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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Reid Wilson and Agnes Levelet/Lavalade of Donaghcloney

Our paternal grandmother was Agnes Keating Wilson of Belfast, Co. Down, who was the great-granddaughter of Reid Wilson and Agnes Levelet/Lavalade of Ballygunaghan townland near Donaghcloney, Co. Down.

The Agnes Lavelet who married Reid Wilson was possibly the Agnes Lavelet who was baptised by Peter and Mary Lavelet of Donacloney on 28th January 1801;  if not, then she was a member of this same family.

Reid Wilson,  the husband of Agnes Lavelet/Lavalade, was born about 1797 and died a widower in Ballymagarahan, the home of his son, on 2nd September 1881 - a John McKinley was present when he died.

Reid Wilson appeared on the Tithe Applotments Lists of 1834 farming 4 acres in Ballygunaghan - the tithe books for the Donaghcloney area show up no other members of the Wilson family.  Reid Wilson and Agnes Levelet would already have married by that point.

You can also see Reid Wilson on Griffiths Valuation of 1864 - he was leasing 15 acres from the Marquis of Downshire and subletting a house to a Richard Brown.  (The Brown family repeat, which can signify intermarriage - the son of Reid and Agnes, Edward Wilson, was leasing a house in Banoge, Donaghcloney, from a John Brown, who might be the same John Brown who witnessed the marriage of Reid and Agnes' daughter, Sarah, to William John Moore in 1850.)
Reid Wilson was also leasing a a second farm of 10 acres (three fields) from the landlord John Morrison in Moygannon south of Ballygunaghan.  This may very well be Reid Wilson Junior, of course.

(Of possible interest - only three fields away in 1864, a George Wilson was renting a house from William Skelton who was, in turn, leasing land from the Marquis of Downshire.   George Wilson, the son of  Thomas Wilson,  later married Sarah Jane Whiteside but died young in 1868, leaving a will which stated he was a grocer and pawnbroker of Ballygunaghan, but previously of Banbridge  - the profession of grocer seemed to run in the Wilson family, but it's unlcear whether this George Wilson was a relation of ours.  I think he is.....Proni have recently published the Griffiths Valuation revision books online, which allow you to study the change in land ownership throughout the years.   The 1866 - 1875 Donaghcloney records show that Reid Wilson's 10-acre holding in Moygannon was subsequently farmed by a John Thompson.
The records for Ballygunaghan are more telling.  Reid Wilson's holding of five acres in Ballygunaghan was taken over by his son-in-law, Samuel Finlay, for a time, but, by 1875 - 1885, he had disappeared and had been replaced by a Samuel McCreanon.   The 1866 - 1875 revision book shows that a house on this property, previously leased by Reid Wilson in 1863, to a Richard Brown, was now being held by James Wilson.   The 1875 - 1885 book shows that this same James was now farming the 5-acre farm.
I had believed this James Wilson of Ballygunaghan to be one of the sons of Reid Wilson of Ballygunaghan, but the wonderful release of many of the Irish civil registration records onto the internet in September 2016 set me straight.   James George Wilson was born on 9th December 1868 in Ballygunaghan to the grocer, George Wilson, and to Sarah Jane Whiteside.   George Wilson, as already stated above, was the son of a Thomas Wilson.

An older James Wilson of Ballygunaghan later married Olivia Symington on 9th November 1882 in Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church. He was a merchant of Donacloney, and was named as the son of a farmer George Wilson. The witnesses were Marian Symmington and William Smith.
From the Belfast Telegraph:  'Wilson - Symmington - November 9th, in the Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church by the Rev. T.Y. Killen, Moderator of the General Assembly, assisted by the Rev. James Wilson, Ballydown,  James Wilson, Blackscull House, Dromore, to Olivia Symmington, daughter of Samuel Symmington, Ballyoran House, Dundonald.'

In both 1901 and 1911, James Wilson and his wife, Olivia, were living in Ballygunaghan.  James had been born in Down in about 1840, and was a farmer's merchant.   The name 'Whiteside' keeps on creeping into the Wilson history - staying with James and Olivia in 1901 was a boarder from Antrim, the shop assistant, Sarah Jane Whiteside, aged 21.  There was also a visitor, James Thompson, aged 21, a college student and Methodist from Tyrone.  Later, James and Olivia gave their religion as Methodist. This time, the couple had a visitor, William Johnstone Hunter, a young Methodist theological student from Belfast, staying with them.  They gave their profession as farmers, rather than weavers, in 1911.)

Reid Wilson and Agnes Lavelet/Lavalade's children were baptised in Donacloney First Presbyterian Church:

1)  Mary Anne Wilson, baptised 30th September 1827.  On March 24th 1845, she married Samuel Finlay in Donacloney 1st Presbyterian;  the witnesses were a John McDowell and her father or brother, Reid Wilson.  The couple had two registered children - Moses Finlay was born in Donacloney to the land steward Samuel Finlay and to Mary Anne Wilson on 16th October 1864, and Eliza Jane Finlay was born in Banbridge on 21st March 1868.  Samuel Finlay farmed his father-in-law's small farm in Ballygunaghan for a while prior to 1875.

On 16th August 1887 in Townsend Street Church in Belfast, pawnbroker Moses Finlay, the son of land steward Samuel Fulton, married Sarah Johnston the daughter of the missionary Samuel Johnston.   This was witnessed by Lizzie Johnston and Robert Curley.
Later a draper of the Falls Road, Moses Finlay died at 457 McAlinden Terrace on 25th September 1900;  his will left his house to his wife, Sarah, and financial legacies to his two elder daughters, Gertrude and Florence Mary Finlay.  Florence had been born on 12th May 1891 at 43 Avoca Street.

The wife and some of the children of Moses Finlay were buried in Belfast City Cemetery in grave B295.  Sarah Finlay, the widow of Moses Finlay, died at 105 University Avenue aged 63 on 15th November 1928;  son Samuel Leslie Finlay, who had been born at 157 Falls Road to the draper Moses Finlay and to Sarah Johnston, died aged 23 at 81 Chadwick Street on 14th May 1924;   Albert Ernest Finlay died aged 34 on 3rd November 1931, while a grandson, Harold Leslie Finlay, died on 21st February 1929 aged only one and a half years.

2) Sarah Wilson baptised by Reid Wilson and Agnes Lavalade on August 15th 1830.  She married, firstly William John Moore whose father was a weaver of Kilsorrell, William Moore. The marriage took place in Donaghcloney 1st Presbyterian on 24th April 1850, and the witnesses were John Browne and Nicholas Boyle of Balloonigan, Moira.

Sarah Wilson married, secondly, John Whiteside, the son of Samuel Whiteside of Loughans, just south of Gilford,  on 24th May 1862.

(The Whiteside family of Loughans were good at making wills.  Moses Whiteside, who was farming immediatley next door to Samuel Whiteside in Loughans in the 1860's, made his will in 1877 and left everything to his two children, Moses and Mary Jane Whiteside.  He ends the document sweetly...'And now my dear children, I have disposed of my lands and chattels among you to the best of my judgement, and I have made it as plain as possible so there need be no mistake, and it is my most earnest wishes that you live in peace and harmony together...remembering that the fashion of this world passeth away...'
Moses Whiteside's daughter, Mary Jane, died and left her own will in 1888, in which she mentioned her cousin, James Wilson, a merchant of Belfast, along with a second cousin, the minister William Waddell of Knappagh, and a deceased uncle, James McClelland.   The witness was William Whiteside. Her brother, Moses, was also named. He died in 1916, and his will was probated by the gospel preacher, Robert Whiteside
It is worth mentioning that there was a healthy cluster of Wilsons living in the townland of Loughans alongside the Whiteside family, but, again, it's not clear if these were related to our Ballygunaghan family.
The James Wilson, who was a cousin of Mary Jane Whiteside, seems to have been born in 1869 in Waringstown to Esther Whiteside, the daughter of David Whiteside, and to her husband, John Wilson, the son of William Wilson.  Griffiths Valuation of 1864 shows a William Wilson Junior and a William Wilson Senior in Loughans, so it would seem logical to assume that this is the Wilson family involved here, rather than our own.   In 1901 and 1911,  this John Wilson and Essie Whiteside, were living in Ballydugan, Gilford, which is next to Loughans, just south of Donaghcloney.

Sarah Wilson and John Whiteside had a daughter, Agnes Whiteside, in Ballygunaghan on 14th November 1865.

John Whiteside and Sarah Wilson had a son, Joseph Whiteside, also in Ballygunaghan on 24th April 1869.  On 14th October 1892 in Dromore Parish Church, Joseph Whiteside, son of the Ballygunaghan weaver, John Whiteside, married Diana Beattie/Beatty of Drumskee, Dromore. The witnesses were what seems to be Derek Gamble and Lizzie Gibson. Diana Beatty was the daughter of William Beatty and Margaret Anne Gibson, and had been born in nearby Dromore town on 17th June 1872.
Joseph and Diana Whiteside were living in Ballygunaghan, Donaghcloney in both 1901 and 1911 with their family.  Joseph was a damask-weaver.
Joseph Whiteside, the grandson of Reid Wilson and Agnes Lavalade, died in Ballygunaghan on 25th April 1935;  probate of his will was granted to his widow, Diana, and to his son, the weaver Samuel Whiteside.

The children of Joseph Whiteside and Diana Beattie were:
a) Margaret Sarah Whiteside, born in Ballygunaghan on 17th July 1894.  On 28th November 1919 in Waringstown, she married a bleacher, James Adair, the son of John Adair.  Joseph Whiteside and Clara Adair witnessed this wedding.
b) Joseph Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 24th  February 1897.
c) William Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 15th February 1899.  A weaver of Blackskull, Ballygunaghan, on 5th September 1919 in Donaghcloney, he married Mary Jane Finlay of Moygannon, the daughter of a blacksmith William John Finlay.  There were four witnesses - Hugh and Elizabeth Scott, Thomas W. Moore and Aggie/Agnes Whiteside.
d) Agnes Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 21st April 1901. She married a weaver, Thomas William Moore of Tullynacross, the son of Alexander Moore.  They married in Waringstown on 25th June 1920;  the wedidng witnesses were Lizzie Moore and William Wilson.
e) Diana Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 19th May 1903 - she died of pnuemonia on 8th March 1905.
f) Samuel Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 2nd April 1906.
g) Isabella Whiteside was born in Ballygunaghan on 18th August 1911.

3) William Wilson, baptised March 31st 1833, married Elizabeth Matchet, the daughter of Samuel Matchet,  in Tullylish on 5th August 1859.

This couple had seven children, born in the Dromore area, although, by 1911 only four were living:
Elizabeth/Lizzie Wilson, born circa 1865 - alive in 1911.
Samuel Reid Wilson, born 7th September 1866 Kinallen; his father was a merchant at this time.
Margaret Wilson, born 24th August 1877 in Kinallen to linen manufacturer and merchant, William Wilson.
William Wilson born in Kinallen on 14th December 1880.
Hugh George Wilson, born Kinallen on 1st September 1881.

Elizabeth Matchett's father, Samuel Matchet (or Matchett), appeared on Griffiths Valuation of 1863, living in Drumaran townland near Gilford, south of Donaghcloney.   Also in this Tullylish area were members of the Cloughley family, ie. Robert and James Cloughley -  a Susanna Cloaghley witnessed the marriage of Edward Wilson and Elizabeth Hynds in Dromore in 1865.
Samuel Matchett was still living in Drumaran townland, Tullylish, in 1901, a farmer aged 88 who had been born in Co. Armagh.  With him was an unmarried daughter, Margaret Matchett, aged 51, and a 13-yr-old granddaughter, Florence Calder.  (10 years later, Florence Mabel Calder was living at home with her widowed mother, Sarah Jane Calder, née Matchet, at 237 Roden St, Belfast, along with a sister, Sarah Isabella Calder, and a visitor, her aunt, Margaret Matchett. Sarah Jane Calder, in her 37 years of marriage, had had 18 children, although only 6 survived.)  There was also a visitor to Samuel Matchett's house in Drumaran, Tullylish in 1901 - Lizzie Wilson, aged 35, the daughter of William Wilson and Elizabeth Matchett of Kinallen.

From The Belfast Telegraph - Samuel J. Matchett, youngest son of the late Samuel Matchett of Drummarin, Gilford, Co. Down, died at Sandown, Isle of Wight, on 25th February 1903.

I traced the younger Lizzie/Elizabeth Wilson ten years later on the 1911 Census, living with her mother, Elizabeth Wilson, aged 71 (née Matchett), who was the widow of William Wilson and who was living in Kinallen, a few miles east of Dromore.  The return mentions that she had 4 living children somewhere, the younger Lizzie Wilson being one of them.  Her son, Hugh Wilson, aged 28, was also present.
 Earlier, in 1901, the head of the household, William Wilson, was still alive in Kinallen, and working as a grocer and general merchant; he had been born in Kinallen, Co. Down, not Ballygunaghan. However, he most likely filled out the return incorrectly, filling in his current address rather than place of birth.  In 1901, the other two children of William Wilson and Elizabeth Matchett were also present in the house - Margaret, aged 23, and William Wilson, aged 21.

William Wilson, (son of Reid Wilson and Agnes Lavalade) of Kinallen, died there on 27th January 1908; he was a grocer and spirit merchant, and the will was granted to his widow, Elizabeth Wilson, née Matchett, who died later in Kinallen on 10th December 1912.  Her will was granted to her son the grocer Hugh George Wilson.  Present at Elizabeth Wilson's death in Kinallen in 1912 was a neighbour, Maggie Creighton of Kinallen.

The Griffiths Valuation Revision books show William Wilson leasing about ten acres of land in Kinallen from the Bell family in the 1870's;  the books for 1912 to 1929 show his widow, Elizabeth Wilson, crossed out and replaced by a Jack Jones.  Also present there in Kinallen in the 1920s were Joseph and Robert Wilson - this Robert Wilson had replaced a Robert McGregor who, in his turn, had replaced a William Bell.

4) John Wilson was baptised on June 11th 1837.

5) Joseph Wilson, mentioned later in his brother Reid's will, was baptised in Donacloney on September 8th 1839.
 A commercial traveller anf grocer, he married Frances MacCartney, the daughter of Andrew MacCartney of Ballykeel, in Moira Presbyterian Church on 30th July 1866.  Their witnesses were Mark Shanks and Margaret Garner.
Joseph was present at his brother Edward Wilson's death in 1878 at 121 Hilland Street, Belfast.
 Joseph Wilson died of TB at 30 Foundry Street in Belfast on 23rd January 1883;  his widow, Frances, was present.

Joseph and Frances MacCartney had a son, William Reid Wilson, born 16th November 1874. At the time of this child's birth, Joseph Wilson was a salesman with an address at Church Street, Dromore, Co. Down, while the mother, Frances Wilson, née M'Cartney, was living at 91 Vernon Street, Belfast. In December 1874, Joseph Wilson of 91 Vernon Street, Belfast, placed an advertisement in the Belfast Newsletter, seeking an assistant to the tea, wine and spirit trade 'for a country town', possibly Dromore.

In his brother Reid Wilson's will of 1890, Reid only mentions Joseph's son, John Wilson.  John Wilson had been born somewhere in England in about 1868 - this according to the census returns of 1901 and 1911.
On 30th January 1892 in Great Victoria Street Church in Belfast, John Wilson of Moira, Co. Down, son of commercial traveller Joseph Wilson, married Jane Patterson of Belfast, the daughter of publican Samuel W. Patterson. This wedding was witnessed by Thomas Agnew and Elizabeth Bertha Hogg.
Jane Patterson was the daughter of Samuel Warnock Patterson, son of James Patterson,  and of Elizabeth Dornan, daughter of William Dornan, who had married in Belfast on 4th October 1861. Samuel Warnock Patterson was a publican at 71 May Street in Belfast, but he died young on 31st May 1874.  His wife, Elizabeth , was pregnant when he died, and a son, Samuel Warnock Patterson, was born a few months later on 18th October 1874 at 71 May Street.  As well as Samuel Warnock and Jane Lemon, Samuel Warnock Patterson and Elizabeth Dornan also had a daughter, Sarah Patterson, who was living with her sister Jane Lemon Wilson, in 1911 at 40 Beechfield Street.

John Wilson and Jane Lemon Patterson had a daughter, Edith Jane Wilson, at 88 Bryson Street on 24th May 1895.

In December 1895,  19-year-old William Reid Wilson of 92 Bryson Street, got into trouble - he was charged with assaulting Rev.C.K. Pooler of Newtownards and wrecking his bicycle during a daytrip with friends to Donaghadee.  The paper noted that the young men were all employed on Queen's Island (ie, the shipyards), and had had too much to drink in the course of their day out.  William Reid Wilson escaped jail but had to pay compensation to the clergyman for the loss of his bike.

The widowed Frances, spelt  'Francess', Wilson was living at 51 Gertrude Street in Belfast in 1911, aged 76 (ie: born Co. Down in 1835) along with her son, a fireman, William Reid Wilson who had been born in 1874. Although the census states that William Reid Wilson was single, the handwritten return shows that he had been married five years with two children, who were also present at 51 Gertrude Street, 14-yr-old Joseph John Wilson, and 4-yr-old Garner Wilson.  This makes no real sense! None of this family group are anywhere to be found on the earlier 1901 Census; I presume they had been working abroad for a while?

William Reid Wilson, son of Frances MacCartney and Joseph Wilson, died aged 38 of tuberculosis at 51 Central Street on 19th October 1911. His brother, John Wilson of 40 Beechfield Street, was present when he died.
William Reid Wilson's widowed mother, Frances Wilson of 40 Beechfield Street, died at 51 Lisburn Road on 28th February 1919. Her daughter-in-law, Jane Wilson, the wife of John Wilson, was present.

Garner McCartney Wilson was born in Belfast, Co. Antrim, on 17th March 1907 to William Reid Wilson and Minnie Wilson, née McMahon.  The address was what seems to be 26 Whitestar Court, Belfast, Co. Down, which I presume was close to the shipyards.  Garner Wilson later joined the Merchant Navy.  He died on 8th September 1944 aboard the steam tanker 'Empire Heritage' when it was hit by the German U-boat 'U-482'.    49 crew, 8 gunner, 1 army storekeeper and 53 passengers died as a result of the attack.  His last address had been 73 Mark Street, Newtownards.

6) Our great-great grandfather, Edward Wilson, was born to Reid Wilson and Agnes Levelet/Lavalade in Ballygunaghan on July 5th 1846 and was baptised in Donaghcloney Presbyterian Church.

7) Reid Wilson Junior, born  circa 1838.  I didn't spot him in the register of the Donacloney First Presbyterian Church, so I wonder was he the son who was christened as 'John' in 1839?  They frequently had a change of mind about the child's name following the baptism.
 Reid Wilson Junior married Eliza Anne Atkinson on 29th August 1867. Eliza Anne's father was Joshua Atkinson.
Joshua Atkinson farmed and lived in the Magheralin neighbouring townlands of Feney and Ballymagaraghan which are close to Ballygunaghan where Reid Wilson and his family were living.  He was married to Mary Ann Stanfield - there were three known children of this marriage.  Eliza Anne, who married Reid Wilson Junior, was born to Joshua Atkinson and Mary Ann in February 1840.  Two years later, George Atkinson was born in June 1842, to Joshua Atkinson and ANN.  I'm not sure when their daughter, Sarah Jane Atkinson, was born, but she left a will when she died.
(Note: the LDS site records a Joshua Atkinson of Magheralin, who was earlier married to a different woman, Anne Crossy.  This couple had Anne Jane in August 1827; this may be the same Joshua Atkinson, but with an earlier wife.   There was also a Joshua Atkinson who had children in the same Magheralin area, namely,Mary Ann born 1788,  Sarah Atkinson born 1790,  and Margaret born 1793.)
The County Down Land Deeds of 1876 show that Reid Wilson owned one acre of land in the townland of Feney;  he was also noted as farming in the neighbouring townland of Ballymagaraghan.  Since the Atkinson family had their origins in these two places, it it safe to assume that he moved here from Donaghcloney following his marriage to Eliza Anne Atkinson.

Eliza Anne's father, Joshua Atkinson, died in Ballymagaraghan, on 31st January 1861.  The will was granted to his widow, Mary Ann Stanfield.    Eliza Ann's younger brother, George Atkinson of Ballymagaraghan/Ballymegarihan died 5th November 1868, leaving the following will which mentions his two sisters:

This is the last will and testament of me George Atkinson of Ballymegarihan in the County of Down farmer. I leave devise and bequeath to my sister Sarah Jane Atkinson her executors and administrators absolutely all and singular my lands messuages and tenements in Ballymegarihan aforesaid.  And also my tenements in Magheralin in said County which I hold under a renewable lease together with all my household goods and chattels and other my estate and effects, real freehold and personal and whosesoever situate subject only to my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses and to the sum of fifty pounds sterling to be paid and payable and I hereby bequeath the said sum of fifty pounds to my sister Eliza Ann Wilson in ten yearly instalments of five pounds each provided my said sister Eliza Ann Wilson shall so long live, the first of such instalments to be paid to her on the expiration of three months after my decease and each succeeding installment on the expiration of every twelve calendar months thereafter until the entire shall be paid in full - and if my said sister Eliza Ann Wilson shall die before being paid the entire of said instalments, then I direct that the instalments, then unpaid, shall thenceforth be paid to the children of my said sister Eliza Ann Wilson equally, if of age, and if underage, to be applied annually by my executors hereinafter named towards their maintenance so long as it lasts. 
And I declare that the reason why I only leave the said sum of fifty pounds to my said sister Eliza Ann Wilson is that my late Mother agreed to give her one hundred pounds on her marriage, which sum of one hundred pounds was charged on my property, and I direct that previous to the payment of any sum on foot of said sum of fifty pounds, my said sister Eliza Ann Wilson shall execute a release of any rights which she may have to my late Father or Mother’s property, the said sums of one hundred pounds and fifty pounds being a full share for her thereof, and I hereby appoint Hugh Martin of Feney and Robert Stirling of Aghandrumvarran in said County executors of this my will - In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of October, one thousand six hundred and sixty eight - George Atkinson (his mark), signed published and declared by the Testator as and for his last will and testament in our presence, who in his presence and at his request and in presence of each other, all being present at the same time, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses hereto - Richard Hammond - James Bateman.’

Following George Atkinson’s death, the will was proved and granted to Hugh Martin of Feney and Robert Stirling of Aghandrumvarran on 7th December 1868.

Reid Wilson Junior and his wife, Eliza Anne Atkinson, proved the will of Eliza Anne's sister, Sarah Jane Atkinson, who died on 20th April 1870, in Ballymagaraghan townland. She left effects to the value of £300.

Eliza Ann Atkinson, wife of Reid Wilson Junior, died at some stage, and Reid Wilson Junior married again, this time to Mary Jane Spence of Edonmore, Maralin, Co. Down, the daughter of Thomas Spence.  The wedding took place on 12th January 1877 in the Magdalene Church of Ireland church in Belfast, and was witnessed by Robert Spence, George Corbitt and Margaret Lilburn.

Awkwardly,  Reid Wilson had a son, William Reid Wilson, five months later on 8th June 1877 in Gregorlough, about a mile north of Donaghcloney - the mother wasn't Reid Wilson's wife, but was a young woman named Mary Ann Hamilton.  On the registration of birth, the word 'formerly' had been deliberately crossed out beneath the maiden name of the child's mother, which seems to signify that Mary Ann Hamilton was not married to Reid Wilson.  Sadly, the baby's death was registered the same year.

Mary Jane Wilson, the second wife of Reid Wilson, was named as the executor of her own brother's will in 1902.  Her brother was a retired farmer of Ballymagaraghan, Thomas Spence - he left £100 to a niece, Isabella Spence, the daughter of his late brother, John Spence, and the rest of his estate went to Mary Jane Wilson.

Mary Jane Spence was the daughter of a Magheralin farmer, Thomas Spence, and his wife Isabella Murphy, whose children were all born in Magheralin as follows:
Rachel Spence, born 22nd October 1840.
Anna Spence, baptised 30th April 1847.
Margaret Spence, baptised 23rd December 1849.
Charles Spence.
John Spence, baptised 29th February 1852.
Mary Jane Spence, born 1854.
Robert Spence, born 25th April 1856 - this was most likely the witness to the 1877 marriage of Mary Jane Spence and Reid Wilson.
Sarah Isabella Spence, born 19th July 1858.
Catherine Spence, born 2nd February 1863.
Thomas Spence, born 17th March 1865.

Reid Wilson and his third wife, Mary Jane Spence, had a daughter, Eliza Ann, in Ballymagaraghan on 9th April 1889.

Reid Wilson Junior died on 17th December 1890 in Ballymagaraghan and his will appears on the excellent PRONI website. I'll transcribe it here:

" In the name of God amen. I Reid Wilson of Ballymagaraghan, parish of Moira and County of Down, so make this my last will and testament in the following manner, viz, I leave and bequeath to my wife, as long as she remains unmarried and conducts herself properly, the farm on which I now live, together with the stock crop farming implements furniture and all the other goods and chattels of which I may die possessed with the following exceptions reservations and liabilities, Viz: I allow and order our child Eliza Ann to be maintained and educated out of the profits of said farm.  I allow and order my wife to pay to my nephew John Wilson the son of my brother the late Joseph Wilson the sum of fifty pounds when he arrives at the age of twenty five years.  Also I allow and order my wife to pay to our niece Mary Jane Spence daughter of the late Charles Spence of Maralin the sum of fifty pounds when she arrives at the age of twenty one years , should my wife marry or act improperly I order and allow the farm to be sold together with the stock crop farming implements furniture and all other goods and chattles and my wife to be paid the sum of fifty pounds out of the proceeds, the other two legacies of fifty pounds to be paid as described and the remainder of the proceeds of the sale of the farm to be devoted to the support and education of our child Eliza Ann, I leave and bequeath to our child Eliza Ann all my property in the town of Maralin held under lease renewable forever, also my farm in Ballynadrone held in fee farm grant so soon as she arrives at the age of twenty one years, any profits that may arise out of these two properties in the meantime after paying the expenses connected with them,  I order and allow for the benefit of my wife and child on the conditions stated above, I nominate and appoint as Executors to this my last will and testament Edward Weir of Ballymacateer, Henry Bateman of Feney, James N. Hammond of Ballymagaraghan - Reid Wilson - made and subscribed by the said Reid Wilson as his last will in our presence, we signing it in his presence and in presence of each other at his request and at the same time as witnesses this 8th day of December 1890 - Samuel Graham - Thomas Spence."

Following Reid Wilson Junior's death in 1890, his widow, Mary Jane Wilson, née Spence, and their unmarried daughter, Eliza Ann or Elizabeth Anna, lived together on the family farm in Ballymagaraghan.

On 5th June 1908 in Ballymagarahan, daughter Elizabeth Anna Wilson  married William Jeffers, a linen manufacturer from nearby Armagh, the son of linen manufacturer William Jeffers. The witnesses were Thomas H. Clarke and Annie Clarke.
They had a son, Reid Wilson Jeffers, born in Ballymagaraghan on 1st November 1909.
William Jeffers had been born in about 1885 to William Jeffers of Armagh, who worked as both a farmer and a linen manufacturer. William Jeffers Senior had married Drusilla Reid (named Elizabeth D.Jeffers on the census) in Mullabrack, Co. Armagh on 26th May 1881. She was the daughter of Adam Reid, and their witnesses were Thomas and William J. Reid.  In 1901 and 1911 they were living with their large family in Taughran, near Lurgan, Co. Down, which is about 12 kilometers away from Donaghcloney.  Also living there in 1901 with the Jeffers family was Mary Ann Reid, the family's 83-yr-old grandmother, who would have been born in Armagh circa 1818.
William Jeffers, who was married to Elizabeth Anna Wilson, proved the will of Henry Bateman of Feney who died in 1927;  a Henry Bateman of Feney had earlier proved Reid Wilson Junior's will in 1890, while George Atkinson's 1868 will had been witnessed by a James Bateman.

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