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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Hampton Family of Dublin

Mabel Grace McKenzie was the wife of John Stewart, who was the son of Joseph Stewart, ironmonger of Down and Dublin.

Her parents were Thomas Jackson McKenzie and Frances Hampton. Thomas McKenzie and Frances Hampton married in St. Bartholomew's Church, Clyde Road, on August 16th 1872. Thomas, the Mayo-born son of Thomas and Sarah McKenzie, gave his profession as a warehouseman living at 17 Grafton Street which was the premises of Brown & Thomas Ltd., Ireland's leading drapery store.
Frances' father was William Hampton a merchant of 113 Haddington Road, South Dublin. The witnesses were a Margaret O'Brien and Frances' brother Henry Hampton.

Frances Hampton had three recorded brothers and one sister. Her sister was Mary Anne Hampton who owned property in Dunlaoghaire, formerly called Kingstown.  Mabel McKenzie was living with this aunt at the time of her marriage to John Stewart in 1905 and the young couple spent the early years of their marriage living in one of her apartments. Mary Anne died shortly before their marriage in 1905 - she had been born in 1835.
Mary Anne Hampton died 17th March 1905 at 6 Clarinda Park, DunLaoghaire, the home of her niece, Mabel Grace McKenzie and her husband John Stewart.

Henry Hampton (1846 - 1920) and Celine/Seline Desanges:
Henry Hampton,  Frances' brother, married Seline Desanges who was living at the time of the marriage in 1876 close to Newry in Co. Down.

They lived for a time with Thomas and Frances McKenzie on Great Brunswick Street , modern-day Pearse Street, and were there for the birth of one of their children, Florence Blanche Hampton, in 1879;  this daughter would die a few years later in September 1884.

They also had William Henry Hampton in Dublin on 17th February 1881.

In 1888 the couple emigrated to Canada, and were living in Ottawa in 1891. The census showed that Henry was working as a hotel waiter.  There were two children - Will born  17th February 1881, and Blanche born on 9th July 1886.
They settled in Montreal and were there for the 1901 census. This showed that Celeane Hampton had been born in France on 12th February 1856;  Henry Hampton's date of birth was given as 4th November 1846.  A daughter Blanche Hampton had been born in Ireland on 9th July 1886, two years before their emigration.

Son William Henry Hampton (he called himself Harry Hampton or William Harry Hampton) married Elizabeth Sarah Castell on 16th January 1899 in Quebec.  This was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. Miller.   The couple had a son, Wilfred John Hampton, who was born on 16th August 1905, possibly in New Jersey, but who was baptised later in Knox Presbyterian Church, Montreal, in 1917.
A Canadian passenger list of 1910 captured Celine Hampton sailing from Liverpool to Montreal along with her grandchild, Wilford, aged 5, who had been born in Canada.
William Henry Hampton moved at some stage to work in the textile industry in New Jersey - the 1930s US census shows him living in Millville, Cumberland, New Jersey.   He was a widow, his wife, Elizabeth Sarah Castell having died in 1930 - she was buried in Valleyfield Cemetery, Quebec. The census tells us that William Henry Hampton had emigrated to the US in 1921, so presumably his wife had been brought home to Canada for burial.    In 1930, William Henry Hampton was 49 and still at work in a cotton mill.
He was living with his son, William, aged 26, who had been born in 1904 in New Jersey - was this the child who had been born in 1905 and baptised in Canada as Wilfred John Hampton in 1917?  William was newly-married;   his wife was Flora Fredrica Brecht, who had been born on 5th July 1907 to Lewis Frederick Brecht and Bertha Lizzie Field.
In 1934, William J. Hampton and wife Flora had had a daughter, Shirley Hampton, in New Jersey. Wife Flora died on 19th June 1991.

William Harry Hampton was drafted for the Second World War,  Born 17th February 1881, he was living at the time at 2 Newcombtown Road, Millville, Cumberland, New Jersey.  He gave his neighbour, Mrs. Walter Wallace, as a person who would always know him at that address. He was employed by the Jersey Package Company of Millville.
He survived the war and died on 19th March 1966 in Millville, New Jersey.

Blanche Desanges Hampton, the daughter of Henry Hampton and Celine Desanges, who had been born in Dublin on 9th July 1886, and who had emigrated aged two in 1888 with her parents and older brother, married on 5th July 1905.  Her spouse was William Thomas Moon, a professor of shorthand. Both bride and groom were living in 1905 in Westmount, Quebec, and were Presbyterian. The witnesses were Blanche's parents, Henry and Celine Hampton.
Blanche and her Canadian-born husband, William Thomas Moon, moved to Manhattan in 1910 where William worked as a teacher of business studies.  I can find no records on Ancestry of any children.  They lived at 68 W. 58th St. where Blanche applied for citizenship on 11th December 1953.   She would die in New York in November 1982.

A retired hotel manager, her father, Henry Hampton, died on 3rd September 1920 at 366 Haigh Avenue, Montreal - his son, William Henry Hampton registered the death.  I can find no record of Celine Desange Hampton's death, but the New Jersey Directory notes her as the widow of Harry Hampton  in Newcombtown Road, Millville in 1924.  Her son and grandson, Harry Hampton and William Hampton, both textile workers, were both noted at the same address of Newcombtown Road, Millville.

But back to Frances Hampton of Dublin...
Another of Frances' brothers, Samuel Hampton, was a butler who later ran a boarding house in Dunlaoghaire.  He married Mary Gamble, the daughter of John Gamble a steward of Co. Armagh, in 1864. Samuel's father, William Hampton, was at that time listed as a servant also but appears as a merchant on his daughter Frances' marriage certificate eight years later. Both Samuel and Mary were living in separate houses in Mountjoy Square at the time of their marriage;  the witnesses were a William McCabe and Samuel's brother John Hampton.  The couple had two children - Elizabeth Hampton was born at Mountjoy Square on 6th August 1866, and Samuel Henry Hampton was born at 4 Merrion Square on 3rd June 1875.
The son, Samuel Henry, called himself the simpler Henry Hampton, and settled in Adelaide Street, Kingstown. He married, on 30th August 1899, Elizabeth Goode, the daughter of John Goode, a military man.
Elizabeth Goode had been born on 25th March 1866 at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, Hampshire to John Goode and Jane Martin.  Both parents were Irish - John Goode had been born in about 1827 in Westmeath, while his wife, Jane Martin, had been born circa 1830, also in Westmeath.  In 1869 the couple had a son, Robert Goode, in Chatham, UK.  A second son, George Goode, was born in about 1866 in Waterford, Ireland. Along with Elizabeth, who later married Henry Hampton in 1899,  two daughters were born to John and Jane in Parkhurst, Isle of Wight - Marguerite Hannah Goode was baptised on 24th March 1864, and Ann Jane Goode on 31st August 1862.  (A Margaret Goode married Frederick Langley in Waterford in 1885.)  In 1901,  the elderly John and Jane Goode were living at Waterside, Waterford.

At the time of the marriage of Henry Hampton and Elizabeth Goode,  the groom was living at 6 Adelaide St., but 2 years later they had moved to 1 Adelaide St, and had a son, William Henry Hampton.
In 1911, Henry's father, Samuel Hampton, a retired butler, was living on the same street at 3.1 Adelaide St, with his wife Mary, née Gamble.  The census states that they had three children and two survived.

Henry's sister, Elizabeth Hampton, the daughter of Samuel Hampton and Mary Gamble, married John James Atkinson in 1894.  He had been born on 17th December 1867 to a ship steward James Samuel Atkinson, and to Maryanne Hayward.  John's parents had married in St. Mark's on 19th September 1865. James Samuel Atkinson was a steward on the mail steamer and lived in Kingston/DunLaoghaire;  he had been born in Wexford to a house steward, Edward Atkinson.  His wife, Maryanne Hayward was the Birmingham-born daughter of a steward, George Edward Hayward.   The witnesses were a John Hayward and a Robert Massy.

Elizabeth Hampton and John James Atkinson were living in 1911 at 5 Adelaide Street, Kingstown, a few doors down from Elizabeth's parents, Samuel Hampton and Mary Gamble.

From Deansgrange Cemetary:
  'In loving memory of my dear husband, Samuel Hampton, who died 3rd October 1918 aged 75 years. Forever with the Lord. Also of Mary Hampton beloved wife of above who died 2nd November 1925 aged 80 years. Blessed are they who put their trust in the Lord, Father in thy gracious keeping, leave we now our loved ones sleeping, and also of Elizabeth Hampton who fell asleep 7th February 1939. My peace I give unto you. Also Henry Hampton husband of Elizabeth Hampton, called home 25th July 1944. Abide with me.'

John Hampton (1844 - 1916) was another son of William Hampton, and brother to Frances Hampton, Mary Anne Hampton and Samuel Hampton.  He avoided documentation for the most part.  He made a will, however, and died on 28th November 1916;  this showed that he was living at 1 Adelaide Street, Kingstown/DunLaoghaire in 1916.   He died at 6 Clarinda Park, Dunlaoghaire, the home of John Stewart, who was married to his niece, Mabel Grace.  His will was proved by his nephew Samuel Henry Hampton and by John Stewart, gentleman.
John Hampton had earlier witnessed the marriages of his brother, Samuel Hampton to Mary Gamble in 1864, and of his nephew,  Samuel Henry Hampton to Elizabeth Goode in 1899, so he must have been floating about somewhere.

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