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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Deane Family of Crumlin

Major or Sir Joseph Deane (1623 - 1699) was the son of Edward Deane of Temple Guiting, Gloucestershire. One of his twelve siblings was the General-at-Sea and regicide, Richard Deane, who, in 1649, signed the death warrant of Charles I. 
Major Joseph Deane was born on 2nd February 1623 and fought alongside Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War and during his Irish campaign. Thanks to his loyal service in the parliamentary army, he not only received confirmation of his original estates, but was also given grants of additional land in Dublin, Wexford, Kilkenny, Cork and Waterford.  He married three times to Anne, Elizabeth Cuffe (1625 - 1698) of the family of the Earls of Desart, and to Catherine Greene.
Major Deane was the MP for Inishtioge, Kilkenny and was also the Sheriff of Dublin. 

Major Joseph Deane of Crumlin died on December 8th 1698, leaving two sons - Joseph Deane junior, who had married Elizabeth Parker, received the lands at Crumlin, and Edward Deane who received the neighbouring lands at Terenure.

Major/Sir Joseph Deane of Terenure and Crumlin was succeeded at Crumlin by his son Joseph Deane (1648 - 1698) whose mother was Joseph Deane's first wife Anne, and who had been born in Ravensthorpe, Northampton, on January 6th 1648; he married, in 1673, Elizabeth, daughter of John Parker, archbishop of Tuam and later of Dublin. The marriage settlement of Joseph Deane and Elizabeth Parker involved the property in Crumlin as well as land in Harristown, Meath, and a house and property in Galway.

A plaque in St. Mary's, Crumlin, commemorates the family: 'Deane - Joseph, second son of Joseph and Anne Deane, born at Ravensthorp in County Northamptonshire 6th January 1648 and married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Parker, Archbishop of Dublin, and died at Dublin on 18th of January 1698 and was buried at (?Crumlin) on 20th of the same month. Ferendo non feriendo. 
Eliza daughter of Sir Maur(ice) Cuffe who was born at Quin in County Clare 1st August 1625....married Sir Joseph Deane on 8th February 1652...died 30th April 1698.
Sir Joseph Deane, son of Edward and Anne Deane, born at Pinnock in County Gloucestershire 2nd February 1623, died 21st December 1699.
In memory of George Knudson Deane, son of George Deane of Orchardton, Lieutenant 4th Hussars, who died 20th December 1875 aged 28 years.  Also to the beloved memory of George K. Deane J.P. of Orchardton who departed this life April 9th 1887 in the 75th year of his age...also to the memory of Isabella Maria, beloved wife of George Deane Esq., J.P. who departed this life 29th June 1891 aged 75 years.'

Joseph Deane (1674/1675 - 1715), was the son of Joseph Deane of Deanehill, co. Meath,  and of Elizabeth Parker.  He became Chief Baron of the Exchequer in 1714. He married Margaret Boyle (sometimes named as Mary Boyle), the daughter of the Hon. Henry Boyle of Castlemartyr (called Roger Boyle below) and his wife, Lady Mary O’Brien whose father had been Murrough O’Brien, Earl of Inchiquin. Margaret Boyle’s brother was later raised to the Peerage as the Earl of Shannon.      

Joseph Deane and Margaret Boyle lived in St. Marys, Dublin, and in Crumlin;  Joseph died on May 4th 1715 in Dublin and was buried in St. Patricks Cathedral.

The five daughters of Joseph Deane of Crumlin made good marriages: 

  • Elizabeth Deane married Viscount Doneraile.  Inscription in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin:  'Here lieth the body of the Right Honorable Lady Elizabeth, Viscountess Doneraile, wife of the Right Honorable Hayes Sentleger, Lord Viscount Doneraile, daughter of the Right Honorable Joseph Deane, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, in 1715, and of Margaret Boyle, daughter of the Honorable Roger Boyle of Castlemartyr, in the county Cork, Esqr.  She departed this life on the 3rd day of December 1761 in the 59th year of her age.'
  • Barbara Deane married Arthur Hill, uncle to the Earl of Hillsborough. 
  • Mary Deane married John Bourke, the Earl of Mayo. From 'The Gentleman's Magazine' of 1790: "At Palmers-town, co. Kildare, in his 91st year, Rt. Hon. John Bourke, Earl of Mayo.  He was son of Richard Bourke, L.L.D., who died in 1727, and was created Baron Naas, of Naas, co. Kildare, 1776,  Viscount Mayo in 1785.  He married Mary,  daughter of the Rt. Hon, Joseph Deane, lord chief baron of the Exchequer, and, by her, who died in 1774, had seven daughters, now all deceased, and three sons;  the eldest and three youngest daughters died young;   the second, John, Viscount Naas, succeeds to the title and estate;  and the third, Joseph Deane (Bourke), Bishop of Leighlin and Ferns, 1772, was translated to the archbishoprick of Tuam, 1782."       Rev. Joseph Deane Bourke, 3rd Earl of Mayo and Lord Archbishop of Tuam, who was the son of John Bourke and Mary Deane, married Elizabeth Meade, the only daughter of Sir Richard Meade, Baronet;  Elizabeth Meade's brother was John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam - the son of Rev. Joseph Deane Bourke and Elizabeth Meade was Rev. Richard Bourke DD, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, who had been born on April 22nd 1767.  Educated at Christchurch, Oxford, he was promoted from the Deanery of Ardagh to the Bishopric of Mayo in 1813.  On 20th March 1795 he married Frances Fowler, the 2nd daughter of Rev. Robert Fowler, the Archbishop of Dublin.  Richard and Frances Bourke had Mildred Bourke who married Robert Uniacke in 1821, Robert Bourke who married Anne Charlotte Jocelyn in 1820, Frances Bourke, and Catherine Bourke who married Rev. Henry Prittie Perry in 1830.   Rev. Richard Bourke died on 15th November 1832.
  • Our maternal ancestor, Catherine Deane, married John Lysaght, first Lord Lisle, in St. Anne's, Dublin, on 16th December 1725.
  • Margaret Deane married John Fitzgerald, the Knight of Kerry and MP for Dingle.

Baron Joseph Deane of the Exchequer died on May 7th 1715.
Archbishop King, in a letter of 21st May 1715, attributed his death to a cold contracted during a total eclipse of the sun which occurred earlier in the month. He wrote ‘…the cold and dew was complained of by everyone, during the eclipse, and many got cold; my Lord Chief Baron, Deane, was on horseback on his return from his circuit, and took then a shivering, which was the beginning of his fever, of which he died.’
In another letter he wrote ‘…the time of the eclipse was deadly cold here, many took colds in it, and there was a very great dew, everything looked with yellow, and a yellow spot inclining to green…’

On August 1st 1715, Baron Deane’s only son, Joseph Deane, died, leaving Baron Deane’s five daughters to inherit his estate - one of these was Catherine Deane who married John Lysaght, first Lord Lisle.
About ten years after his death, the Chief Baron’s house in Crumlin, which he had used as his country residence, was put up for sale. It was advertised as a handsome, new-fashioned residence, surrounded by walled gardens and fish ponds. Later on, the Chief Baron’s son-in-law, Lord Lisle, used the house as his country residence but he deserted it for his house, Fort Lisle, in Blackrock.

The Deane Family of Terenure:
Joseph Deane, Baron of the Exchequer (1674/1675 - 1715) had a brother, Edward Deane M.P., who had a son, Colonel Edward Deane M.P. of Terenure, Co. Dublin, who married Elizabeth Bushe, daughter of Amias Bushe.   A son of Colonel Edward Deane and of Elizabeth Bushe might be Captain Amyas Deane (1784 - 1856) of the 96th Regiment who died, aged 72 in Eccles Street, Dublin, on 1st March 1856 - the papers noted him as the son of the late Colonel Deane of Terenure and of Berkeley Forest, Co. Wexford.
The son of Colonel Edward Deane and Elizabeth Bushe of Terenure was Colonel Joseph Deane of Terenure.  By his second wife, Jane Freeman, daughter of William Freeman of Castle Cor, Co. Cork, he had Edward Deane Freeman of Castle Cor who had Rev. Richard Deane Freeman, Rector of Ardnageehy, Co. Cork, who died near Fermoy on 12th January 1863, and also Major Deane Freeman of Castle Cor.
Colonel Joseph Deane of Terenure also had, by his third wife, John Berkeley Deane of Berkeley Forest who married Cecelia Knudson.

The children of John Berkeley Deane and Cecelia Knudson of Berkeley Forest, Co. Wexford, were:
a) John St. George Deane of Berkeley Forest, Co. Wexford, married Catherine, daughter of John Gordon of Aikenhead, Lanarkshire, in July 1850.
b) George Knudson Deane (1812 - 1887). He married Isabella Wise, daughter of John Wise of Cork.  George Knudson Deane, barrister-at-law, settled at Orchardton, Rathfarnham, where he died in 1887. As noted above, he was buried in the family burying ground in Crumlin.  A son was George Knudson Deane who had been born on 16th August 1846 at 15 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, and who entered the British Civil Service in 1867, before dying young.  Two of the sons of the older George Knudson Deane and of Isabella Wise attended their father's funeral in 1887 - Captain Berkeley Deane of the Royal Navy, staff commissioner of H.M.S. Belleisle, and Freeman William Deane.  Sons-in-law were Joseph Abbott and Henry Deane Roe, both of whom attended their father-in-law's funeral in 1887.   George Knudson Deane  (1812 - 1887) had married Isabella, only daughter of the late John Wise or Wyse of Cork in July 1840.  Her brother was Robert Wyse, who was charged with indecent exposure in Booterstown in 1871 - he was acquitted when his influential friends and relations stood as favourable character witnesses on his behalf.  The brother of Isabella Deane and of Robert Wise was James Lawrence Wise who married Elizabeth Sarah Deane, sister of George Knudson Deane. James Lawrence Wise, Robert Wise and Isabella Wise/Wyse were first cousins of William Digges Latouche of Stephens Green, a member of the well-known Dublin banking family.   The mother of John Wise and of Isabella Deane, was Henrietta Wise (daughter of the late Sir James Lawrence Cotter, Baronet of Rockforest, Mallow) who died at Orchardton, Rathfarnham, in January 1871 - Henrietta Cotter married John Wise in November 1814.  Henrietta's brother, Rev. George Edmund Cotter, Vicar of Rahan, married Grace, the youngest daughter of the late William Digges Latouche of Stephen's Green.
c) Lieutenant William Deane of the Royal Navy.
d) Cecelia Deane who married  Rev. Lambert Watson Hepenstall of Altedore, Co. Wicklow, on 27th October 1858.
e) Frances Deane who married, firstly, Major Cliffe of Abbeybraney, Co. Wexford, by whom she had Anthony Cliffe of Bellevue, Co. Wexford, and also two daughters, Dowager Lady Carew and Mrs. Daniel wife of Robert Daniel of New Forest, Co. Wexford.  Frances Deane married, secondly, F. Corbett Singleton of Adare, Co. Meath.  She died on 9th November 1860.
f) Elisabeth Sarah Deane who married James Laurence Wise in New Ross in May 1847.  He was the grandson of Sir James Cotter.  James Lawrence//Laurence Wise, son of John Wise and of Henrietta Cotter of Cork, was the brother of Isabella Wise who had married Elizabeth Sarah Deane's brother, George Knudson Deane.   Elizabeth Sarah Deane and James Lawrence Wise had a daughter, Cecilia Frances Wise, on 1st April 1848 at 15 Fitzwilliam Place.

Deed 554-79-366124, dated 21st December 1802, detailed the sale of land in Cork, ie, Castlecor, Glanakiel, Garryduff etc., the parties to the transaction being Lord Lisle's son, John Lysaght, 2nd Lord Baron Lisle, who was selling the properties to his relative, Edward Deane Freeman of Castlecor, Co. Cork, Edward being a direct descendant of Edward Deane of Terenure.  This land was subject to a charge of £5000 for Lord Lisle's sister, although she wasn't named in the document. 

From St. Mary's, Crumlin: 'Freeman - In memory of William Deane Freeman Esq., Queen's Counsel, and assistant barrister for the County of Galway, fifth son of the late Edward Deane Freeman Esq., of Castlecor in the county of Cork and of Terenure, who at Galway on 20th day of October 1852, died suddenly on the bench, in the discharge of his public duty in the 60th year of his age. His remains lie interred in this churchyard in the grave of his ancestors. This tablet is erected by his brothers, the Rev. John Deane Freeman of Yealand Conyers in the County of Lancaster, England, and Edward Deane Freeman Esq., of Sandfield near Mallow in the County of Cork.'

Later in the 1820s, Lord Lisle’s great-grandson, Edward Pennefather, lived for a time in Crumlin and I wonder did the family retain some property in the area long after the Deanes had departed?

(Many thanks to Charles Ross of Biggar who sent me the correct genealogy of the Deane family; he has a hand-written and armorially illustrated copy of a pedigree which explains the correct relationships between the three Joseph Deanes.  Charles himself descends from the first Joseph Deane and his third wife Catherine.)

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