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Friday, 7 October 2016

Andrew and Mary Hall of Moynalty, Co. Meath

Adelaide Anne Courtenay, baptised 10th August 1831, born at 47 Moore Street, was the daughter of Frederick Courtenay and Mary Tuty.   Adelaide Anne's sister was Emily Courtenay who married John Pennefather - Emily Courtenay and John Pennefather of Dublin were our great-great great grandparents.

Adelaide Anne Courtenay married a commercial clerk, George Hall, who was the son of Andrew Hall, on 12th October 1851.  John Pennefather and Henry Reynolds witnessed the marriage in the Black Church.  Adelaide Anne's sister, Mary Courtenay, married Herbert Gilman Moore in the same church on the same day.

George Hall had been born to policeman Andrew Hall in Bray, Co.Wicklow in about 1830.   The only record I can uncover for an Andrew Hall is the Wicklow-born Andrew Hall who enlisted in the Royal Irish Constabulary aged 19 in 1824.   His R.I.C. records, which I consulted in the National Archives, show that he married a Wicklow-born woman in 1830, and had been recommended to the Constabulary by William St.Clair who was a magistrate living at Emma Vale, Arklow.
George Hall was appointed to Meath and Wicklow on 1st May 1824 and was promoted to constable on 1st August 1827.  His records show that he was pensioned off in July 1866.
Andrew Hall of the R.I.C. was later stationed in Moynalty, Co. Meath with his wife, Mary, living in Westland Cottage, where the couple had a son, Andrew Hall Jr., on 8th July 1842.

Constable Andrew Hall was stationed in Moynalty, Meath - he featured from 1839 till 1859 in the Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers.  He might be the Andrew Hall  (1805 - 1868) who died aged 63 in 1868 and whose death was registered in the Kells Civil Registration district.
Mary, widow of the late Andrew Hall of Moynalty, Co. Meath, died aged 65 at 52 Bolton Street, Dublin, on 10th February 1870 - this from both the 'Freeman's Journal' and the 'Dundalk Democrat and People's Journal' of 12th February 1870.

The known children of Andrew and Mary Hall of Moynalty, Co. Meath:
  • George Hall who had been born in Co. Wicklow in about 1830 and who married Adelaide Anne Courtenay in 1851 in Dublin.
  • William Hall, who had been born in Wicklow on 6th June 1836 and who was baptised in Moynalty, Co. Meath;  he married Emmaletta White in 1871.
  • Andrew Hall, born at Westland Cottage on 8th July 1842; his wife was Eva Boyd.
  • John Hall, gardener, 

The Children of George Hall, son of policeman Andrew Hall:

a) Emily Amelia Hall born 26th June 1852 at 31 Wellington Street.  She died aged 73 at 16 Cabra Road on 3rd May 1929.

b) Evelina Anne Hall (possibly known as Mary later) born 5th January 1857 at 6 Middle Mountjoy Street, the family's permanent address from this point.  Mary Elizabeth Hall died  at 16 Cabra Road on 6th April 1924;   sister Emily Hall was there when she died.

c) Georgina Hall born 29th February 1860 - from about 1911 she lived with her sisters at 16 Cabra Road, where she died aged 70 on 22nd December 1931.  Her sister, Adelaide A. Hall was there.
d) Adelaide Anne Hall, born 9th September 1862; she died aged 80 at 16 Cabra Road on 1st February 1943.   J.R. Lunny of 43 Connaught Street,  a friend of the deceased, was present.

e) Matilda Hall born 7th July 1865. The widowed Matilda Ussher died at 16 Cabra Road, aged 79, on 24th December 1943. Her cousin, E. E. Hall was there when she died.  Edith Evelyn Hall (7th September 1888 - 12th June 1959) was the daughter of  William Hall and Emmaletta White.

f) Frederick William Hall born 24th September 1867 - a coal merchant, he was living at 50 Mountjoy Street when he died on 18th January 1897.  By the time of Frederick William Hall's birth, his father, George Hall, who had earlier been a commercial clerk, was listed as a railway clerk.

g) Albert Andrew Hall born 11th January 1872. Albert Andrew Hall, born 11th January 1872 to George Hall and Adelaide Anne Courtenay;  when Albert Andrew Hall  married Eveline Beatrice Forster in 1901, he was noted as the secretary of a limited company - the couple were living at 29 Corrig Avenue, Dunlaoghaire, then called Kingstown, in 1911.  He would later work as secretary of the Irish Times.

In March 1898, Mr. George Hall of 50 Mountjoy Street was nominated as a Loyalist candidate in the City Elections.  He stood for the Finglas Ward, having been nominated by John Byrne of 13 Conyngham Road, and in April 1898, both George Hall and Edward Carolan withdrew from the race.

Adelaide Anne Hall, née Courtenay, mother of the above children and wife of George Hall, died 24th February 1891 whilst being conveyed to the Mater Hospital. She was 59 and had been suffering from disease of the heart and brain.

By the time of the 1901 census, trhe widowed George Hall was a coal merchant.

Daughter Matilda Hall, of 6 Middle Mountjoy St., married William Egan Ussher or Usher  of 21 Glengariffe Parade, South Circular Road,  the son of  Joseph Ussher,  on 9th April 1890.   The witnesses to the wedding were Emilie Lunny and Robert Mottershed - Robert Mottershed was married to Isabella Alexandra Jones, the daughter of  Isabella Anne (Pennefather) Jones, who was the niece of Adelaide Anne Courtney.  William Egan Ussher died almost immediately and his death was registered in the north Dublin district in 1890.

In 1901, the widowed Matilda Hall Usher/Ussher was living at 50 Mountjoy Street with her widowed father, George Hall, coal merchant, and with two of her unmarried sisters, Georgina aged 38 and Emily aged 44.

The aunt of George Hall, Anne J. Brown, aged 83,  (born 1818) was living with the family at 50 Mountjoy Street in 1901 and would die there, aged 91 on 3rd November 1904 - her grandniece, Emily Hall, was in attendance.

 In 1901 Albert Andrew Hall, was living at 9 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock: he was an accountant, unmarried and living with two of his single sisters, the telegraphist, Adelaide, and Mary Hall.
Frederick William Hall, the coal merchant son of George and Adelaide Anne Hall, died at 50 Middle Mountjoy Street on 18th January 1897, and probate was granted to his father, George Hall of 50 Middle Mountjoy St.
By 1911, Matilda Usher was living at 16 Cabra Road, Glasnevin with her sisters, Emily, Mary and Adelaide Hall.

Their brother, Albert Andrew Hall, married Eveline Beatrice Forster in Christ Church, Kingstown, on 9th July 1901.  He was living at Alfred Ville, 9 Sidney Avenue, Blackrock, while Eveline, the daughter of Ralph Moore Forster, was at 13 Burdett Avenue, Sandycove. The wedding was witnessed by Albert's cousin, Ada Hall,  and by Henry George Owens.
Albert Andrew Hall became the secretary of The Irish Times - the couple were living at 29 Corrig Avenue, Dunlaoghaire, then called Kingstown, in 1911.
Eveline Beatrice Forster had been born on 15th July 1871 in Donnybrook, Dublin, to Ralph Moore Forster (1817  - 12th April 1877)  and Emma Matilda Supple.  Eveline's parents had married in St. Mary's on 9th September 1861 - their fathers were Rev. Thomas Forster and Frederick Austin Supple.
Albert Andrew Hall, the son of George Hall and Adelaide Anne Courtenay, died on 28th July 1935;  he had been living in Dunlaoghaire/Kingstown at 6 Clarinda Park East, but died in Hastings at the Alexandra Hotel.  Probate of his will was granted to James Gilbert Millard, stockbroker, and to Albert Ernest Prentice, solicitor.  His widow, Evelyn Beatrice Hall, died on 24th March 1948 at 15 Rosmeen Park, Dunlaoghaire;  Evelyn McNally of 14 Corrig Avenue was present.

William Hall, son of policeman Andrew Hall:

The brother of George Hall of Middle Mountjoy Street was William Hall of the Inland Revenue, who had also been born in Wicklow in about 1837, and who married Emmaletta White in Clogheen in 1871.
The British Civil Service Proof of Age Archives, viewable on Find My Past,  record the fact that, in 1855, William Hall produced proof that he had been born on 6th June 1836 to policeman Andrew Hall and his wife, Mary, and had been baptised in Moynalty Church 10 days later.

Emma/Emmaletta White was the daughter of schoolteacher James White of Knocklofty. She married William Hall in Tullamellan Parish Church in Clogheen, Co. Tipperary, on 11th July 1871.  William Hall was already living in Palmerston Place, Dublin, and was working as an Inland Revenue officer. His father Andrew Hall had died by this stage; James and George White were the witnesses at the 1871 wedding.

Emma's sister, Anna Delia White of 23 Serpentine Avenue, Sandymount, Co. Dublin, married a ladies' tailor, George Powell Mumford of 19 Northumberland Road, the second son of the tailor George Mumford of Weymouth, England. The wedding took place in St. Mary's, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin, on 17th December 1890 and was witnessed by Richard T. Martin (or Richard S. Martin) and Selina White (1859 - 1894), who might be another of Emma Hall's sisters.   She died of cancer aged only 35 on 9th June 1894, a draper's assistant of Lower Leeson Street; George Powell Mumford of Brighton Ville, Sydney Parade, was the informant, and 'caused her body to be buried'.

James White (1807 - 1877) of 3 Anne Street, Clonmel, died aged 70 on 4th June 1877, and his will was administered by son Horatio George White of 35 College Green, Dublin.  Horatio George White, a bank clerk aged 29 of 15 Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, died of cancer on 3rd November 1881; his sister, Henrietta J. White was present.  Henrietta Jemima White died unmarried aged 48 on 30th January 1892 at 25 Belgrave Road, Rathmines;  sister Selina White was there when she died.

William Hall and Emmaletta White had nine children but only four had survived by the time of the 1911 census.  Most of the children had been born in Palmerston Place, which runs from Middle Mountjoy Street where George Hall and Adelaide Anne Courtenay were living at the same time.

W. Hall of 5 Palmerston Place won a pair of lustres in a raffle at Edwards Concert Hall in Dublin in 1874 ('Freeman's Journal', 26th Feb 1874).

The daughter of William Hall and Emmaletta White, Ethel Evelyn Hall, was the E.E.Hall, cousin, who was present at the death of George Hall's daughter, Matilda Ussher, in 1948.

The children of William Hall and Emmaletta White were:

Ethel Evelyn Hall, born 7th September 1888; matron of the Dublin Masonic Girls' School, she would die in Enniskillen on 12th June 1959.

Herbert John Hall was born at 5 Palmerston Place on 20th October 1884.  A shop assistant, he died young at 62 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, on 8th May 1913.

Henry Hall was born on 10th May 1872, but died of TB/phthisis at 10 St. Alphonsus Road on 21st April 1893.

William James Hall was born 6th December 1875 at 5 Palmerston Place.

Alfred William Hall was born on 28th October 1880.

Horatio Andrew Hall was born on 18th November 1878 but died in 1883.

Eleanor Mary Hall was born on 28th November 1874.

Perceval George Hall was born on 28th January 1883 at 5 Palmerston Place, Dublin.  He married Bessie Keith in Belfast, the daughter of James Keith,  in 1912.  'The Northern Whig' of 20th May 1925 reported in his death the previous day.  Mr Percy G. Hall, well-known in business, sporting and church circles, had died at home at 2 Hampden Villas, Cyprus Park.  He worked most of his adult life in the business of Robert Johnson, saddler and ironmonger.  Percy left a son and two daughters, and a sister, Ethel Hall, matron of the Masonic School in Dublin.  Percy had been an enthusiastic cyclist, a member of the Strandtown Bowling Club, a Unionist and a Past master of Masonic Lodge 372, as well as being on the vestry of St. Donard's Church.  His widow, Bessie Hall of 17 Ardgreenan Gardens, died on 19th November  1952 at 90 Belmont, Church Road, with probate of her will granted to her only son William Gordon Hall, factory manager.   He also proved the will of his sister, Ethel Evelyn Hall of 84 Derrychara Drive, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, who died at 8 Castlehill Drive in Belfast on 12th June 1958.   Earlier, William Gordon Hall, only son of the late Percival George Hall of Belfast, was selected to attend the Masonic Boys' School in Clonskeagh, Dublin, his late father having been a member of Masonic Lodge 372 in Belfast.

In 1901 William and  Emma Hall, and their children, Perceval George, Herbert John and Ethel Evelyn Hall were at 66 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast; by 1911, William, Emma and Ethel Hall were at 62 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin.

William Hall, retired inland revenue officer, died aged 75 of influenza at Hampden Villa, Bloomfield, Belfast, on 28th November 1918;  son Percy G. Hall was present.  His widow, Emma Hall of 79 Booterstown Avenue, Dublin, died in Sir Patrick Dunn's Hospital on 27th May 1921.

Andrew Hall, son of policeman Andrew Hall:

Constable Andrew Hall was stationed in Moynalty, Meath - he featured from 1839 till 1859 in the Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers.  The 'Dublin Evening Mail' of 10th October 1868 published the list of successful candidates who had sat the civil service exams, one of them being Mr. Hall of Moynalty, who had been accepted into the Inland Revenue;  this was Andrew Hall Jr.

Andrew Hall Jr., who had been born in  Moynalty, Co. Meath, to Andrew and Mary Hall on 8th July 1842, applied to the civil service in 1867 and his father, Andrew Hall, provided the proof of baptism.

'The Waterford Mirror and Tramore Visitor' of 4th September 1872 noted the marriage in Ballinakill Church of Andrew Hall, HM Inland Revenue, Carrick-on-Suir, to Eva Boyd, daughter of the late Richard Boyd, Collector HM Revenue of Wicklow.    Eva Boyd's parents, Richard Walsingham Boyd of the Customs, New Ross, Co. Wexford, married Susan, eldest daughter of John Hodges of Waterford, on 5th June 1846 in Waterford. (' Freemans Journal, 9th Jan 1846.)

In 1860, Richard Walsingham Boyd and his wife, Susan, née Hodges, were living in Scotland at Bexley terrace, Pulteneytown, Wick, Caithness.  His place of birth wasn't given, but Susan had been born in 1826 in Waterford. Their children were John Walsingham Boyd, born 1848 in the Isle of Man, Anna Eva Boyd who later married Andrew Hall born in Co. Down in about 1852, twins Lindsay Fillars Boyd and James Alexander Boyd, both born in 1852 in Waterford, James Alexander Boyd born 1854, Julia Eliza Boyd born 1856 in Cork, and Martha Emma Boyd born 1858 in Wick, Scotland.
Richard Walsingham Boyd, Collector of Customs, died aged only 45 in Wick, Caithness, on 4th January 1866. ('John O' Groats Journal', 11th January 1866.)  On 21st March 1910, at her residence,  Grange, John's Hill, Waterford, the death occurred of Susan Boyd, widow of the late Richard Walsingham Boyd, Collector HM Customs of Caithness, Scotland, brother of the late Thomas Boyd of Chilcomb Park, Kilkenny.  

On 8th August 1881 in Shanbaugh near New Ross, Co. Wexford, the son of Thomas Boyd of Chilcomb, 20-yr-old Charles Daniel Boyd, was shot and killed by agrarian protesters Walter and John Phelan.  The 'Aberdeen Journal' of 16th June 1883 reported that Thomas Boyd of Chilcomb, Kilkenny, was awarded £1000 for the agrarian murder of his son, Charles Daniel and £250 for himself for injuries sustained on the same day.  £50 compensation was also paid to John Thomas Evans Boyd for injuries same day. Solicitor Arthur Gladwell Boyd, cousin of Charles Daniel Boyd, had also been present during the attack in Shanbough.  Arthur Gladwell Boyd was the son of Arthur J Boyd, a solicitor of Parade House, Kilkenny.   On Oct 15th 1885 in St. George's, Dublin, solicitor John Thomas Evans Boyd, son of solicitor Thomas Boyd of Chilcomb, New Ross, Co. Wexford, married Emily Martha Crawford of 5 Rutland Square, Dublin and of 14 Mark Street, Portrush, the younger daughter of the late Isaac Crawford of Troy, Londonderry and Portrush, Co. Antrim; the witnesses were Henry J. Litton Cary and George B. Crawford MD.

On 30th April 1887 in St. Anne's, Dublin, Henry John Litton Carey, District Inspector, R.I.C, of Killenaule, Co. Tipperary, son of the policeman, Henry G. Carey of County Dublin, married Katherine Frances Jane of 29 Kildare Street, Dublin, daughter of Thomas Boyd of Clonmel and Chilcomb; the witnesses were John Thomas Evans Boyd and Fannie Boyd.

Andrew J. Hall of the Inland Revenue, son of policeman Andrew Hall,  was living at 104 Leinster Rd, Rathmines in 1904.  In 1901, the family were there:

Andrew Hall, inland revenue office, born Meath;  wife, Eva, born Down, 1852, she died aged 73 at 26 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, on 25th September 1922.
Maud Mary Hall, born Tipperary circa 1874
Ada Emily Hall born Tipp circa 1877;  she married Albert John Harris, of Longford Avenue, son of Alexander Harris, excise supervisor, on 22nd October 1902 in Holy Trinity, Rathmines. This was witnessed by Andrew and Charles W. Hall.
Charles Walsingham Boyd  Hall, born at Hill Terrace, Bandon, on 18th December 1881.
Kathleen Hall, born 25th April 1884 at Hill Terrace, Bandon, Co. Cork - she died unmarried on 7th February 1936 in the Mater Hospital and gave her address as 16 Cabra Road, the address of her cousins, the daughters of George Hall and Adelaide Anne Courtenay.
Bertha Agnes Ruth Hall, born 12th May 1885 at 55 Raymond Street, Dublin.
Arthur William Hall (named at his baptism as Andrew William Arthur Hall) was born at 104 Leinster Road on 31st August 1889.  He died, aged 27, a commercial clerk, of Longford Terrace, of flu, and his father was present.

Eva Hall, née Boyd, died at Longford Terrace, Rathmines, on 25th September 1922.
Andrew Hall, retired inland revenue officer, died aged 85 at 9 Clarinda Park, Dunlaoghaire, on 26th March 1928;  M. Hall was present.

John Hall, gardener, son of policeman Andrew Hall:

In December 1873, William Hall, Inland Revenue officer of 5 Palmerston Place, Dublin,  swore on behalf on his nephew, William Andrew Hall, that his nephew had been born on 4th September 1858 to brother John Hall and his wife Elizabeth Hall in Kilmer, near Ballirig or Ballivor, Co. Meath.
William Hall also testified that John Hall, father of the applicant William Andrew Hall, had died in about 1867 or 1868.  The local clergyman of Killochonnigan Church, Ballivor, also confirmed that he had indeed baptised the boy who had lived at Ballivor, near Kells, Co. Meath and that the boy's father,  John Hall, had been a gardener.  William Andrew Hall, son of John and Elizabeth, and nephew of William Hall, was applying in 1873 to join the Post Office.

The Lunny Family:
The Lunny family seem to have been friendly with the family of George Hall of 50 Middle Mountjoy Street.  I'm not sure if there was some some of family link, but I'll include them here nonetheless. When George's daughter, Matilda, married William Egan Ussher on 9th April 1890, one of the witnesses was Emilie/Emily Lunny, the daughter of John Lunny and Eliza Scovelle.   Her brother, John Robert Lunny, was present at 16 Cabra Road when Adelaide Ann Hall, daughter of George Hall and Adelaide Anne Courtenay, died in 1943.

John Lunny, housekeeper at the Registry of Deeds, with an address at 5 Henrietta Street, son of the merchant James Lunny, married Eliza Schovell, daughter of a gardener, John Schovell of Manor House, Dundrum. The couple married in St. Michan's on 16th May 1861- one of the witnesses was a John Stephens, while the second one was more or less illegible.

John Lunny applied to join the  Registry Office as part of the British Civil Service, and the details are published online via Find My Past -  he gave his address as at the rere of Charlemont House, 22 Rutland Square and stated he had been born in Ballibay, Monaghan on 1st May 1822 to James Lunny, farmer of Ballybay and had been schooled in Mullaghglass.  His most recent job had been with Thomas Drury, warehouseman, Merchants Quay.  He had left to work for the 1851 census, had been with register Office since;  in 1878, when he made the latest application, he must have been interested in a different position in the Registry Office.

Emily Jane Lunny was born to John Lunny and Eliza Schovell at 5 Henrietta Street on 26th December 1894;  her brother,  John Robert Lunny was born on 24th April 1868.  Sisters were Frances or Fanny Lunny and Caroline Louisa Lunny.
Caroline Louisa Lunny  married William John Strickland  on 2nd December 1892, while Fanny married William Norton.  Emily Lunny married David Orr on 26th December 1894.  Her brother, John Robert Lunny, died on 10th May 1954 at 43 Connaught Street;  a druggist, he had never married.  Edith C. Strickland was present.

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