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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Family of Emily Jane Dartnell, who married Rev. William Newcombe Willis

This post links to my earlier post about the family of my immediate maternal ancestor Thomas Willis of Portarlington...

The grandson of Thomas Willis of Portarlington was Rev. William Newcombe Willis of Kilpeacon who married Emily Evans Dartnell, the daughter of George Roger Dartnell and Rose Frewen, on 21st February 1843.

George Roger Dartnell operated as a prominent solicitor in Limerick city - he was noted as the secretary of the Freemasons in 1847, with an address at 98 George's Street.  He had been born in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, in 1779, and was christened later on 18th September 1782.  His parents were Edward Dartnell of Rathkeale (1727 - 18th August 1799) and Elizabeth Greatorex, who had married on 14th December 1763.

George Dartnell married Rose Frewen, the daughter of Thomas Frewen and Mary Taylor, on 30th July 1807, in Limerick Cathedral.

George Dartnell died at 1 Richmond Place, Limerick, on 28th May 1862 - his will was administered by his son-in-law Rev. William Newcombe Willis of Kilpeacon Glebe, and by his son, George Alps Dartnell of Ballyartney, Co. Clare.  George's widow, Rose Dartnell, died later in March 1870 at 3 Wellington Terrace,  the home of their son, George Alps Dartnell.

A sister of George Dartnell, Lucinda Dartnell, died at the home of her nephew, John Fraser of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, on 5th July 1854.   John Fraser's mother was yet another - unnamed - sister of George Dartnell, who had married Captain George Fraser of Mitchelstown, former Captain in the 54th Regiment, and who herself died there on 22nd July 1851.
Another of the Dartnell sisters, Ellen, was married to Peter Hands of Shannon Bridge - she died there in March 1858.

George also had a brother, John Dartnell of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, who had married Alice Russell of Limerick city in 1792.  John Dartnell had operated in Limerick as, first, a woollen or linen merchant, and then as an accountant.  John Dartnell died on 13th December 1820. His son was the watercolour painter, George Russell Dartnell, who had been born on 20th July 1800 in Limerick, and who was also noted as the Deputy Inspector of Hospitals - he subsequently emigrated to Canada and died there on 22nd July 1878.   Another son was Abraham Dartnell.

John Dartnell also had a son, Edward Russell Dartnell, who settled at Newcastle, immediately adjacent to Rathkeale, Co. Limerick;  Edward Russell Dartnell was married to a woman named Mary Loder who died at Merville, Clontarf, Co. Dublin, in May 1878.   Another newspaper entry names his wife as Mary Loder, daughter of the late Robert Loder of Oxford, and states that she died of cholera at Newcastle, Limerick.
The son of Edward Russell Dartnell and Mary Loder was John Loder Dartnell who died of yellow fever aged 22, in  the Guanape Islands, Peru, on 22nd May 1852.  The 'Cork Examiner' of 15th September 1848 reported his marriage in Lima to Mercedes, the only child of the late Admiral Guise of the Peruvian Service, Grand Marechal of Paris and ex-Captain in the Royal Navy.
Another daughter of Edward Russell Dartnell and Mary Loder was Ann Loder Dartnell who married in Rathronan, on 5th August 1851, Henry Sharp, son of Hugh H. Sharp.

Edward Russell Dartnell, son of John Dartnell and Alice Russell, died at Gurboy Cottage, Co. Limerick, on 23rd February 1869, with probate of his will granted to his unmarried daughter Alice Dartnell.

Yet another son of John Dartnell and Alice Russell of Rathkeale was Nelson Dartnell who died in Calcutta, India, on 18th February 1857.   He was the surgeon of the 53rd regiment, and was noted as the brother of Mr. Dartnell of Rathkeale, and of George Russell Dartnell, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.   Nelson Dartnell married in Madras, Caroline Chester, the daughter of the chaplain, Rev. W. Chester, on 7th October 1834. On 6th March 1862 in Calcutta, their daughter, Ethelreda Mary Dartnell, married Captain Edward Tierney of the Royal Artillery.

George Russell Darnell, son of John Dartnell and Alice Russell, had a daughter, Alice Isabella Dartnell, who married on 1st May 1865, in Henley-in-Arden, UK, Rev. Thomas Jones of Henley. On 17th April 1855 at Wadlands, Temerton, near Plymouth, the wife of George Russell Dartnell, Deputy Inspector General, had a daughter.

A daughter of John Dartnell and Alice Russell was possibly Millina Dartnell who married James Fitzgerald of Rathkeale, and who died in Taylor Street, Limerick, in 1832.

The Children of Rose Frewen and George Dartnell, solicitor of 98 George's St., Limerick:

1)  The eldest son of George Dartnell of 98 George's St., Limerick, was Edward Taylor Dartnell (1807 - 1892), who operated alongside his father as a solicitor in Limerick, before emigrating to St. Mary's, Toronto, in 1850.   Edward Taylor Dartnell was married by Rev. Arthur Guinness in St. Thomas's, Dublin, on 2nd July 1832, to Catherine Coote, the widowed daughter of Gilbert Henry Flemying of Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin.  Edward died in Kingston, Ontario, on 2nd February 1892.

The children of Edward Taylor Dartnell and Catherine Coote were christened in St. Michael's, Limerick:
Elizabeth Morton Dartnell on 26th August 1835.
Catherine Rosa Dartnell on 3rd December 1836.
Rosa Caroline Dartnell on 17th December 1837.
Sarah Jane Dartnell on 24th March 1840 - she died young in October 1841 in Limerick.
Richard Bettesworth Dartnell, born 26th January 1842.

The second daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell, Kate Rose Dartnell, stayed in Ireland where she married  on 26th August 1862, in St. Stephen's, Dublin, her cousin Robert Burdett Morony of Miltown House, a lieutenant in the 3rd Regiment of Foot,  the son of Burdett Marony and Eleanor Lucinda Dartnell of Co. Clare.   Eleanor Lucinda Dartnell was the sister of Edward Taylor Dartnell, both being the children of George Dartnell of Limerick.
Both bride and groom were living at  17 Adelaide Rd., Co. Dublin, and the witness was H.R. Marindin.   This was Major Henry Richard Marindin of the 1st Royal Regiment who had been married to Kate Rose Dartnell's aunt, Elizabeth Jane Dartnell, who would die five years later in July 1867 in Vevay, Switzerland, and who was the daughter of George Dartnell of Limerick.

A third daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell was Rose Caroline Dartnell who had been born in Limerick in 1837 and who would prove the will of her uncle, Henry Richard Marindin, when he died at 211 Rue St. Honoré, Paris, on 26th December 1877. At the time of his death, she was living at this address, but would die at 6 Warwick Mansions, Cromwell Crescent, Middlesex, on 19th February 1929, with probate to Philip George Tillard, retired commander in the R.N., and to his wife Kathleen (Rose) Tillard, née Morony, the daughter of Rose Caroline Dartnell's sister, Kate Rose Dartnell and Robert Burdett Morony.   In 1911, the Tillards were living in Croyden, and Kathleen Tillard's widowed mother, Kate Morony, was visiting - her late husband, Robert Burdett Morony, retired Captain in the 3rd Buffs, of Lochcarrig, Ballinacurra, Co. Cork, had died in Bedford on 17th February 1887.

The Limerick Dartnells and the Clare Moronys (various spellings) intermarried extensively....

The son of Edward Taylor Dartnell was the Canadian judge, George Henry Frewen Dartnell....
"Judge George Henry Frewen Dartnell was born on Feb. 13 1834 in the city of Limerick, Ireland.  He was the son of Edward Taylor Dartnell, a prominent Irish solicitor, who came to Canada in 1850 and settled in Toronto.
George Dartnell studied at King's College, London, England and continued his education under the tuition of his father.  He first studied law under Chief Justice Hagarty in Toronto, and with John Hillyard Cameron,  a noted Toronto lawyer.  He was admitted to the Bar in 1857.
In 1858 he formed a partnership at Whitby with H.J. MacDonell and Hector Cameron Q.C. and was appointed Master of Chancery in 1859. In 1873 he became Junior Judge of Ontario County and Senior Judge in 1896.
In his early years, George Dartnell was sub-editor of the Daily Patriot, the first daily paper issued in Toronto, and for 18 years, served on the Whitby School Board.  He was chairman of the Board for 9 years.
Judge Dartnell was very much involved in Masonic activities.  He was a senior deacon of the Grand Lodge of Canada and district grand master and representative in the Grand Lodge of Cuba and Ceylon.
He was also the first Master of a Blue Lodge at Uxbridge.
Judge Dartnell was president of the local St. Patrick's Society, president of the Whitby Cricket Club, and Patron of the Whitby Curling Club.
He was a military man also, having served during the Fenian raids of 1866, and during the "Trent Affair" of 1861, he organized a company of volunteer militia at Whitby,  of which he was appointed Captain.
Judge Dartnell received his first and second class certificates at the Military School at Toronto,  and commanded his company at Niagara Falls during the Fenian raids. Their duty was to stand guard at the suspension bridge linking Canada with the United States, across the Niagara River. 
He rose to the rank of Major and later Lieutenant Colonel,  and acted as a musketry instructor for militia training camps at Niagara.
Judge Dartnell was married twice,  first to Louisa Hawke, and second, in 1873, to Caroline Gross.
In politics, he was a Conservative, and in religion, a member of the Church of England.
Judge Dartnell died on Feb. 2nd, 1899....During his term of office, he was recognized by his contemporaries as "one of the ablest, fairest and most judicious judges in Ontario." '   (From the Whitby Free Press of 1976.)

2)  The eldest daughter of George Dartnell of George's St, was Anna-Maria Dartnell (10th June 1809 - 7th November 1889) who married Thomas Morony, eldest son of Thomas Morony of Miltown House, in September 1833 in Miltown Church, Miltown Malbay.
Anna Maria Dartnell

3)  The second daughter of George Dartnell was Rose Dartnell (1810 - 1863), who had been named after her mother, and who married on 1st September 1832, as his first wife, Charles John Whyte of Loughbrickland, Co. Down, who settled at Strandfield House, Co. Wexford, but who was also noted at Strandfield House, Miltown Malbay, and later in life at Blenheim House, Brighton. Charles John Whyte was the grandson of John White and Letitia de Burgh of Leixlip.
Wife Rose Dartnell was the widow of John Reeves of Limerick, who she had married in Limerick in April 1831.   The great-great-great granddaughter of Charles John Whyte and Rose Dartnell, Pam Numan of Bendigo, Austalia, kindly shared these family photos of the Dartnell family with me.

A son of Charles John Whyte and Rose Dartnell was Pam's great-great grandfather, George Lewis Whyte of the 55th Regiment, who married Frances, only daughter of Henry Whitcomb R.N., Miltown Malbay, in St. Michael's, Limerick, in November 1856.
In 1833 Henry Whitcomb R.N. had married Frances Morony, the youngest daughter of Thomas Morony of Miltown House, Miltown Malbay - Frances Morony was the youngest sister of Thomas Harrison Morony, whose two sons had married daughters of George Dartnell of Limerick - Thomas Morony Junior (1809 - 23rd August 1847) had married Anna Maria Dartnell in 1833, while brother Burdett Morony had married Eleanor Lucinda Dartnell in 1847.  Thomas Morony Junior had died of inflammation of the heart in Sackville Street, Dublin, on 23rd August 1847, and Burdett Morony succeeded him as head of the Morony family of Miltown House.
Charles Whyte Junior

4) George Alps Dartnell, a son, who lived at Ballyartney, Co Clare in 1862, and who had an address at The Retreat, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, in 1880.

In April 1854 in Kildysart Church,  George Alps Dartnell, 2nd son of George Dartnell of Limerick, married the widow, Charlotte Barclay, the daughter of Thomas Morony of Miltown House, Miltown-Malbay, Co. Clare.   Charlotte was the widow of Thomas Barclay of Ballyartney, who had died in about 19th June 1847 leaving no will.  He left four minor children - Richard Barclay, Anne Barclay, Thomas Harrison Barclay and Robert Burdett Barclay.  

On 22nd June 1881 in Ballymote Church, Robert Burdett Barclay, bank inspector, the only surviving son of the late Thomas Barclay of Ballyartney, married Frances Mary Moore, second daughter of Rev. Arthur Moore B.D., Dean of Achonry, who conducted the ceremony.

Robert Burdett Barclay, son of Charlotte Morony and Thomas Barclay, proved the will of his widowed mother when she died at 19 Upper Leeson Street on 31st May 1888.

George Alps Dartnell

5)  The 3rd daughter, Elizabeth Jane Dartnell (1814 - 17th July 1867), married Major Henry Richard Marindin in Limerick on 27th October 1836 - she died at La Tour de Peilz, Vevay,  Switzerland, on 17th July 1867, aged 52. He died at the Hotel St. James, 211 Rue St. Honoré, Paris, on 26th December 1877, and one of the beneficiaries of his will was the unmarried Rose Caroline Dartnell, his niece, who was the daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell and Catherine Coote.

Henry Marindin
Elizabeth Jane Dartnell
The Marindin family originated in Vevey, Switzerland - where Elizabeth Jane died in July 1867 - and settled in Birmingham in the 1750's where they operated as merchants.  John Philip Marindin married Eliza there;  a merchant, he died at Edgbaston, Warwickshire, in 1806. His wife, Eliza Marindin, died in Charles Street, Birmingham, aged 85, in July 1835.

Their son was the Birmingham merchant, Samuel Peter Marindin, who had been born in Birmingham in 1774 and who married in Bristol in 1805, Catherine Louisa Webb, the third daughter of Samuel Webb of Henbury, Gloucestershire.    Following the birth of their children, Catherine Louisa Marindin died in December 1813 at the home of her father, Samuel Webb of Henbury.
Samuel Peter Marindin married again, applying for a marriage licence in Birmingham on 24th May 1819. His second wife, by whom he had no further children , was Isabella Iddins, the daughter of John Iddins of Summerfield House, Birmingham.
Declared bankrupt in 1827 in Birmingham, Samuel Peter Marindin died in September 1839 in Worfield, Shropshire; his debts were later settled by his son, Rev. Samuel Marindin.

Samuel Peter Marindin and his first wife, Catherine Louisa Webb, had:

a) Catherine Louisa Marindin who was born in late 1813 at Henbury, Gloucestershire,  prior to her mother's death in December 1813, and who was baptised in 1814.  She married William Sharington Davenport of Worfield, Shropshire, in 1835 and died aged 52 on 17th July 1865 at Davenport, Shropshire.
b) Philip Marindin, a pupil of the Free Grammar School in Shrewsbury, who drowned while swimming in the Severn in September 1824.
c) Henry Richard Marindin, born 1812 at Henbury,  who married Elizabeth Jane Dartnell, daughter of George Dartnell, in Limerick on 27th October 1836.  
d) Rev. Samuel Marindin, born circa 1813 in Edgbaston, Warwickshire. Formerly of the 2nd Life Guards, he married Isabella Colville.
Amongst the children of Rev. Samuel Marindin and Isabella Colville were Major Arthur Francis Marindin of the Board of Trade, and George Eden Marindin, a Master at Eton School, who proved the will of his aunt, Elizabeth Jane Marindin, wife of Henry Richard Marindin, when she died in July 1867.  She died at Vevay, Switzerland, the ancestral home of the Marindin family.  At the time of her death, her address was noted as 8 Rue Keppler Chaillot, Paris.  Along with nephew George Eden Marindin, her will was proved by Robert Morony of 8 Hampton Place, Bedford, late a Captain in the 3rd Regiment.

Major Henry Richard Marindin and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Dartnell, had lived for a time at Osberstown, Co. Kildare, where, on 7th March 1859, their two Dartnell nieces - unnamed by the 'Belfast Newsletter' of 17th March - almost drowned in Celbridge, when during a visit to their uncle the horse pulling their phaeton bolted and tipped them into the Grand Canal.

Elizabeth Jane's husband, Henry Richard Marindin, died on 26th December 1877 at Hotel St. James, 211 Rue St. Honoré, Paris, and his will was proved by two relatives, Edmund Davenport of Davenport House and by niece Rose Caroline Dartnell of 211 Rue St. Honoré, daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell and Catherine Dartnell and who had been born in Limerick in 1837.

6) Emily Dartnell (1816 - 1816).

7) Emily Jane Dartnell (24th May 1818 - 28th Feb. 1889) who married our ancestor, Rev. William Newcombe Willis.
Rev. William Newcombe Willis, wife Emily Jane Dartnell and their son, Charley Willis. 

8) An unmarried daughter of George Dartnell, born in 1820,  Dorothea Susannah Dartnell, died at Quinlan Street,  Limerick on 4th January 1892.   He will was administered by relative Henry de Laval Willis, JP of Ennis.

9)  Yet another daughter of George Dartnell, Eleanor Lucinda Dartnell (1821 or 1822 - 5th August 1911) married Burdett Morony of Miltown House, Co. Clare, on 11th June 1847.   Burdett Morony of Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, had been born in 1815 to Thomas Harrison Morony and Anna Burdett of Miltown House.  Their son, Robert Burdett Morony, Lieutenant in the 3rd Buffs, married, on 26th August 1862 in St. Stephen's, Dublin, Kate Rose Dartnell, the second daughter of Edward Taylor Dartnell of Canada West.  The widowed FEleanor Lucinda Morony of Miltown House died on 5th August 1911, and her will was administered by the unmarried Lucy and Florence Dartnell.

10) Thomas William Dartnell (before 1825 - 16th May 1862). A solicitor, he lived at 63 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, where his wife gave birth to a son on 18th July 1849;  this infant, named as Thomas William, died on 4th September 1849.  Another son, with the same name was born at this address on 14th November 1852, but died, as did a third son, also Thomas William Dartnell, who was buried on 23rd November 1855 in St. George's.  Thomas William Dartnell, solicitor and son of George Dartnell of Limerick, died in Melbourne on 16th May 1862.

A son, George Meadows Dartnell, was born to Thomas William and Dorothea Dartnell at Upper Gardiner Street on 8th July 1848.

11)  Rev. Richard Waller Dartnell (July 1825 - 19th February 1893).  On 29th April 1851 at Rodbourne Cheney in Wiltshire, UK, Rev. Richard Waller Dartnell, Vicar of Rodbourne Cheney, married Arabella Thring Goddard, the youngest daughter of the late Rev. Edward Goddard of Cliffe Pypard. The ceremony was performed by the bride's brother, Rev. George A. Goddard, rector of Cliffe Pypard, Wiltshire.
On 14th March 1854, his wife gave birth to a daughter at Parsonage House, Mordon, Wiltshire, UK.  In June 1862, they had a son at the Vicarage, Bridge Water, Somerset.

Richard Waller Dartnell's mother-in-law, Mrs. Goddard, died in April 1855.

Rev. Richard Waller Dartnell died, aged 67, at Huish Rectory on 19th February 1893 - he had been incumbent there for the previous 19 years.

12)  Caroline Otway Dartnell (12th November 1827 - January 1829.)  Caroline died aged 14 months in George's Street, Limerick.


  1. An interesting read. I first came across the Dartnells in a correspondence between Edward Taylor Dartnell, and Thomas Frewen, of Sussex (Frewen Archive, East Sussex Record Office, Lewes, FRE/4118) discussing details about the Irish branch of the Frewen family, the large number of illegitimate children fathered by both his grandfather Thomas Frewin, MD and his grand-uncle William Frewin, solicitor. Edward Taylor Dartnell was the son Rose Frewen, the only child of Thomas Frewen MD He and his brother William were the sons of Rev. Francis Frewen (d1801) and Elizabeth Waller.
    Rev. Francis Frewen who spent time in Antigua, was one of six children of a clergyman, rector of Castleconnell, Rev. Thomas Frewen and Elizabeth Waller. Described as Rev. Francis of Antigua [see FRE/4070 - Letter from William Betham, Dublin Castle to Thomas Frewen, Brickwall with an extract from a mortgage (3 & 4 Aug 1743) by the Rev Thomas Frewen of Castle Connell of the Blubber Valley Plantation, Antigua.] Elizabeth Waller, one of three sisters, daughters of Rev. William Waller. (I have also seen the father referred to as Rev. Samuel Waller.) Their brother Jonathan on the transfer of land was to pay her and sisters a 'certain sum of money' during the lifetime of their father. The money was never paid, the father reversed the land settlement and devised the land to the daughters in his will. Jonathan became a bankrupt and the assignee tried to get the land, leading to an advert by Francis or his eponymous son (now in possession of lands) in papers July 1778.
    Going back further, Rev. Thomas was the son of Joseph Frewen (d1711) and Sarah Eames. Joseph I am confident (research, but no proof) was the son of Thomas Frewen (1611- bef 1670) a Cromwellian officer who settled in Castleconnell.

  2. Bob, this is a wonderful addition to my Dartnell post. Many thanks for taking the time to comment and for helping to pad out what I have on the family. Your additional information will be of great interest to any of the Frewen or Dartnell descendants out there - much appreciated!

  3. I'm always glad to add to the pool of knowledge. There is some 'conflict' over the identity of Thomas b1611 - I'm quite confident he was the son of Rev. John Frewen of Northiam, East Sussex (a 'gateway' ancestor). Thos. firstly married (licence date 23 Mar 1638) a Bridget Crompe, daughter of the Rev. John Crompe of Hastings and Bridget Andrews. He married secondly Elizabeth Wilkinson, daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, titulado of Castleconnell.
    Rose Frewen had a brother William but which side of the blanket he was from is as yet unknown. He's mentioned in media reports on Thomas Frewen MD's death. By May 1834 Thomas MD was well on the way to insolvency, had left Limerick and was lodging in Dublin. He died (Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail August 20th) - Suddenly on the 12th inst., at the house of Mrs Sargeant, 31 French St., Thomas Frewen, Esq MD late of the City of Limerick
    The 'Waterford Mail' repeating a story on 30 August 1834 from the 'Limerick Herald' reports -" The Late Doctor Frewen – The sudden death of this gentleman in Dublin under melancholy and peculiar circumstances has caused the deepest affliction in his family. It is affirmed that the manner of concealment both of his death and burial, for many days, from his friends, and in particular from his son, Mr. William Frewen, whom he had desired to meet him at the Bank of Ireland on the day of his decease, but who was left in ignorance of his misfortune, together with some other strange and afflictive reasons, have filled them with the direct alarm at such mystery."

  4. Alison,
    you say: "George Russell Dartnell, who had been born on 20th July 1800 in Limerick, and who was also noted as the Deputy Inspector of Hospitals - he subsequently emigrated to Canada and died there on 22nd July 1878."

    Actually he was posted to Canada for the Army for some years in the late 1830s, where he did many watercolours, but he returned to the UK and died at Leamington Spa. He ran an asylum for the insane there. The date of death is correct.

    For his Canadian watercolours try to get hold of a copy of "Posted to Canada" by Honor de Pencier, who is married to a Dartnell descendant.

    Best wishes,
    Keith Dawson