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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stewarts of Comber, from the Tithe Applotment Books

I went through the Tithe Applotment Books for several of the parishes of County Down as part of my hunt for our paternal great-great-great grandfather who was known to be a Co. Down farmer named Joseph Stewart. I ascertained this information both from his son's marriage certificate and from his son's 1901 census information.
I was particularly interested in the area stretching between south Belfast and Killyleagh, as this is where our great-great grandparents, Joseph Stewart and Elizabeth Madine, had most of their children in the 1860's and 1870's, before their permanent move south to Dublin.
I had already discounted a Joseph Stewart of Annaclone from my search, since he already had a son named Joseph, and you can't have two!   I also eliminated a Joseph Stewart of Carnamuck, Castlereagh, as he was far too young (according to his headstone) to be the father of our great-great grandfather.
I thought I might discover a Joseph Stewart farming near Killyleagh, since two of the sons of our Joseph Stewart, married two of the Madine sisters of Killyleagh - I found no mention of a Joseph in this area however.
Anyway, the following list is a survey of Stewarts farming in North Co.Down in the 1830's and it may be of some use to somebody.

The Parish of Comber, 1835:

Tullyhalbert - No Stewarts
Tullygarven - No Stewarts
Lisleen - Samuel Stewart, 11 acres
Ballyrussell - No Stewarts
Ballymaglaff - Alexander Stewart, 18 acres
Ballyhanwood/Ballystockart/Ballybeen/Monlough - No Stewarts
Moneyreagh - No Stewarts
Ballykeel - Joseph Stewart and William Madole (McDowell) together, 31 acres
Ballygowan - James Stewart, 10 acres (2 properties)
Magherascouse - No Stewarts
Ballymalady/Ballywilliam - No Stewarts
Cherryvalley - Robert Stewart, 2 acres
Gransha - Joseph Stewart 14 + 6 + 15 acres
               Francis Stewart, 7 acres
Clontonakelly - Andrew Stewart, 22 acres
                      The Misses Stewart - 33 acres
Crossnacreevy - Joseph Stewart, 6 acres
                        William Stewart, 15 acres
                        Robert Stewart, 23 acres

Killyleagh, 1827:
Ballymacarron - William Stewart, 50 acres
Ballygoskin - James + William Stewart together.
Corporation - William Stewart
Ringdufferin - John Stewart + James Stewart + William Stewart
Tullyveery - James Stewart
Toye - William Stewart

Kilmood 1829:
Kilmood - No Stewarts
Lisbarnet - No Stewarts

Killinchy 1834:
Ballydorn - William Stewart, 10 acres
                Hans Stewart, 5 acres
                Widow James Stewart, 7 acres
                John Stewart, less than 1 acre
Ballygowan - James Stewart, 7 acres.  (He seems to have been surveyed twice - see Comber tithes above.)
Ballymacashen - John Stewart + Hans Stewart, 1 acre
Craigarusky - Widow Stuart, 10 acres + 14 acres
Killinekea - David Stewart, 34 acres
Raffrey - William Stewart, 6 acres
Rathgarmont - Francis Stewart, 5 acres
Ringhaddy - Francis Stewart, 33 acres
                  John Stewart, 30 acres
                  William Stewart, 60 acres.

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