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Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Family of Maria Emily Baskin, daughter of Robert Baskin and Kate Ringwood

Our great-great grandmother,  Isabella Anna Pennefather, was the older sister of John Pennefather. This post concerns the family of John Pennefather's wife, Maria Baskin, and of other related families, all of them Methodist.

John Pennefather and Maria Emily Baskin married on September 12th 1888 in Dublin.  At the time of the wedding, John was living at 132 North Strand Road and was working as a clerk. Maria Emily Baskin was living at 219 Clonliffe Road - her father was Robert Baskin, a gentleman. The witnesses were her brother - Richard Ringwood Baskin and a Laura Owens.

Maria Emily Baskin had been born May 20th 1861 to Robert Baskin (who had been born in 1828) and Kate Ringwood in Dublin.   Kate Ringwood, was the daughter of a Kilkenny farmer, Richard Ringwood;  Kate Ringwood and Robert Baskin married at Erke, Kilkenny on 22nd October 1856.

Maria Emily Baskin's great-grandparents were Oliver Baskin and Elizabeth Haughton who married in 1795. They settled in the Co. Waterford area where they had son William Haughton Baskin on 19th  May 1798 in Kilmacthomas. Other children born to Oliver Baskin and Elizabeth Haughton were Isabella Baskin, born 1795, Mary Baskin who married Robert Thompson in Dublin in 1822, and Robert Baskin who died at age 12.

(A Serjeant Oliver Baskin who had been born in Inver, Co. Donegal joined the army. Find My Past hold the Kilmainham Pensioners British Army Service Records online, and his file notes that Serjeant Oliver Baskin had been born in Inver in 1758 and had served 15 years in the Donegal Militia, but had been discharged in 1800 due to a longstanding liver complaint. This individual might not be the Oliver Baskin who married Elizabeth Houghton in 1795, or he might be a relation, since the largest cluster of Baskins occurs in Donegal.)

The eldest son of Oliver Baskin and Elizabeth Haughton, William Haughton Baskin (19th May 1798 - 18th November 1877):

On 15th May 1821, William Haughton Baskin of Paradise Row (modern name Wellington Street), son of Oliver Baskin and Elizabeth Haughton, married Maria Deaker (1799 - 25th April 1881) of Abbey Street.  Maria Deaker was the daughter of  John Dacre/Deaker 1762-1815, and Lydia Margaret Steele 1770ish-1847.

The children of Lydia Margaret Steele and John D'acre/Deaker of Co. Wexford:

1) Alice D'acre (c.1795 - 21st February 1874) who married, on 11th May 1813, George Hipwell (baptised Offerlane, Queen's County 19th December 1791 - 13th January 1829), son of George Hipwell, of Marymount, Queen's County.
(A second Hipwell family, that of William and Ann Hipwell of Ballinrally, was also recorded in the Offerlane Parish Register.)
Alice and George Hipwell settled in Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford where their children were  baptised in St. Mary's Church.
Their only surviving son, John William Hipwell, married, in March 1838 in St. Mark's, Dublin, Maria Caroline, the eldest daughter of Dublin solicitor John Wiber.  
George Hipwell died in January 1829 and his death was recorded in the St. Mary's register in Newtownbarry, as was the death of a Humphries Hipwell in 1831.  Alica, wife of George Hipwell died in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, aged 79 on 21st February 1874, and her will was granted to her son-in-law, Miles Sterling of Thomastown.
Anne Hipwell, who had been born in Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford, in May 1827 and who had been christened there in St.Mary's by George and Alicia Hipwell of Newtownbarry, married William Hinton of Grosvenor Road, Rathmines , in June 1859 in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

Margaret Hipwell, eldest daughter of Alicia and George Hipwell of Newtownbarry, married Dr. Miles Sterling of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, on 30th December 1840.  Miles Sterling also had strong links to the Deaker and Ringwood families - he reappears later in this post.

2) Richard D'acre (11th July 1795 - 27th May 1861.)

3) William D'acre/Deaker (1st September 1797 - 18th August 1880). William Deaker, a baker, was of Abbey Street in the 1830s and 1840s. He married Sarah Sterling in the Meath Diocese in 1830. When he died on 18th August 1880 at 77 Kenilworth Square, his widow was noted as Sarah Deaker.  When she died in 1897 in Rathgar, her will was probated by William Houghton Baskin, of Lurgan, the son of Maria Deaker and William Haughton Baskin Senior .

In 1865, Elizabeth Deaker, daughter of William Deaker of Kenilworth Square, married James William Levis, son of Samuel Levis of Leap, Glandore, Co. Cork. The witnesses were Miles Sterling and William Deaker.  William Ringwood of Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, son of farmer Richard Ringwood, married Alice Sterling of 77 Kenilworth Square, Rathmines, daughter of surgeon Miles Sterling.  The witnesses were Miles Sterling and Richard Ringwood.

The youngest daughter of William Deaker of Kenilworth Square, Rathmines was Sarah Louisa Deaker who married Thomas Bennett, son of Thomas Bennett of Shannon Vale, Clonakilty, in the Wesleyan Church, Charleston Road, Dublin,  on 18th October 1866. ('Belfast Newsletter', 20th October 1866.)
William Deaker died aged 83 at 77 Kenilworth Square, Rathmines, on 18th August 1880;  his widow, Sarah Deaker, died aged 98 at 77 Kenilworth Square on 25th January 1897;  William Haughton Baskin of Hill House, Lurgan, was the informant of death.

4) Maria D'acre/Deaker (20th December 1799 - 25th April 1880) who married, in 1826, William Haughton Baskin (19th May 1798 - 18th November 1877).

5) Robert D'acre/Deaker (16th May 1805 - 12th July 1861).  A merchant of Eden Quay involved in both shipping and the wine business.  His estate was settled in the Court of Chancery - this was announced in the papers of the day, and named his widow as Jane Deaker, who was Robert's second wife. His first wife had been Maria Kent, the youngest daughter of William Kent of Aungier Street, who he'd married on 30th March 1842.
He then married Jane, the daughter of surgeon Thomas Underhill of Tipton, England - she died aged 70 on 3rd July 1887 at  272 Monument Road, Edgbaston Road, Manchester. ('Manchester Times', 9th July 1887.)   Her will was proved by her two brothers, the surgeon William Lees Underhill of Tipton, Stafford, and Dr. Thomas Underhill of Summerhill House, West Bromich.

Robert Deaker died, aged 56, at his residence in Grosvenor Terrace, Rathgar, on 12th July 1861. ('Cork Examiner'', 16th July 1861.)

Robert Deaker's only surviving daughter, Eliza Anne Deaker, married Thomas Edward Owen, surgeon of Devon, on 20th July 1859 in Coolock where the Deaker family settled.  Thomas Edward Owen was the son of Jeremiah Owen and grandson of Welsh-born Jacob Owen, architect of the Dublin Board of Works.  Jeremiah was one of the 13 surviving children of Jacob Owen of Mountjoy Square;  another was Mary Anne Mew who married, on 29th October 1846 in St. George's, Thomas Underhill, surgeon of Tipton.  Robert Deaker of Eden Quay had married, as his second wife, Jane, the daughter of this same Thomas Underhill.

Thomas Edward Owen, husband of Eliza Anne Deaker,  practised medicine in Totnes, England, becoming mayor there;  he died in 1884, leaving Eliza with seven children to support -

a) Emily Owen 1860 - 1950.
b) Arthur Owen, born 1862, he married Kate O'Neill, and had Marjory, Vaughn and David.
c)Harold Own, born circa 1862, who emigrated to New Zealand; his daughter is believed to have married a man by the name of 'Swan' there.
d) Edith Owen (1864 - 1959) of Plymouth, married Elgar Down (1867 - 1930) a doctor from Kent; the family settled in Plymouth and had three daughters - Monica, a talented doctor who died before the age of 30,  Ruth, who was the secretary to various Governors of Bermuda and who died in Cornwall in 1989, and Dorothea who married William James Coode and whose son, Mark, kindly passed his family info onto me for inclusion here.
e) Percy (1867 - 1926), who married Ella Egremont Pigou.
f) Lucy (1868 - 1958), who married Edward Bennett and had two sons, Owen and Richard.
g) Gerald who died in 1884, the same year as his father.

Robert Deaker's son, William Deaker, married Henrietta Lydia, 3rd surviving daughter of Henry Hill of 5 Ventnor Terrace, Cliftonville, late of 65 Avenue Road, Regent's Park, in Hove, Brighton, on 26th August 1867.  ('Dublin Evening Mail', 28th August 1867.)   A wine merchant of 20 and 21 Eden Quay and of 35 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, he died on 17th January 1893;  probate of his will was granted to his widow Henrietta Lydia Deaker. ('England and Wales National Probate Calendar'.)

His widow, Henrietta Lydia Deaker, died at 21 Eden Quay on 10th October 1912;  her will was granted to the widowed Catherine Prosser Middleton.

6) Lydia Deaker (25th March 1808 - 21st December 1882) who married Dr. William Clendinnen in Co. Wexford in 1826.   William Clendinnen was the son of the Methodist preacher, Rev. John C. Clendinnen, who had been born in Co. Down, where the Clendinnen name proliferates, and who died in Bideford, England, on 6th February 1855.  John was the son of James Clendinnen who had moved from Dunfriesshire, Scotland, to Co. Down in the 1750's.  Rev. John C. Clendinnen had married Mary A. on 4th March 1802, and son William had been born in 1804 or 1805 in Skibbereen or Bandon in Co. Cork.
Rev. John Clendinnen moved to Gorey, Co. Wexford, where Mrs. Clendinnen, wife of Rev. John C. Clendinnen, ran a ladies' academy in the 1830s, buth ultimately they settled in Carlow.

Lydia Clendinnen, née Deaker, died aged 75 at Minvaud House, Hacketstown, in 1882.
A son of Dr. William Clendinnen and Lydia Deajer was John Deaker Clendinnen, who had been born on 24th February 1828, in Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford, and who emigrated to Canada in 1855.

Other children of William Clendinnen and Lydia Deaker were Charlotte Clendinnen who married Abraham Harrison, son of Robert Harrison, in Clonmore, Co. Carlow, on 22nd October 1856, Margaret Alicia Clendinnen who married Samuel Hanna, son of Samuel Hanna, in Carnew on 24th October 1852, John Clendinnen who settled at Yarra Yarra, Australia, and whose daughter, Mary Charlotte, married Charles Stevens Reeves on 28th January 1862.  L
ydia Sophia Clendinnen, daughter of William Clendinnen and Lydia Deaker, married Rev. Francis Bettesworth Mollan, the curate of Fiddown, son of Rev. Robert Mollan of Drumgath, in Dublin on 26th May 1880.
On 26th October 1870 in Clonmore, John Wheeler of Carysfort, Co. Wicklow, married Maryanne, the eldest surviving daughter of Dr. Clendinnen of Clonmore Lodge, Co. Wicklow.
On 29th July 1869 in the Scots Church, Adelaide Road, Dr. J.G. Clendinnen, son of Dr. Clendinnen of Clonmore Lodge, married Lizzie, the daughter of James McEntire of Eary, Co. Tyrone.
Another son of William and Lydia Clendinnen was the doctor William Ellis Clendinnen who had been born in 1839 and who practised, first in Cheswardine, then in Stafford where he was the medical officer for health.  An unpleasant individual, he was accused and acquitted of rape in 1870, but was also known to beat his wife, Sarah, who later left him when she saw sense, as dud his children who later emigrated.

7) Margaret d'Acre/Deaker (15th November 1809 - 30th december 1885) who married William Doyle (6th December 1791 - 17th March 1866) on 9th December 1829.

In 1848, juries were put together to try the republican rebels, William Smith O'Brien and Thomas Francis Meagher.  Two of the jurors in the O'Brien case were John Deaker of 21.5 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, gentleman, and William Deaker, baker of 74 Abbey Street.  Robert Deaker of 21 Eden Quay was named as one of the jurors in the Meagher case.

Online research:  Maria Deaker was daughter of  John Dacre/Deaker 1762-1815, and Lydia Margaret Steele Dacre/Deaker 1770?-1847.
Lydia Margaret Steele was from Kyle, Queen's County - her brother Richard Steele had been born there in about 1773 and emigrated to Grenada in the West Indies.   Francis Biddulph (1770 -1826) of Mount Oliver, Queen's County, married Mary Steele, the daughter of Major Richard Steele of Kyle - Richard S. Biddulph, the second son of the late Francis Biddulph of Mount Oliver, Queen's County, married Catherine Matilda, the daughter of Colonel Bates of the 21st Light Dragoons, in Kensington in July 1838.

The Steele family of Kyle, Co. Wexford had links to Richard Ringwood, as well as to the Deaker family - in 1852, the Encumbered Estates Court was selling off land leased by Richard Ringwood in Co. Kilkenny, at Rathpatrick and at Bawn.  The original Rathpatrick lease had been taken out on 3rd March 1819 for 197 acres from the Earl of Courttown by Richard Ringwood, for the three lives of Richard Steele, son of John Steele of Kyle, Samuel Ringwood son of William Ringwood of Granige (or Graigue), and William Little, son of John Little of Balliquiddihy.

On 2nd April 1805, Richard Ringwood took out a further lease from the Earl of Courttown for land in Bawn, Co. Kilkenny - the three lives named in this one were Richard Steele, William Jacob and Thomas Steele of whom only Thomas Steele was still alive, aged about 50, in 1852.  

Notes on the Steele family of Kyle, Queen's County...the following births, deaths etc. have been sourced from the Irish Newspapers archive courtesy of Find My Past, and from the National Archives wills calendars.   

Early Steele marriages:
William Steele of Keile (sic), Queen's County, married Charlotte Fielding in St. Catherine's, Dublin, on 21st July 1722.
Anne Steele of Kyle married Thomas White of Donoughmore, Queen's County, on 17th April 1739.

Major Richard Steele  -  in October 1775 Richard Steele of Kyle, married Miss Philips of Philipsburgh, Queen's County.   The death of Major Richard Steele (1744 - 1835), last Major of the Irish Volunteers of 1782 - he died at Kyle House, in 1835 aged 91.  ('The Pilot', 12th August 1835.)

 'Saunders Newsletter', 28th November 1821, announced the upcoming sale of the lands of Ballydowell and Coolishill, Co. Kilkenny, which was to be sold following a decree executed in the court of chancery on 27th May 1818, by way of executing the will of the late Richard Phillips the elder.  The two executors of his will were Richard Steele and James Scott. The plaintiffs in the case were Richard Phillips Junior, son and heir of the deceased.

In June 1803, Richard Steele of Mount Oliver married Miss Rathborne, the daughter of R. Rathborne of Ballimore, Co. Galway.   In April 1807, Richard Steele of Kyle, near Rathdowney, was letting or selling Mount Oliver, also near Rathdowney.  On 15th November 1847, the lands of both Harristown and neighbouring Kyle were both being put up for sale in Dublin by order of the Court of Chancery - the sale of  the Harristown property was subject to its original lease, dated 2nd April 1799, in which Richard Steele demised his Harristown property to his eldest son, George Steele.  

George Steele married Dorothea Armstrong in 1797.

George Steele, eldest son of Richard Steele, died at some stage prior to 1826, when his eldest son and heir, Richard Steele of Harristown, married Annabelle Murray, daughter of Rev. Henry Murray of Dublin.  Annabelle's brother, Charles Murray, was one of the trustees, and land mentioned here was property near Rathdowney including Skirk, all to be held in trust on behalf of the bride. A William Armstrong Steele was also mentioned in this document, but his relationship to the groom, Richard Steele of Harristown, wasn't clarified, although he was most likely his brother, their parents being George Steele and Dorothea Armstrong.     In September 1819,  Ellen, the eldest daughter of the late George Steele, and sister of Richard Steele, of Harristown, had married a William Armstrong. 

 Annabella, née Murray, widow of the late Richard Steele of Skeirke and earlier of Harristown, married John Kennedy, son of the late Rev. P. Kennedy of Loughmore, Tipperary, in Holycross Church in April 1853. (From the 'Southern Reporter', 26th April 1853.)  
William Armstrong of Farney Castle - who had bailed out the insolvent Richard Steele of Balledmond in 1848, died on 22nd December 1872 and the executor of his will was George Vandeleur Steele, who lived at Skeirke Cottage and who sorted out the will of his late brother,  Captain William Armstrong Steele of the 30th Regiment of Foot who had died on 20th August 1874.   George Vandeleur Steele must have been the dependable type - he also stood as executor to his wife, Susan Steele who died at Skeirke Cottage on 25th January 1866, and to Mary Switzer, late of Osier Hill, Taghmon, Co. Wexford, who died in Tramore on 14th August 1882 - Mary Steele, youngest daughter of the late Captain Steele of Ballyedmond, had married a Rev. N. Switzer on 11th August 1858.
In October 1848 it was reported that Richard Steele of Ballyedmond had been jailed in Maryborough as an insolvent - Rev. Robert Armstrong of Clonoulty, Tipperary, and William Armstrong of Farney Castle became sureties on his behalf. (A William Armstrong married a Sarah Steele in 1829.)  Earlier, the 'Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail' of 19th April 1834 had announced the marriage in Ardagh Church, Co. Cork, of Richard Steele of Ballyedmond, Captain in the Roya Queen's County Militia, to Eleanor/Ellen, daughter of the late Rev. Anthony Armstrong, Vicar of Emly.   Ellen Steele died in Ballyedmond on 30th January 1866.    In 1844 George Steele, youngest son of Richard Steele of Ballyedmond, died. 

In 1813 the death occurred of the wife of Richard Steele of Kyle. ('Gentlemans' Magazine and Historical Chronicle, Part 1'.)

Deed 573-266-388440, registered on 20th November 1805, was between George Bond of Kelogue, Queen's County, Susanna Steele, spinster of Borris-in-Ossory, Susanna Roberts, the spinster aunt of Susanna Steele, and Richard Steele of Keelogue.  George Bond was marrying Susanna Steele.  The lands of Springhill, Villars, near Borris-in-Ossory, were being placed in trust for the bride;  this was witnessed by gentleman Thomas Steele and William Dawson Roberts.   A deed of assigment, 573-266-388440, dated 20th October 1805, between Joseph Bond of Clononen, Queen's County, and George Bond of Kelogue, named three members of this same Steele family, namely, Thomas Steele, his wife Ellen, and Richard Steele.

The 'Dublin Evening Mail'  of 12th March 1845 reported on the case in chancery, whereby the creditors and legatees of the late Richard Steele of Kyle, Queen's County, were named as Richard Steele, John Steele, a second Richard Steele and Jane Steele. 

John Steele of Kyle House, Queen's County:
In 1861 the death occurred of Elizabeth, the widow of John Steele of Kyle Park, and third daughter of the late Hon. Eyre Massey of Queen's County. ('Kings County Chronicle', 3rd April 1861.)  Elizabeth was noted as the aunt of Nicholas Biddulph, who had been born to Mary Steele and Francis Biddulph in about 1803.

The children of John Steele and Elizabeth Massey were Richard William Steele, Hugh Massey Steele, John Steele and William Henry Steele, whose lands of Monanelli or Monelly were put up for sale by the Encumbered Estates Court on 22nd June 1869.   Matilda Frances Steele died 21st February 1859 in Monarelli, with probate granted to her father John Steele of Monarelli.  

The eldest son of John Steele of Kyle House was Richard William Steele who married Hanora Butler, the eldest daughter of Charles Lennon of Tramore, in April 1840. ('Southern Reporter', 28th April 1840.)  Hanora gave birth to a daughter at her father's home in Co. Wexford, in October 1841. 

Hugh Massey Steele, son of John Steele of Kyle House, emigrated to Australia where he married Maria Frost, second eldest daughter of John Frost of Suffolk, England, on 23rd August 1870 in Bowral. The 'Sydney Mail' of 27h August 1870 named Hugh Massey Steele as the 5th eldest son of the late John Steele of Kyle House, and late of Her Majesty's 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars.

Samuel Ringwood took out a lease on Bawn on 3rd March 1819 for the lives of Thomas Little, William Ringwood and Richard Mason, of whom only William Ringwood and Richard Mason were still alive, both aged about 36, in 1852.  In 1852, this land was tenanted by Thomas Ringwood.

Thomas Ringwood was one of the three lives named in the lease, dated 20th October 1847, for land in Yoletown, (near Rosslare), Co. Wexford, which was, at the time of its sale in June 1879, tenanted by the representative of Catherine Higginson. The other two lives named were John Sealy and William Tanner, of whom only William Tanner was still alive in 1879.
Another  Yoletown lease was dated 2nd April 1810 from William Hobbs to William Tanner for the three lives of Samuel Higginson, John Barrington and William Barrington;  only the Barringtons were still alive in 1879 at the time of the sale of the property.  (Landed Estates records courtesy of Find My Past. )

Richard Ringwood had married into the Higginson family of Yoletown, but would settle and farm in the townlands of Eirke, Johnstown, Rathpatrick, and Bawn, in the parish of Galmoy, Co. Kilkenny.

Richard Ringwood (1799 - 1881) of Co. Kilkenny married Susan, eldest daughter of Richard Higginson of Yeoultown/Yoletown, Co. Wexford, in Kilsceran Church in April 1828.  A Richard Higginson had married a Catherine Barrington in 1804 - this from the Marriage Licence Bonds of Ossory, and would tally with the above Yoletown lease of 1810 which named both the Higginsons and the Barringtons.  Richard Higginson of Yoletown, Co. Wexford, died in April 1836.

Richard Ringwood of Farrenmurry died on 22nd March 1881, with probate granted to William Ringwood of Tullavolta, Johnstown, and to Henry Ringwood of Medop Hall, Ferns, Wexford.

Ringwood wills indexed in the Public Records Office:
Henry Ringwood of Castle Pierse, Co. Kilkenny - 1838.
Mary Ringwood of Graigue, Queen's County - 1842.
Richard Ringwood of Graigue, Queen's County - 1848.
Samuel Ringwood Graigue, Queen's County  - 1816.
Samuel Ringwood of Castle Pierse - 1829.
Thomas Ringwood of Tillavalty, Co. Kilkenny - 1826.

The Children of Richard Ringwood and Susan Higginson of Tillavolty or Farrenmurry, Johnstown were:

1) Kate Ringwood, who married Robert Baskin at Erke, Kilkenny on 22nd October 1856 - their daughter, Maria Emily Baskin, married our John Pennefather on September 12th 1888.

2) The eldest son of Richard and Susan Ringwood was Thomas Ringwood of Castle Pierce, Johnstown, Kilkenny. He married in Dublin, on 11th December 1866, Mary Elizabeth Christianna Perry (1842 - 1920), the only child of William C. Perry of Rathdowney, Queen's County.

Elizabeth Christiana Ringwood, widow, late of 87 Upper Georges Street, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, died in 1920, and her will was granted to Rev. James MacManaway.  His brother was Terence McManaway who married Susan Adelaide Ringwood, the daughter of William Ringwood, the brother of Thomas Ringwood.
Rev. James Macmanaway and Terence McManaway were both the sons of John MacManaway and Jane Augusta Clarke of Coolougher, Co. Roscommon.
Rev. James MacManaway married the daughter of Thomas Ringwood and Lizzie Perry, Sarah Thompson Ringwood, in London in 1891;  another researcher online has noted the marriage as occurring in Castle Pierce, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, on 8th April 1891.    Sarah Thompson Ringwood had been born to Thomas Ringwood and Lizzie Perry on 25th July 1864.   Rev. James MacManaway and Sarah Thompson Ringwood had four children together, including Richard Thomas Ringwood MacManaway, who died at his father's residence - Aghavea House, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, in 1945, leaving a widow, Norah Kathleen, and a son, Major Robert Bruce MacManaway.   Sarah Thompson MacManaway died in 1920 and Rev. James MacManaway married, secondly, Mary Richardson.

Another son of Rev. James and Sarah Thompson MacManaway  was Rev. James Godfrey MacManaway, MP for Derry.   Rev. James MacManaway died at Aghavea House two years after his son in 1847 aged 85.

Thomas Ringwood and Lizzie Perry also had Richard Thomas Ringwood in about 1863 who married Charlotte Warren in Gorey in 1879, and also Susan L. Ringwood in about 1865.

Thomas Ringwood of Castlepierce, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, died on 17th September 1877. His will was granted to his brother William Ringwood of Johnstown and to Henry George Perry.

3) Richard Ringwood, born 1846, barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple, London.  Called to the English bar in 1873, he married Emma Louisa Shapleigh, youngest daughter of Henry Shapleigh of Tiverton, on 23rd October 1866.  In 1901, the childless couple were living in Hornsey, Middlesex.

4) Mary Anne Ringwood married John Stacey Palmer (1830 - 1879), the proprietor of the 'Waterford Mirror and Tramore Visitor', on 13th February 1866.   John Stacey Palmer, journalist, died at his UK residence in Little Britain Street, London, after a long illness in July 1879.

5) A Susan Ringwood, daughter of farmer Richard Ringwood, 14 North Richmond Street, married William Nathaniel Webster, son of farmer William Webster of Ballyhast, Gorey, Co. Wexford,  in Dublin on 31st August 1870.  Witnesses were Richard and William Ringwood.

6) William Ringwood of Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, third son of farmer Richard Ringwood of Tillavolty, married Alice Sterling of 77 Kenilworth Square, Rathmines, daughter of surgeon Miles Sterling in Rathmines on 30th September 1868.  The witnesses were Miles Sterling and Richard Ringwood.
The children of William Ringwood and Alice Sterling were (possibly) Thomas Sterling Ringwood born 1873 in Kilkenny, Alfred George Ringwood born 1st August 1875 and who married Lilias Burland in 1908, Susan Adelaide Ringwood born 1877 and who married Terence M'Manaway in 1904, Jane E. Ringwood born 1881 and James H. Ringwood born 1882, Margaret Ringwood who married Francis Henry Symes of Ballyhast, the son of the late Francis Henry Symes of Hillbrook, Co. Wicklow, on 5th November 1895.

William Ringwood farmed at Tillavolty, Kilkenny, and was living there in 1901;  his wife, Alice, died at some stage after 1901, and he married, secondly, a woman named Mary Jane;  this couple were living in Donaghmore, Queen's County, in 1911.

7) Henry Ringwood of Medophall, Ferns, Co. Wexford, born circa 1835 in Co. Kilkenny.   He was one of the executors of his father's will.  Henry died on 27th January 1915 with probate granted to Richard T. Ringwood.   On 24th January 1862, in the Scots Church on Adelaide Street, Dublin, Henry Ringwood of Medop Hall, Comalin, married Susan Anne, the youngest daughter of William M'Culloch of Carlanstown, Castlepollard.

Notes on the Sterling family of Kyle:
The Sterling family relate to both the Deaker and Ringwood families.
William Deaker married Sarah Sterling in the Meath Diocese in 1830.  In 1865, Elizabeth Deaker, daughter of William Deaker of Kenilworth Square, married James William Levis, son of Samuel Levis of Leap, Co. Cork. The witnesses were Miles Sterling MD and William Deaker.
William Ringwood of Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, son of farmer Richard Ringwood, married Alice Sterling of 77 Kenilworth Square, Rathmines, daughter of surgeon Miles Sterling.  The witnesses were Miles Sterling and Richard Ringwood.

Miles Sterling M.D.  lived at Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, 22 kilometers north of Kyle.  In December 1840, Miles Sterling M.D. married Margaret, the eldest daughter of George Hipwell of Newtownbarry.  He would die insane at his son's house in Castlecomer on 22nd July 1889 and probate was granted to son James Sterling and to William Ringwood.
Amongst his children were Margaret Maria who married, on 19th August 1880, Albert E. Chamney, and James Sterling who married Sarah, the daughter of J. Warren of Leskinfere, Co. Wexford, on 22nd October 1868.
The youngest son of Miles Sterling was Henry Miles Sterling, who accidentally poisoned himself with strychnine, which he'd been using to deaden the pain of neuralgia, in Grafton Street, Dublin, on 7th June 1886.  Henry had been working in an insurance company in San Francisco and had returned home briefly for a visit.
The youngest daughter of Miles Sterling was Annie Elizabeth who married on 20th December 1894 Christopher Somer Spear, Junior, the only son of Christopher Somer Spear of Springfield House, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.

The Children of William Haughton Baskin (Senior)  and Maria Deaker of of 7 North Richmond Street, near Mountjoy Square, were:

a) Robert Baskin, flour merchant of Abbey Street, born 1828,  who married Kate Ringwood at Erke, Kilkenny on 22nd October 1856 - their daughter, Maria Emily Baskin, married our John Pennefather on September 12th 1888.
Robert Baskin's mother, Maria Baskin, organised a plaque in Ballycarney Church, Co. Wexford, as a memorial of her affection to him, on 31st December 1850.   Details on Robert Baskin and Kate Ringwood follow.

b) William Houghton Baskin (Junior)  1831- 11th July 1907. Noted in 1879 as a clerk in the Bank of Ireland and living at the Baskin family home of 7 North Richmond Street.  On 16th February 1871 he married Anne Alicia Knaggs, daughter of James Knaggs, of 3 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines - the witnesses were Stewart Baskin and James B. Baskin, the groom's brothers.  He was later the secretary of Ball's Bank on Henry Street.

The children of William Houghton Baskin and Anne Alicia Knaggs were:
William Oliver Baskin was born on 11th January 1872 at 3 Grosvenor Square.
James Charles Baskin was born on 31st January 1873 at 3 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, to William Houghton Baskin and Anne Alicia Knaggs.
A daughter, Anne Alicia Houghton Baskin, was born at 2 Grosvenor Square on 13th February 1876.

Robert Dacre Baskin was born there on 4th April 1879.  His father, William Houghton Baskin, was noted as the secretary of Balls Bank.  Later, on 21st April 1913, in Charleston Road, Rathmines, Robert R.D. Baskin, a farmer of Ballykeel, Dromore, Co. Down. the son of the late banker, William Houghton Baskin, married Edith Denmark of 8 Belgrave Road, Rathmines, the daughter of the late William Denmark.  The witnesses here were Charlotte Shannon and Bertie M.P. Piers.

In 1901 William H. Baskin and his family were living in Cornakinnegar, Co. Armagh.  Retired banker, William Houghton Baskin, died at Ballykeel, Co. Down, on 11th July 1907 - his son, R.R.D. Baskin, was present.

His obituary was published in the 'Belfast Telegraph' of 9th September 1907: 'In the death of Mr. William Haughton Baskin, the Methodist Church in Ireland has lost a devoted member...deceased was the son of the late Mr, William Haughton Baskin of Dublin, and brother of the late Rev. Charles Baskin, Methodist minister.  He was also brother-in-law of Rev. Dr. Nicholas, President of the Methodist College, Belfast.  He was born in Dublin in 1831 and was educated at Wesley College, Dublin. He entered Ball's Bank, Dublin, and became its secretary, but some years ago retired from business and latterly lived in Co. Down, near Dromore, where he had passed away, aaged 76 years.'

His widow, Anne Alicia Baskin, died at 2A Grantham Street, Dublin, on 3rd April 1929.

c) Stewart Baskin 1838 -82; a leading member of the Dublin Methodist community and chief accountant at Guinness's, he married Antrim-born Lucinda Hessie Johnston, the 5th daughter of the late John Moore Johnston of Glenavy, Co. Antrim. Lucinda's sister was Mrs. Johnson, a native of Glenavy, Co. Antrim, and niece of the late Mayor of Belfast,  Mayor Philip Johnson.   The wedding took place in Glenavy Church on 3rd August 1871.    Stewart Baskin and his brother, William Haughton Baskin, were noted as the nephews of Robert Thompson of Eccles Street who died in 1871.  On 22nd December 1822 in Dublin, Mary Baskin, daughter of Oliver Baskin and Elizabeth Haughton,  had married Robert Thompson;  the witnesses were her brother, William Haughton Baskin, and James Edmiston.

William Haughton Baskin was born to accountant Stewart Baskin and Lucinda Hessie Johnston at 14 Charleville Road, Rathmines, on 1st May 1876.  On 26th September 1907 in Centenary Church, Dublin, he married Margaret Kathleen Martin of 69 upper Beechwood Avenue, the daughter of the later merchant Roger Martin.  At the time of the wedding, which was witnessed by Lucinda Hessie Baskin, William Martin, Sarah A. Thompson and Alfred W. Johnson, William Houghton Baskin was working as an accountant and had an address at 14 Mount Eden Road in Donnybrook.  An accountant, William Houghton Baskin died aged 69 at 54 St. Kevins Park on 31st December 1945; a Marjorie Baskin was present.  His daughter was Dorothy L. Baskin who died aged only 32 at 7 Sunbury Gardens; once again Marjorie Baskin was the informant.
Stewart Baskin's widow, Lucinda Hessie, died on 5th July 1925, aged 84, at her son's home, 14 Mount Eden Road;  her daughter-in-law was named as M.K. Baskin of 8 Garville Avenue.

Henry Thompson Baskin was born at 14 Charleville Road to Stewart Baskin and Lucinda Hessie Johnston on 8th June 1879.  Henry Thompson Baskin  of 16 Upper Leeson Street died on 12th January 1900 in Colorado - his will was granted to his widowed mother Lucinda Hessie Baskin.

Stewart and Lucinda Hessie Baskin also had Jane Rosamund Baskin on 30th May 1872, Mary Eliza Baskin, who had been born at 14 Charleville Road on 20th May 1874, and Stewart Lucinda/Lucie Baskin, who was born there on 30th December 1882.  Her father, Stewart Baskin, had just died.

Stewart Lucy Baskin of 14 Mount Eden Road, Donnybrook, married Digby Wolsely Morton of Bessboro, Terenure, in Lucan on 2nd February 1906.  Digby Morton was the son of an older Digby Morton;  the witnesses were Captain George S. Cary and Adelaide Morton.  Digby Wolseley Morton and Stewart Lucie Baskin had a son, Henry Digby Morton, on 27th November 1906 at 26 Oaklands Park Avenue.

Stewart Baskin, the son of William Haughton Baskin and Maria Deaker, died of apoplexy at 24 Charleville Road, Dublin, on 3rd may 1882 aged only 44. ('Belfast Newsletter', 4th May 1882.)

d) Rev. Charles Baskin 1840- 26th July 1901. A Methodist minister, he had been born in about 1840 in Dublin to William Haughton Baskin, and had been educated, first at Dr. Sullivan's private school and then at the Wesleyan Connexional School on Stephen's Green which became Wesley College in 1879.  He was reccommended to the Methodist ministry by the Abbey Street Church and was latterly stationed at various places throughout his career - Ballymena, Newry, Armagh, Portadown, Castlederg, Sligo and Downpatrick.
On 27th October 1868 in Sligo, Rev. Charles Baskin of Gilford, Co. Down, married Rebecca, youngest daughter of Joseph Lockeed or Lougheed of Ballymote, Sligo.    The couple were married by Charles Baskin's brother-in-law, Rev. William Nicholas, who was married to Charles' sister, Eliza Baskin who follows.
The children  of Rev. Charles and Rebecca Baskin were Mary Barret Baskin, Charles P. Baskin, Lockeed Baskin and William Houghton Carson Baskin. (A William Baskin married Margaret Carson in Raphoe, Co. Donegal, in 1830 but this might be coincidence.)

Rev. Charles Baskin died at his residence, North Parade, Ormeau Road,  Belfast on 26th July 1901.

e) Eliza Baskin 1844 who married Rev. William Nicholas on 7th June 1866 in the Wesleyan Chapel of Lower Abbey Street.   Eliza Baskin was the only daughter of William H. Baskin of 7 North Richmond Street, near Mountjoy Square.   Rev. Nicholas was the president of the Belfast Methodist College.   On 14th 1894 in Charleston Methodist Church, Dublin, the second daughter of Eliza and Rev. William Nicholas, Susanna Nicholas,  married Thomas, son of Mathew Griffin of Clonskeagh. The bride's uncle, Rev. Charles Baskin, assisted.
Rev. William Nicholas, who had been born in Co. Wexford in 1838,  died in Portrush in September 1912, following a long career as a Methodist minister, during which time he had been stationed in Portadown, Abbey Street in Dublin (the Baskins' place of worship), Skibbereen, Lurgan, Drogheda, Cork, Belfast and Dublin.  His home address had been Dacre, Ravenhill Park, Belfast, and he was survived by his widow, Eliza, two sons and four daughters.    William Haughton Nicholas born 16th September 1868, Maria born 16th June 1867 in Lurgan, Elesia, Kathleen, Harriet, and Robert born in Cork on 3rd February 1880.   The couple also had Eliza Baskin Nicholas (was this Elesia?) on 7th February 1875 and Stewart Baskin Nicholas born 15th May 1870 in Portadown.

f) James Benjamin Gillman Baskin (1847 - 1914).

The children of Robert Baskin and Kate Ringwood were:

a) William Houghton Baskin  (Junior) was the Chief Cashier of the Bank of Ireland.  William Houghton Baskin married Mary Louisa Scott, of Belfast, whose father was William M. Scott, a merchant. They married on November 10th,1880 in Co. Antrim, Belfast, at the residence of the bride's father. Their marriage was officiated over by his uncle, the minister, Charles Baskin and one of the witnesses was cousin Annie Baskin.   Living in College Green, Dublin, in 1911, children were Robert S. Baskin born 1884 in Dublin,  and Margaret J. Baskin born in Dublin in 1890.

b) Richard Ringwood Baskin,  born 16th September 1864 at 3 North Richmond Street; on 8th October 1890, in the Abbey Street Methodist Church, he married Ann Jane Byron, the daughter of agent Richard Byron in Dublin. In 1890, Richard worked as a railway clerk, with an address at 219 Clonliffe Road.  Robert John and Catherine Byron witnessed the wedding.

Richard Ringwood Baskin and Ann Jane Byron had a son, Robert Richard Ringwood Baskin, on 15th February 1892 at 3 Victoria Terrace, Fairview.  The papers of the day had the father of the infant as Edward Ringwood Baskin, rather than Richard.   The son died of pleurisy aged only 20 at 25 Rock Road on 18th April 1912;  his aunt was present and was named as E.(?) Gibson of 5 St. Albans Road, South Circular Road.

 c) Robert Dacre Baskin born 1872.

d) Maria Emily Baskin, born 1861, who married our John Pennefather Junior in 1888.

e)Elizabeth Charlotte Baskin, born on 17th April 1874 at 4 North Richmond Street to Robert Baskin, the manager of a bakery. On 5th November 1907 in Clontarf Methodist church, Lizzie C. Baskin of 23 Windsor Avenue, Fairview,  married Hewson Deverell. The witnesses were Anthony Deverell, Kate Baskin and W. H. Baskin.
Hewson Deverell, hardware merchant, was a Plymouth Brethren member, living in 1901 in Blackrock.  He was the son of Hannah Deverell and Anthony Deverell, merchant of 50 Henry Street and of 24 Rutland Square, who died on 11th November 1891 with probate to Hewson and Anthony Deverell.
A daughter of Anthony and Hannah Deverell of 24 Rutland Square was Hannah Amy Deverell who married George Lennox Bigger, eldest son of Lennox James Bigger, on 4th February 1890 - the ceremony was performed by the registrar.

f)  Susan Annie Baskin, born in Dublin in 1869,  who married the shopkeeper/draper Francis Hawksby of 28 Upper Sackville Street in 1881.  He died young on 20th May 1893.  The couple's one surviving daughter was Kate Ringwood Hawskby, born in 1887, who worked as a draper like her widowed mother.  Both were Methodist and were living together in Glasnevin in 1911.  They were included in the Baskin family memorial plaques in Ballycarney Church, Wexford - Mrs. Hawksby and her daughter, and also Mrs. Hawskby's sister, Miss Baskin, presented the memorial on 12th January 1937 to a K.L. Purser.   Included on the same plaque was the message that it had been presented to Ballycarney Church on 18th May 1937 by H.L. Purser of Aughmacart, Rathdrummy, Queen's County.
Also on this plaque was a presentation to Richard Ringwood Baskin with best wishes from his father, Robert Baskin, dated 21st May 1892, and also an earlier presentation from Maria Baskin, née Deaker, to her son, Robert Baskin, dated 31st December 1850.

g) Kate Baskin, 16th January 1867 at 3 North Richmond Street to the master baker, Robert Baskin and Kate Ringwood, probably the unmarried sister mentioned, but not named, in the Baskin plaque in Ballycarney Church, Co. Wexford, as the sister of Susan Annie Hawskby, in 1937.   Miss Kate Baskin died on 15th June 1950 at 127 Tritonville Road, Sandymount,  The informant was her nephew John Edward Pennefather of 4 Upper Glenageary Road.

In 1837, a Robert Baskin was named as a Methodist preacher on the Dundalk and Castleblaney circuit.  Several members of the Dublin Baskin family made contributions to the Jubilee Fund of the Wesleyan Missionary Society in 1869 - they were noted as members of the 2nd Dublin Circuit of the Methodist church and were named as Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Baskin (sen.), Mr and Mrs. R. Baskin and children, Mr. W.H. Baskin and Miss Baskin, Mr. Stewart Baskin, Mr. Charles Baskin and Mr. J.B.G Baskin.

Robert Baskin, collector, died at 23 Windsor Avenue on 13th April 1916;  Kate Baskin was the informant.

Kate Baskin, née Ringwood, died a widow, aged 89, at 23 Windsor Avenue on 19th May 1926; her daughter, Kate Baskin, was present.  The registration details note her as the widow of a collector for a business.