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Friday, 13 April 2012

The Siblings of Rev. John Pennefather of Newport

Our maternal 5 x great-grandfather, Rev. John Pennefather of Newport, Tipperary was the son of Kingsmill Pennefather, who died young in 1777, and of Mary Lysaght.  This post concerns the siblings of Rev. John Pennefather.

Rev. John Pennefather was the second eldest son of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght;  the oldest son was Richard Pennefather (1756 - 1831), who succeeded their grandfather (since his father, Kingsmill died young) as the representative of the family.
Richard Pennefather lived at the family seat of New Park, and was a lieutenant-colonel of the Tipperary Militia.   Richard represented Cashel in parliament, having bought the seat in 1801 following the Act of Union. The Reform Bill opened up the franchise to a greater number of people and deprived the Pennefathers of their nomination which they held until 1831.  Richard was succeeded by his son, Matthew Pennefather.

Richard Pennefather had three wives, beginning in 1782 with Anna, the daughter of Matthew Jacob of St. Johnstown, Tipperary;  he then married Penelope, the widow of John Jacob Gledstones of Annesgift, in 1801;  Richard’s final wife was  Elizabeth, the daughter of  Nicholas Mansergh of Greenane in Dublin on 4th February 1809.   (Some of the genealogies name Elizabeth Mansergh as a cousin of Richard Pennefather, but I've as yet failed to decipher how this could be.  Richard Pennefather's sister, Catherine, married Daniel Mansergh, also a child of Nicholas Mansergh, and noted on the Mansergh family can be found later in this post....)

The Jacobs and the Gladstones/Gledstones were closely connected - the encumbered estates of the late Matthew Jacob of Mobarnane were up for sale in August 1851. Matthew Jacob had made his will on 20th April 1779 and this named his children as Samuel Jacob, James Gladstones Jacob, John Jacob, Sarah Jacob and Anna Maria Jacob. Now, in 1851, the land was the estate of Samuel and Robert Jacob.  Earlier in July 1849, the court of chancery, that all the creditors of the late Rev. Robert Staples Jacob and James Gladstones Jacob, should make themselves known as regards the estates of Johnstown and Mobarnane.  The courts named Samuel Jacob, Robert Jacob, Sarah Jacob, Alicia Jacob, Mary Juliana Jacob and James Jacob, 'by their next friend' Edward Lloyd.  The plaintiffs in the case were Anne Alicia Taylor and Maria Hannah Jacob.
On 16th May 1808, a marriage settlement was drawn up between Anne Alicia Jacob and Nathaniel Taylor - named in the settlement were Samuel Jacob and his wife Juliana, Sir Robert Staples, William Bagwell, Kingsmill Pennefather, Henry Langley, James Gledstanes Jacob and Mathew Jacob, son of Samuel Jacob.
Wray Palliser of Comragh, Co. Waterford, married Anne, the daughter of John Gledstanes who was reknowned as an early explorer of the west coast of America.  Lt-Col. Wray Palliser of Comeragh House put his estates up for sale in the encumbered estates court in 1862 - implicated legally in the sale were the wills of Thomas Gledstanes, made 24th September 1763,  the will of Matthew Jacob, made 27th April 1780 and the will of Anne Jacob made 13th April 1801.

Richard Pennefather not only married into the Jacob and Gledstones families, but he also married his first cousin, Elizabeth Mansergh.

Richard Pennefather had all of his eight children by his first wife, Anna Jacob.  They were:

1) Kingsmill Pennefather of the Tipperary Militia who died before his father in 1819. He married twice, to Maria Persse of Galway, and then to Grace Burton. (The widowed Grace would marry again, this time to Major Galeazzi of Florence.  She would die in September 1863. The papers had earlier noted the death, aged 87,  in Florence of a Michel Angelo Galeazzi on 4th November 1859. Was this the husband of Grace?) Kingsmill’s two children were Anna Pennefather who married, in May 1833 in Dublin,  Stephen Charles Moore, the eldest son of Stephen Moore of Barne, Tipperary, and Catherine who married the Hon. Henry Alexander Savile, the 2nd son of the Earl of Mexborough.
 2) His heir, Matthew Pennefather of New Park, who married Anna Connor, the daughter of Daniel Connor of Ballybricken, Cork.   Their children were named Daniel Francis Pennefather, Richard Pennefather, Mary Lavina Pennefather and Anna Pennefather.

 3) William Pennefather who married Charity Maria, the daughter of Richard Long of Longfield.  His father, Richard, appointed him to the post of Mayor of Cashel in 1830. William and Charity Maria Pennefather lived at Lakefield, Tipperary.   They had Kingsmill Pennefather who died aged 11 at South Hill House, Mt Merrion, Dublin, on 27th December 1846, Richard Pennefather of Lakefield (1826 - 1876),  William Pennefather, Matthew Pennefather and William John Copley Lyndhurst Pennefather.
The eldest son, Richard Pennefather of Lakefield, married Emma Elizabeth, only surviving daughter of the late Robert Darwin Vaughan of Leamington Priors, in March 1857. The bride's uncle, Rev. Edward Humphry Dymock, performed the ceremony.
The daughter of Richard Pennefather and Emma Elizabeth Vaughan, Harriet Levina Pennefather, married in Kensington on 14th October 1884 Inspector General T.R. Warren of Kylenahoory, Co. Cork, and had Col. T.R.P. Warren. Widowed, Harriet Levina married, secondly in 1908, John Henry Gibson of Clifton. The papers noted Harriet as the niece of the late Col. Vaughan-Dymock of Bath. Harriet Levina Gibson lived alone in Ireland during the troubled era of 1916 to 1922 and suffered sectarian intimidation by the insurgents.  She died in February 1937 and is buried at the Rock of Cashel.

4) Dorothea Pennefather who married Richard Lockwood, then Thomas Sadleir, both of Tipperary.  Dorothea left no children and died in 1845.

5) Mary Anne Pennefather who married Lieutenant-Colonel John Lindsay of Tyrone.

6) Catherine Pennefather who married Colonel Owen Lloyd of Rockville, Roscommon. They had William Lloyd of Rockville, and Catherine Lloyd who married Rev. James Wentworth Mansergh.   Another daughter of Lt-Col. Owen Lloyd of the Roscommon Militia was Mary Hampton, widow of the late Rev. W.J. Wall of Surbiton, who died at Hawthorn Lodge, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, on 27th October 1868.
 A son of Owen Lloyd and of Elizabeth Pennefather was Richard Pennefather Lloyd (1810 - 1901) of Rockville who married Catherine, only daughter of James Kelly of Pembroke Street, in Booterstown, Co. Dublin, in July 1833.  A second wife was Maria Catherina Smith of Dublin who he'd married in Newtown Abbot in 1879.  On 14th September 1892 in Ripon, England, Richard Pennefather Lloyd of Morthestown, Co. Tipperary, married thirdly Charlotte Elizabeth. daughter of the late John White of Cashel and niece of Mrs. Bickersteth of West Lodge, Ripon.  The best man was named in the papers as Richard Lloyd Pennefather of Marlow, a relation of the groom.   Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth Pennefather Lloyd of 15 Brock Street, Bath, formerly of Torquay, died on 24th September 1911, widow of barrister Richard Lloyd - probate was granted to Richard Pennefather Lloyd of Goold's Cross, Tipperary, and to Rev. Reginald Wynne Windsor of Bath.  Beneficiaries were Elizabeth Florence Bickersteth and Richard Lloyd Pennefather.

Catherine Lloyd, née Pennefather,  wife of Lt-Col. Lloyd of Rockville, died aged 79 in September 1866 at Ivybridge, South Devon.

7)  Margaret Pennefather (died 1874) who married Ambrose Going (1785 - 1857), of Bally Phillip Tipperary in February 1811. Their offspring were William Going, Richard Pennefather Going, John Going who died aged 51 at Wilford oin November 1851, Anna Going who married Rev. Anthony Armstrong, Margaret Isabella Going who married Christopher F. Tuthill MD of Fitzwilliam Square in August 1841 and who died at Rockvale, Co. Tipperary, on 14th June 1858,  Elizabeth Frances Going who married John Hervey Adams of Northlands, Co. Cavan, eldest son of the Dean of Cashel, in May 1846,  and Dorothea Going who married Samuel Murray Going of Liskeveen House, Co. Tipperary, in Ballingarry in May 1848.
  8) Eliza who married Major Acheson Montgomery Moore of Co. Tyrone, and then Sir John Judkin Fitzgerald of Lisheen, She had two children - Sir Thomas Judkin Fitzgerald, 3rd baronet and Anne Montgomery More.

The youngest brother of Rev. John Pennefather was William Pennefather (1765 - 1849), of Cork, son of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght, who married Frances (born circa 1775), the daughter of Francis Nisbett of Derrycairne, Leitrim.   The children of William Pennefather and Frances Nisbett were:

 a) William (1795 - 1826) , who died young.

 b) Jane Pennefather who married Daniel Connor of Ballybricken, Cork in 1824.

 c) Margaret Pennefather (1801 - 1873) who married Richard Warren, MD of Lisgoold (1796 - 1870), son of Rev. Robert Warren  and Margaret Pennefather of Crookstown, Cork.  They had two daughters - Frances Warren who married twice to Captain Oldham and then William Connor of Wilton, Cork;  Augusta Warren married a relative, Richard Lane Warren.

d)  Elizabeth Pennefather (born circa 1805) married in January 1826 Phineas Bury (1772 - 1843)  of Wallestown House, Little Island, Cork.  Jane was noted as the daughter of William Pennefather of Lower Terrace, Cork. Phineas was the son of Phineas Bury, the elder, and of Jane Aldworth.  Phineas, who married Elizabeth Pennefather, was in the army, being a captain in the 57th Regiment he was also a Justice of the Peace.  His will would later make mention of a first wife by the name of Eliza Lart or Hart.
Phineas Bury and Elizabeth Pennefather  lived at Little Island, Cork, and had three children - Frances Jane, Phineas, and William Phineas, although William wasn't mentioned in his father's will, which was proved on 21st July 1843.  Phineas Bury named as his trustees Richard Aldworth of Newmarket, Co. Cork, and his brother-in-law, Richard Daniel Pennefather. These two were also named as the executors of the will, as was his wife Elizabeth. The will provided for Phineas' two sisters, Jane and Hester Bury, and also named Phineas' only daughter as Frances Jane Bury, and his only son as Phineas Bury.  Son William Bury must have been born following the drawing up of the will.

Daughter Frances Jane Bury married Major Tuckey of the 41st Regiment, who died young leaving her with two daughters. The family appeared on both the 1871 and 1881 UK censuses, living with Frances Jane’s unmarried brother, Phineas Bury, who was a major in the East Kent Militia.
In 1890  this Major Phineas Bury was accused of libel -  the accusation centred around a libellous letter received by a fellow Corkman and old friend of the Bury family, Colonel Percival Robert Champion of Combermere, Cork, following an evening at their mutual gentlemans’ club in London. The letter accused Champion of being a bounder and a Fenian. Both accusations would have excluded him from the club and heaped ridicule and contempt on him. He believed that the anonymous letter, which used a number of French phrases, had been written by Phineas Bury, since Phineas was known to intersperse his conversation with snatches of the French language.  Bury was found not guilty.
William Phineas Bury, son of Phineas Bury and Elizabeth Pennefather, married Harriet Forbes, the daughter of Arthur Forbes of Newstone, Co. Meath, on 29th August 1867 in Cheltenham.

e) Frances Mary Pennefather (1807 - 1867) married Arthur St.George Herbert Stepney in 1842.  He was the son of Herbert Rawson Stepney.  Arthur was born in Ireland in 1815 and died in India in 1850. He was of the Coldstream Guards.   A daughter was named as Laida Stepney - she was named as a beneficiary in the 1866 will of her aunt, Jane Conner, the widow of Daniel Conner of Ballybricken, Co. Cork.

 f)  Richard Daniel Pennefather (1815 - 1881) married, on October 7th 1868, Sarah Anna de Montmorency, the daughter of Hervey de Montmorency, 4th Viscount Mountmorres and Sarah Shaw.  The wierd names make this family easy to trace. The Montmorency family were an ancient French family who came to Ireland in the 15th century, settling in Tipperary and Kilkenny. The family seat was Castlemorres, Co. Kilkenny; they were at some stage known by the family name of ‘Morres’, before Frances Hervey, the 3rd Viscount, resumed the ancient name, by royal licence, of Montmorency.
Richard Daniel Pennefather, who married Sarah Anne de Monmorency, died 7th September 1881; he had lived at Kilbraccan, Co. Leitrim, and had been a lieutenant-Colonel in the East Kent Militia. The administration of his will was granted to the Hon. Arthur Hill Trevor de Montmorency, a doctor who had studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and who lived in 1881 at 36 Waterloo Road, Dublin.  Arthur Hill etc. was the son of Hervey de Montmorency and Sarah Shaw and was, therefore, the brother-in-law of Richard Daniel Pennefather.
In 1871, Richard Daniel, aged 52, was living in Penge, Surrey, with his wife, Sarah Anna, who, at 28, was much younger than him. Their son, William Pennefather, aged 1, was there, as was their newborn baby Mary Pennefather.  Living immediately next door was the unmarried Jane Pennefather, aged 51, who was living on dividends. She was sharing the house with George Le Hunte, who owned Atramont, Co. Wexford, and who had married Mary Pennefather, the daughter of Edward Pennefather, the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.  Jane and Mary were sisters, and were close relations of Richard Daniel Pennefather.
Richard Daniel’s wife, Sarah Anna Pennefather, died in 1912.  She appeared on the 1911 UK Census, living in Bournemouth. She had been born in Ballybrack, just south of Killiney, Co. Dublin;  her unmarried 37-yr-old daughter, Mary Eva de Montmorency Pennefather was living there with her - this daughter had been born in Little Island, Cork. The return states that there had been three children born to Richard Daniel and Sarah Anna Pennefather and that they had all survived. A second daughter was most likely Anna de Montmorency More, wife of Alfred Thomas More, who administered her mother’s will with Mary Eva de Montmorency Pennefather in 1912.

Of Interest: The Will of JANE NISBITT - Effects under £200 10 Nov 1866 The Will of Jane Nisbitt late of Ballybricken Co.Cork Spinster deceased who died 23 Oct 1866 at the same place was proved at Cork by the oath of Richard Daniel Pennefather of the Junior United Service Club, London,  Major of the East Kent Regiment of Militia the sole Executor.

The sisters of Rev. John Pennefather of Newport, Co. Tipperary, were:
Mary Pennefather, daughter of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght,  who married Daniel Connor the son of George Connor of Ballybricken. Her niece, Jane Pennefather - the daughter of her brother William, married  her son, Daniel Connor of Ballybricken.

Catherine Pennefather (1771 - 1834) , daughter of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght, married Daniel Mansergh (1752 - 1823) of Cashel in 1788. He was the son of Nicholas Mansergh and Elizabeth Lockwood and was the High Sheriff of Tipperary.  One of Catherine and Daniel’s daughters, Mary Mansergh, married Edward Pennefather of Marlow near Cashel, on 4th February 1809.

Nicholas Mansergh of Grenane married Elizabeth Lockwood of Cashel on 9th December 1750.  They had two sons, Nicholas Southcote Mansergh who married Elizabeth Carden in 1770, and Daniel Mansergh who married Catherine Pennefather in 1788.  All the online genealogies mention a daughter, but never name her, and I presume that she was the Elizabeth Mansergh who married Richard Pennefather, brother of Catherine Pennefather, as his third wife on 4th February 1809.

The children of Catherine Pennefather and Daniel Mansergh were Nicholas Mansergh (1789 - 19th September 1865) of Macroney Castle,  Daniel Mansergh, James Mansergh who married Catherine Lloyd, the daughter of Lt. Col, Owen Lloyd, Margaret who married Major Jacks, Elizabeth who married Richard Martin of Castle Jane, Co. Cork,  and Mary Mansergh who married Edward Pennefather of Marlow in 1824.

The Marlow Pennefathers were closely related to the New Park Pennefathers, having descended from the same ancestors, Mathew Pennefather and Levina Kingsmill, via their third son,William Pennefather of Marlow.
William Pennefather (1708 - 1772) of Marlow married Anne the daughter of Lovelace Taylor of Noan, Co. Tipperary.   William and Anne Pennefather had two sons, Thomas, who died unmarried, and John Pennefather whose son, Thomas Pennefather, succeeded to the Marlow estate when his uncle died without children.  Thomas (1760 - 1828) married Mary Moore in November 1783, and had two sons, Thomas Pennefather  of Maryville, who married, in 1818, Mary, the daughter of Vere Dawson Hunt of Cappagh - these were the parents of  Fanny Mary Dorothy Pennefather, Anna Pennefather who married Col. Hunt, and the Rev. Thomas Pennefather, Vicar of Kiltennel, who had been born in 1823 and who married Catherine Sophia Elrington. (On 7th June 1859 in Templeshambo Church, by the Rev. C.M. Elrington of Somersetshire, assisted by Rev. R.B.F. Elrington of Lower Brixham, brother of the bride, Rev. Thomas Pennefather of Monart, to Catherine Sophia, youngest daughter of Rev. N.P. Elrington of Ferns.)
The only daughter of Thomas Pennefather (1760 - 1828) and Mary Moore was the Dorothea Pennefather who married Fitzmaurice Hunt of Cappagh in August 1827 - the wedding breakfast was held at Maryville, the residence of the bride's brother, Thomas Pennefather.

The second son of Thomas Pennefather (1760 - 1828) and Mary Moore was the Edward Pennefather of Marlow who married Mary, the daughter of Daniel Mansergh and Catherine Pennefather, in 1824.

The children of Edward Pennefather and Mary Mansergh of Marlow were:

a) Thomas John Pennefather who married, on 22nd December 1856 in Mt. Talbot Church, Co. Roscommon, Katherine L. Lloyd,  the eldest daughter of Richard Pennefather Lloyd of Herbert Place, Dublin, barrister-at-law.  Richard Pennefather Lloyd was the son of Lt-Col. Owen Lloyd and Catherine Pennefather (daughter of Richard Pennefather of New Park...see above!)  The children of Thomas John Pennefather and Katherine Lloyd were Adeline who married Arthur William Radbourne, Hortense Mary who married in 1849 Hugh Hamon Massy of Riversdale, Co. Limerick, and Richard Lloyd Pennefather of Marlow, who was living there in 1911 with his family.  Hortense Mary who married Hugh Hamon Massy was probably the Miss H. Pennefather of Marlow who, at a party in Thomastown Castle in 1881, stepped through a window onto an imaginary balcony, toppled 30 feet and was caught, completely unharmed, by some gentlemen who had stepped outside for a smoke. I'm sure she saw the funny side later.

b) Daniel Pennefather who emigrated to Australia in 1850 and who married Elizabeth Kerr, daughter of Edward Carr,

c) Edward Pennefather who died unmarried,

d) Captain George Pennefather who married Mary Hawthorn Kihdall in Dublin in 1869. The wife of Captain George Pennefather of the 65th Regiment gave birth to a son on 19th September 1875 at Macroney Castle which was one of the Mansergh residences.  A daughter, Mary Hawthorn Pennefather, was born at Northumberland Road, Dublin, on 26th August 1870 - she later married Richard Pennefather of Wilford.

e) Captain Nicholas Pennefather (1835 - 1905). On 2nd August 1864, in Hythe, Kent, Nicholas Pennefather, Lieutenant in the 83rd regiment, married Catherine, the daughter of the late Thomas Butler of Hythe.  In 1881, Major Nicholas and Catherine Pennefather were living in Kensington; staying with them was Nicholas's Irish 'niece', Caroline Elizabeth Pennefather.  She had been born circa 1860 in Ireland, and I presume, unless there were two of them, she was the Caroline Elizabeth Pennefather who married Allen Hamilton Morgan, solicitor, in Thurles on 3rd September 1890, the son of the late R.I.C. District Inspector Allen Morgan of Clontarf.  This Caroline Elizabeth was the daughter of the late Thomas Bolton Pennefather of Thurles, who was a member of the Ballynira Pennefathers who descended from Mathew Pennefather and Lavinia Kingsmill as do all the Pennefathers in this blog.  Thomas Bolton Pennefather who was the son of Richard Pennefather and Harriet Maria Piers of Ballynira/Ballyneira, had married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Smithwick, in Cork on 3rd October 1855.

Margaret Pennefather (circa 1771 - 1833), daughter of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght,  married  Rev.Robert Warren of  Crookstown, Cork, the son of Sir Robert Warren of Warrenscourt.  (Margaret’s niece, also Margaret, married her son, Richard Warren.  This niece, Margaret, was the daughter of Margaret No. 1’s brother, William Pennefather and Frances Nisbett, see above. These people are incestuous and confusing...)

And finally....
Whose son was this? On 24th July 1843 in Dublin, John Pennefather, merchant of London and St. Vincent, married Susan, eldest daughter of the late John Darlington of Monastery, Co. Wicklow. This might have been a second marriage for John Pennefather....A Louise Sophia Pennefather was baptised in Jamaica on 12th December 1830 by John Lisset (Lysaght??) Pennefather and Anne Brisbane. Was wife Anne Brisbane a relation of the Governor of St. Vincent, Sir Charles Brisbane, who died in Kingstown, Jamaica, in February 1830?  (Arethusa Georgiana Brisbane, daughter of Sir Charles, married Rev. William Windsor Berry, Vicar of Stanwell, Middlesex, in June 1840.  Sir John Frederick Ewart married Lavinia Brisbane, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Brisbane, of Brisbane, Scotland.)

A grandson of this stray John Pennefather and of Susan Darlington was later baptised as John Lysaght Forbes Pennefather in May 1892.    The use of the Lysaght name in conjunction with the Pennefather family name seems to suggest that this John Pennefather was a descendant of Kingsmill Pennefather and Mary Lysaght of Tipperary, but where he fits in, I have no idea.  

The 'Liverpool Mercury' of 13th May 1865 reported the death, on April 7th 1865, in St. Vincent, of Mr John Pennefather, late of Kilkenny Ireland.

The children of this John Pennefather, merchant, and of Susan Darlington were:

Siblings Frederick and Susan Martha Pennefather were baptised in Carshalton, Surrey, on 8th November 1846.  
Clara B. Pennefather - born circa 1853 in Roby, Lancashire; she was living in Dublin in 1901 with her maternal uncle, John Darlington, and his family in Glasthule;  then in Bray in 1911.   Earlier in 1871 she was working as an assistant teacher in the household of retired customs officer, John Forbes, who had been born in Birmingham in about 1798 and whose wife, Mary, had been born in the West Indies in about 1817.  (They married in Liverpool in Jan 1830, she was Mary Elenore, daughter of Henry St. Hill, colonial treasurer of the island of Trinidad.)

The military records of son Robert Forbes Pennefather state that he had joined the army in Portsmouth in January 1879, and stated he had been born near the town of Kilkenny.  The  'Carlow Post' of 1st December 1860 noted that, on November 28th 1860, at Darver House, Co. Kilkenny, the wife of John Pennefather had had a son.    Darver House is in Jenkinstown, north of Kilkenny town.
Robert Forbes Pennefather's next of kin was his older brother Richard Pennefather of London.   Robert Forbes Pennefather, son of John Pennefather and Susan Darlington,  married Eleanor Alexandra Gosnell in Amritsar, India, on 1st February 1886.  They had Eileen born 7th July1890,
John Lysaght Forbes Pennefather born 9th May 1892, Gladys Eileen born 11th June 1889, Aimee Constance Forbes Pennefather born 24th August 1894, Bessie born 5th December 1896, and Eric born 17th December 1898.

The daughter of John Pennefather and Susan Darlington, Susan Martha Pennefather (born Ireland 1845) married Henry Rait of 5 Mountjoy Place in Dublin in 1872.  He had married before -  Henry Rait, (1827 - 1876) silk mercer, son of George Rait, married Betsey Wemyss, daughter of John Wemyss on 2nd March 1858 in Rampore, Bengal, India.
Henry Rait died on 28th April 1876 soon after his marriage to Susan Martha Pennefather - the will of Henry Rait of 5 Mountjoy Place and of Hillsboro House, Thicket Road, Anerley, Surrey, was proved on 4th January 1878 by the executor Sir John Wemyss, bart of Bengal and by his widow, Susan Martha Rait and by John Darlington (Susan's uncle) of Dublin.  The eldest son of Henry Rait was George Wemyss Rait, born in Bengal on on 13th December 1858.
 The mentions four older children by his first wife, and one child by Susan Martha when he was making his will in 1876.  The executor, Sir John Wemyss of Bogie, Fifeshire, died in Bengal on 8th March 1878 - he was noted as the son of Sir James Wemyss, writer of Kirkcaldy,  and the papers noted that he himself had never married.
The UK Census for 1881 reveals the widowed, Irish-born Susan Martha Rait living in Camberwell with sons, Walter W. J. Rait, born Ireland 1873, and  Donald H. Rait, born Anerley, Surrey, in 1877.   Her stepchildren were Ester M. Rait born India 1861,  Bertha H. Rait born Scotland 1864 and Henry H.W. Rait born in Scotland in 1868.
On 5th November 1892 in West Hampstead, Susan Martha Rait married Thomas Henry Atkinson, a widower, of 1 Rostrevor Terrace, Clontarf.  He died there in 1895.  Susan Martha Atkinson, née Pennefather, died at Rowanville, 3 Churchill Road, Hampshire, on 19th December 1907 with probate to her son, Col. John Walter L.Forbes Rait.  A surgeon with the Indian Army, he died in Penwarne Radlet, Hertfordshire, on 9th April 1926 with probate to  Isabella Gray Thompson Rait.  He had been born in Dublin on 5th April 1873 (this from his obituary).

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