Sept. 17th 1906 (although they didn't actually register the birth till 1918) and they gave their address as 6 Clarinda Park. John Stewart was still working as a commercial traveller.
The family were still at this address in 1911.

A son, William Jackson Stewart, was born to the couple at 6 Clarinda Park on 19th September 1909 but died one week later on 26th September 1909.

The passenger lists show that, in 1920, the family were recorded as passengers on board The Megantic of the White Star Line which had sailed from Montreal to Liverpool, arriving in England on October 24th.  On the passenger lists, John Stewart was noted as a commercial traveller, aged 48;  his wife, Mrs. Stewart, was 44 and a housewife.  Their daughter, known simply as Gladys, was 14, while Norman Stewart was 4 years old.  A third son is revealed - Donald Stewart, aged 5.
( Donald MacKenzie Stewart was born at 6 Clarinda Park, Dublin, on 4th December 1912.)
Earlier in 1920 the manifest of the same vessel, the 'Megantic', recorded John Stewart heading out to Canada - the purpose of his visit was to visit his brother, Mr. Stewart, who was staying with John's brother-in-law, Wm. McKenzie of Ottawa, and his next-of-kin at home in Ireland was named as his brother, Robert, of Edenvale Rd.  William MacKenzie's address was 115 Bank St., Ottawa.
The manifest of the 'Megantic' reveals that the Stewart family were as yet unsure whether they were going to stay permanently in Canada.   The name of John's brother was only given as 'Mr. Stewart' and must have been his younger brother, Joseph, who lived at Grosvenor Rd., Rathmines - Joseph must have been visiting the MacKenzies, but he too returned to Dublin later.

John and Mabel Stewart lived at 6 Clarinda Park until the late 1920s - by 1930, the family were living at 4 Upper Prince Edward Terrace in Blackrock.
Their second son, Norman Hampton Stewart, was born 26th June 1916. He later married Olive May Siggins on May 9th 1942.  Norman was a 26-yr-old doctor; he gave his address as Mount Estoriel, Newtown Park, Blackrock presumably the family home in 1942.  John Stewart, his father, was now working as a manufacturer's agent.
Olive May Siggins was the daughter of a deceased farmer, George Siggins, of Newtown, Lissadel, Co. Sligo.

Norman Hampton Stewart was a medical man and appears frequently in the UK Medical Registers (, the earliest entry appearing in 1941, when he gave his address as 24 Newtownpark Avenue, the family home in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. His qualifications show him to have been a surgeon - M.B. - who had studied at the University of Dublin.
In the early 1950s he moved to Rye in Sussex where his address was noted as Chequer, East Street.
At some stage, Norman's first wife, Olive May Siggins, died, and he remarried. His second wife was Margaret Glynne Bowen who had been born on 9th March 1921 in Bexhill, Sussex, to Caswell Glynne Bowen (1889 - 1963) and to Margaret McMillan (born 1889).
The couple emigrated to Oregon where Norman Hampton Stewart died at Saltspring Island, aged 84, on June 7th 2001.   Earlier, a passenger list recorded him arriving by boat at Seattle on 6th August 1858 - his destination was listed as Hospital Drive, Pendleton, Oregon.
Margaret, his wife, died there on 23rd November 2008.

From Deansgrange Cemetary:
'In memory of Mary Anne Hampton, died March 17th 1905, age 70. William Jackson Stewart, grandnephew, died Sept. 26th 1909, age 1 week and her brother, John Hampton, died Nov. 28th 1916, age 73, also her niece, Mabel G. Stewart, died March 6 1946, aged 64. John Stewart died Feb. 27 1954, aged 81 years.'

John Stewart, a retired commercial traveller of 14 Rosehill, Newtownpark, Blackock, died aged 81 on 27th February 1954 and was buried in Deansgrange Cemetery.  Following the earlier death of his wife, Mabel Grace, in 1946, he had remarried - his death registration notes his second wife as Eveleen W. Stewart of 14 Rosehill, Newtownpark.

She was Evelyn Nora O'Beirne, who had been born on 24th September 1883 to porter Andrew O'Beirne and his wife, Catherine Sharkey, of 12 Summerhill, Dublin.  She married the widowed John Stewart in 1950, and died a widow in St. John's, Merrion, on 8th November 1962.

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