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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Children of Willis Creighton Williams and Kate O'Neill

The Children of Willis Creighton Williams and Kate O'Neill. Births Death Marriages etc...(and this is one of those posts that I'll add information to as I get my hands on it.)

1)Willis Creighton Williams II, born in Liverpool circa 1875. Willis Creighton Williams worked in the Bank of Ireland in Limerick and then in Dublin, as did so many members of the Williams family. (My grandfather Richard Williams also worked for the bank as did his brothers John, David Creighton and Gerald O'Moore. On the 1911 census, they describe themselves as 'gentlemen' bank officials.) He was an enthusiastic musician and taught music; it is said he used a dummy piano to practice on.  In 1901 he was a boarder at 16 McMahon Street and, interestingly, gave his religion as Church of Ireland - the rest of his immediate family were Plymouth Brethren baptists. He died, aged 25, on 26th September 1901 in the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin, of typhoid fever and is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery.
From The Irish Times:  '1901 - Williams, September 26, Willis Creighton, eldest son of Willis Creighton and Kate Williams of 50 Park Avenue, Sandymount.  Funeral private. No flowers.'

2) David Creighton Williams, born Everton, Liverpool on 31st May 1882 and was named after his uncle.  His father, Willis, was working as a house agent/tea dealer in Liverpool at the time of David's birth;  the family lived at 53 Clarence Grove, Everton.
On 10th August 1923, David Creighton Williams married Mary Jane Creaven (28/9/1888 - 27/12/1960) and had Jane Williams, who did much of the initial research into our Williams family, on 28th March 1925.  
At the time of his marriage to Mary Jane, David was living at 38 Grosvenor Square in Rathmines, while Mary Jane Creaven lived at 28 Merrion Square - her father, William Creaven, was described as a gentleman, as was David's father, Willis Creighton Williams.
David was a bank official like his brother Richard.  The wedding was witnessed by Rebecca Creaven, George Willis Williams (David's brother) and Sophie Williams who was the groom's paternal aunt and who must have been visiting from London where she worked in one of the Barnardo girls' homes.  This wedding took place in the Mariners' Church in Dunlaoghaire.

David Creighton Williams, his wife Mary Jane Creaven, and - later - daughter Jane Williams, lived at 10 Garville Road, Rathgar.

3) Eveline Nina (Dolly), born June 1883.  She worked for the post office. The records of the British Postal Service - this being prior to Irish independence  show her to have been appointed in 1917 as an assistant postal clerk in Rathmines, Dublin; by 1919 she was working as a female sorting clerk and telegraphist.

Eveline/Dolly died on 25th December 1965 in The Royal City of Dublin Hospital;  her address at the time was 16 Cambridge Road, Rathmines - the electoral lists for Dublin list her living alone at this address from 1939 until her death. She was buried in Mount Jerome.

4)  Gerald O'Moore Williams, born at 47 Strand Road, Sandymount, on 1st January 1885.

On September 17th 1914, Gerald O'Moore Williams married Emily Caroline Quinn, in Christ Church, Leeson Park. He was an accountant and was living at 2 Upper Leeson Street, and at 'Ellerslie', Park Avenue, Sandymount, the second address being his parents' house.  Emily lived at 1, Albany Terrace, Ranelagh, and was the daughter of John Monserrat Quinn, a bookkeeper and J.P.  (Emily had been born in South Dublin on 12th August 1883.) The witnesses to the wedding were Gerald's brother, D.C. Williams, Meta Dowse, and J. Monsarratt Quinn.

Gerald O'Moore Williams died on 30th July 1945 at 117 Phibsboro Road, and his wife, Emily Caroline Williams died on 9th October 1956 - both were buried in Deansgrange, Co. Dublin.

Their children were:
 a) Gerald Willis Williams, known as Sonnie, was born on 10th March 1916 (just in time for the Easter Rising in Dublin), but he died, aged 12, on November 11th 1928, at Marlboro Road, Dunlaoghaire from lung disease.  His mother, Emily C. Williams, was present at his death there.
b) John O'Moore Williams, born 26th June 1917.  On June 9th 1953 in Rathgar, Dublin, John Williams married Kathleen Bancroft, a widow, the daughter of a farmer, Redmond Geary. Her address was 7 Richmond Street, Dublin.  John Williams, a radio mechanic, lived in Coolmine, Rathcoole;  his father, Gerald O'Moore Williams, was dead by this time.
c)  Emily Geraldine Williams was born on 4th January 1919, and would later marry Cyril George Day on 15th August 1953 - her sister, Dorothy Williams, was the bridesmaid.   Cyril George Day had been born in Stroud, UK, in 1915 to George Richard Day and Annie E. Nelmes. Cyril's parents had married in Gloucestershire in 1912. George Richard Day (born circa 1889) was the son of railway engine driver Charles William Albert Day (son of Charles Day and Dinah Ann Taylor) of Bristol and of his wife Ellen.
d)  Dorothy Elizabeth Williams was born 25th January 1924, and died on 14th August 2007.

About the family of Emily Caroline Quinn:   Emily's grandfather was the letter carrier/printer, John Adolphus Quinn Junior, who had been born in Bansha, Co. Tipperary, in about 1828 to John Adolphus Quinn Senior (born circa 1777) and to Anne Monsarratt of Co. Waterford. (This earlier couple also had a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Quinn.)
John Adolphus Quinn Junior - Emily's grandfather - moved to Dublin;  his wife was a woman named Margaret Louisa, and the Irish Genealogy website records the birth of their children....

a) John Monsarratt Quinn, the father of Emily Caroline Quinn, was born on 6th October 1855, at 39 Upper Erne Street,
b) Mark Walter Quinn, born at 39 Upper Erne Street on 26th August 1857.  A stationer, he later married, on 11th September 1882, Gertrude Keon, the daughter of a tutor, Gerald Keon.
c)  Caroline Teresa Quinn, born at 5 Wentwick Place on 30th March 1859.
d)  William David Quinn, born at 32 Denzille Street, on 30th November 1860. On 31st March 1884, he married Mary Elizabeth Elle Schomberg, the daughter of a retired soldier, Bernard Schomberg. William David Quinn was a dentist.
e)  Charles Henry Quinn, born at 6 Great Clarence Street on 6th July 1863.
f)  Emily Margaret Quinn, born at 6 Great Clarence Street in July 1864.
g)  Sarah Elizabeth Quinn, born at 6 Great Clarence Street on 10th March 1866.
h) Thomas Richard Quinn, born at 6 great Clarence Street on 9th May 1869.

Emily Caroline Quinn's father, John Monsarratt Quinn (1855 - 5th September 1913) was a stationer/letter carrier.  He married Eliza Dowse, the daughter of a builder, William Dowse, on 10th April 1879.  Eliza Dowse had been born at 22 Lower Mount Street on 16th July 1856 to William and Jane Dowse.  The builder, William Dowse, had been born in Leixlip, Co. Kildare, to the farmer, William Dowse, and he married Emily's grandmother, Jane Bell, the daughter of a land steward, James Bell, in Dublin on 17th August 1850.

Emily Caroline Quinn was born to John Monsarratt Quinn and Eliza Dowse at 8 Sandford Avenue in 1883.

Gerald O'Moore Williams and Emily Caroline Williams separated in 1932.

Emily Caroline Williams died on 9th September 1956 in South Dublin.
Gerald O'Moore Williams died at 117 Phibsboro Road on 30th July 1945, and was buried in Deansgrange.

5) Jessie Muriel, born 24th April 1886 at 50 Park Avenue, Sandymount; she died of whooping cough 25 days later at the family home, 50 Park Avenue, Sandymount, and was buried in the family plot in Mount Jerome.

6) Kathleen Willis Williams, born at 50 Park Avenue, Sandymount, on 15th November 1887.  She died in June 1957.

7) Richard, born 30th May 1889, died 9th March 1977. (Our maternal grandfather, who was named after his own paternal grandfather, Richard of Eden Quay and Dundrum.)
Richard Williams, bank official, married our grandmother, Vera Dickson, on September 28th 1927.  From The Irish Times: 'Williams and Dickson - September 28 1927 at Merrion Hall, Lower Merrion Street, Dublin, by Mr. William T. Biller.  Richard, son of Willis Creighton Williams, 38 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, to Vera Antoinette, daughter of the late Joseph E. Dickson., Carisbrook House, Pembroke Road.

The witnesses to their wedding were Vera's sister, Eveleen Emily Dickson and a friend, Reginald Vincent Squire.

Richard Williams and Vera Dickson lived at 43 Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge until later in life when they moved to Mount Merrion.

Their children were:
a)  Maurice Willis Creighton Williams, born Dublin 14th September 1928. Maurice, an engineer, married Marguerite (Daisy) Henderson in 1952 and the couple moved permanently to Edinburgh, Scotland.
b)  Raymond Dickson Williams, born in Dublin on 28th March 1930.  He married in 1964 Ruth Musgrave Harris - both were doctors and spent their entire working lives running a teaching hospital in Zaire, before retiring to England.
c)  Trevor Willis Williams, born in Dublin on 19th March 1932.  A doctor, he emigrated in 1957 to Canada where he married Elizabeth Rose Drover (Betty) in 1960.  Trevor settled first in St. John's, Newfoundland, where he worked with the Department of Public Health, before practising as a pediatrician in Winnipeg, then moving into research, working in the Cadham Provincial Lab as Assistant Director of Microbiology and Virology. He was the Director of Lab and X-Ray Services for over 20 years and was Director of Cadham Lab for the final 5 years of his career, retiring in 2000.
d)  Alan O'Moore Williams, an engineer, born on 1st May 1934. He stayed here in Dublin, Ireland and never married, dying on 5th October 2014.
e)  Ruth Dickson Williams, my mother, a teacher, born in 1937.  She married our dad,  Paul Cuthbert Stewart, in Dublin on 31st March 1960.
f)  Edward Dickson Williams, an engineer, born in 1942;  in 1970, he married Mary Elizabeth Percy (known as Elizabeth), a teacher who worked with my mother Ruth in Rathgar Junior School. They moved to England.

Richard Williams and Vera Dickson, our grandparents, were buried in Mount Jerome:  'In loving memory of my dear husband, Richard Williams, who died 9th March 1977 - And also his dear wife Veera A. Williams, who died 25th August 1982 aged 76.'

8) Eliza Willis (Lil), born 9th July 1890 at 50 Park Avenue.
   Lil owned a few shares in the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company.  When the company was being finally wound up in Dublin in 1931, the records of the ordinary shareholders show that Miss Elizabeth Willis Williams, of Royal Bank of Ireland, Terenure Branch, Rathmines, held £20 of shares.

9) Muriel, born 11th September 1891.  In 1918 Muriel married Thomas Elwood.  Earlier, in 1911, the Irish census reveals Thomas living in a boarding house in Mountjoy Square, Dublin - he was a 17-yr-old 'boy clerk' working in the Irish Land Commission and the census states that he'd been born in England - his parents were the bricklayer, James Elwood, and Charlotte White of Belfast, Co. Antrim.
Their children were:
a)  Dr.Willis John Elwood, born 24th May 1920. (Willis worked with my uncle Alan Williams, and with my mother's cousin, Jane Williams, on the family tree.)
b)  James Stanley Elwood, born 5th November 1922.
c)  Thomas Neville Elwood, born 28th Augusts 1928.
d) Peter Creighton Elwood, born 23rd August 1930.
e)  Philip Earle Elwood, born 12th March 1932.

10) John, born 30th December 1892 at 50 Park Avenue.  Died in the trenches in France in 1918.

11) George Willis, born 9th February 1900 at 50 Park Avenue. He married Eileen Elizabeth Webb on 25th March 1925 in Merrion Hall, Dublin.  He was a bank clerk living at 38 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines.  Eileen lived at 4 Victoria Avenue, Donnybrook - her father, Charles Webb, a gentleman, was deceased.  George's brother (our grandfather), Richard, was a witness at the wedding, as was his sister, Eliza Willis Williams.

Eileen Elizabeth Webb was born 27th December 1902 to a navy man, Charles Webb, who had been born in England in 1858, and to his wife, Elizabeth T. Webb of Galway.
In 1901 this family were living at 47 Albert Rd., Glasthule, Dunlaoghaire. Eileen's father, Charles Webb, was chief writer with the Royal Navy.  Their two children had been born in Co. Down - Jemima Webb, 19, and Charles Webb, 17, who was a clerk in an insurance office.  The family were Wesleyan Methodist.  (Charles Webb married Jemima Elizabeth Wills in Belfast in 1878.)

In 1911 they were living at 48 Albert Rd, Dunlaoghaire, along with Elizabeth T. Webb's widowed mother,  Frances Wills, who had been born in England in about 1840.

George Willis Williams and Eileen Elizabeth had two daughters, Eileen Willis Williams (23rd July 1928 - 26th October 1999) and Muriel Willis Williams who was born in 1934 and who was listed at the family home on the electoral lists, the family home being 12 Grosvenor Place, Rathmines.

George Willis Williams was buried in Mount Jerome cemetery in February 1968.

Williams Headstone, Mount Jerome, Dublin:
Family Burial Place of Willis Creighton Williams
    Jessie Muriel Williams (Junr)  died 20th May 1886  (This was the infant daughter of Willis Creighton Williams and Kate O'Neill, who died at 25 days of age.)
    Willis Creighton Williams (Junr)  died 26th September 1901 (This was the son of Willis Creighton Williams and Kate O'Neill; he died young of typhoid.)
    Emily Williams     died 8th October 1914  (This was the daughter of Richard Williams and Geraldine O'Moore Creighton.)
    Kate Williams      died 17th February 1920  (The wife of Richard and Geraldine's son, Willis Creighton Williams.)
    Willis Creighton Williams  died 22nd October 1932  (This was the son of Richard Williams and Geraldine O'Moore Creighton.)
    John Williams     Killed in France   October 1918'  (John was the son of Willis Creighton Williams and Kate O'Neill.)

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