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Monday, 23 January 2012

Thomas Jackson MacKenzie and Frances Hampton of Dublin

John Stewart, the son of our paternal great-great grandfather Joseph Stewart, married Mabel McKenzie on August 2nd 1905 in Monkstown Church, South Dublin.  It took me a long time to decipher the MacKenzies, and they’re still a work in progress!  This post is really only a filing system for the snippets of information which I have on them so far.

Mabel’s parents were Frances Hampton (I did a post on the Hamptons in July 2011) and Thomas Jackson MacKenzie.  It appears that Thomas Jackson Mackenzie had been born in Co.Mayo to a farmer, William McKenzie, before spending his early married life in Dublin city, and finally emigrating to Carleton, Canada, where he died in 1901.

(Griffiths Valuation of the 1850s shows up a Thomas McKenzie and a Daniel McKenzie farming in Rathmore, Crossmolina, Mayo - the same townland includes members of a Jackson family.  There was also a William McKenzie farming in Dervin, Addergoole, Ballina, Co. Mayo.)

Thomas McKenzie and Frances Hampton married in St. Bartholomew's Church, Clyde Road, Dublin, on August 16th 1872. Thomas gave his profession as a warehouseman living at 17 Grafton Street which was the premises of Brown & Thomas Ltd., Ireland's leading drapery store.
Frances' father was William Hampton a merchant of 113 Haddington Road, South Dublin. The witnesses were a Margaret O'Brien and Frances' brother Henry Hampton.

The births of their children have been published to the internet at as follows:

Francis MacKenzie was born at 11 South Frederick Street, Dublin, on 8th July 1873 to Thomas MacKenzie and Francis Hampton MacKenzie. Thomas was a commission agent at this time.  She may have been known later as Maud MacKenzie.

May MacKenzie was born at 55 Great Brunswick Street/Pearse Street on 30th December 1875 to Thomas and Francis MacKenzie.  Thomas was a merchant.  This May MacKenzie might have died young, and the family later named a second baby after her - May MacKenzie was present with the family later in Canada but gave a much later date of birth than this one.

Elizabeth Mabel Mackenzie - later known as Mabel Grace Mackenzie - was born at 55 Great Brunswick St., to Thomas and Francis MacKenzie on 22nd January 1878. Thomas was a commercial traveller.  Mabel Grace MacKenzie later married John Stewart, ironmonger of Dublin, son of Joseph Stewart of County Down and Dublin.

William MacKenzie was born at 55 Gt.Brunswick St., to Thomas, a buyer, and Francis, on 28th January 1880.  His death certificate gives an earlier date of birth; later he called himself ‘William Hampton MacKenzie.’

Violet was born at 55 Gt.Brunswick St., to Thomas, a draper, and Francis, on 15th November 1881, but died in early 1882.

James MacKenzie was born at 55 Gt. Brunswick St., to Thomas, a draper, and Francis on 16th April 1883. Baptised as 'James', he was registered as 'John' and was later known as John Jackson Mackenzie.

On December 6th 1879, Frances Hampton’s brother, Henry, and his wife Selina Jane, had a daughter, Florence Blanche Hampton, while living at 55 Gt. Brunswick Street, the same address as the MacKenzie family at that time.

Following the baptisms of their children, I could find no more mention of the MacKenzie family in the Irish records.


At some stage, and I can find no record of it, the family moved to Ottawa.  The Ottawa Street Directory first notes Thomas J. McKenzie, a clerk, at C.Ross & Co. in Brunswick in 1899.  In 1895 he was noted as a salesman for the department store, T. Lindsay & Co., with a home address at 132 Frank, Ottawa.  In 1898, he was still at Lindsays', and his address was 186 Cartier, where both he and his wife, Frances, would shortly die.

From the LDS site and from - the death of Thomas Jackson MacKenzie, on 27th March 1901, at 186 Cartier, Carleton, Ottawa, Canada.   His place of birth was given as County Mayo, Ireland in 1853.  A married store manager, he was Methodist, and had died of phthisis/tuberculosis. He was buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa,

His wife, Francis Hampton MacKenzie, died the following year on 21st December 1902. She had been born in Ireland in 1850.
Francis appears on the Canadian 1901 Census with four of her children living in central Ottawa.  The children were Maud, May, William and John - the two boys were working as ‘dry goods merchants.’

The Canadian Census for 1911 shows up some of their children living together in Ottawa - William, John, May and Maud.  Maud was the oldest of the four, which probably means she was the child who had been christened in Dublin as Francis in 1873. All four get their dates of birth wildly wrong; the year of immigration to Canada was 1897.
Three of the children - May, William and John give their place of birth as Ontario rather than Ireland. The census form is seriously faded, so perhaps the years of birth are incorrectly transcribed.   Perhaps Thomas Jackson McKenzie and Frances Hampton had a second batch of children once they arrived in Ontario?    None of the dates tally with the Dublin records above.  The dates of birth of the children are as follows, although the year is impossible to decipher accurately:

Maud McKenzie, born 4th August 1898 in Ireland.
May McKenzie, born 23rd December 1881 in Ontario.
William McKenzie born 21st April 1883 in Ontario.
John McKenzie born 20th January 1884 in Ontario.

Both William and John MacKenzie were undertakers.

(Of interest: the LDS site shows up another MacKenzie family, all Mayo-born, living in St.Mary’s, Hamilton City, Western Ontario, in 1851.   Thomas had been born in Mayo, Ireland in 1839; John had been born in Mayo in 1841; William had been born in Mayo in 1843; Eliza had been born in Mayo in 1847.   
The same 1851 Census shows up a William McKenzie, born Ireland in 1828, and living in Welland County, in Ontario, Canada West.)

The marriage of John Jackson MacKenzie to Caroline Petra Gertrude Gifford on June 5th 1916 in Lindsay, Victoria:  John MacKenzie was an undertaker, the son of T.J.MacKenzie and Frances Hampton. He was living in Ottawa at the time of the marriage. His bride, Caroline, had been born as Petra Caroline Gifford in Lindsay, Victoria on 8th November 1890 and was living there at the time of her wedding. Her parents were Thomas Albert Gifford and Mary A. Fisher.
John MacKenzie was Anglican, while Caroline’s family was Christian Scientist.
The witnesses to the marriage were Mr. Brown of Toronto and a member of the Fisher family of Lindsay. (The witnesses’ names were slightly blurred.)

Caroline Petra Gifford's father, Thomas Albert Gifford, had been born in Ontario in 1867 to Ephraim Gifford and Sarah Crawn. (Other children born to Ephraim and Sarah Gifford were Malicea, Garner, who married Naome Ryhtman in 1882, Sarah H. and Anne Georgina.  Thomas Albert Gifford, father of Caroline Petra Gifford, died at Manvers, Durham, Ottawa, on 6th May 1909.  Thomas Albert Gifford's wife, Mary Ann Fisher and been born in 1871 to Peter and Mary Jane Fisher.

The daughter of John Jackson Mackenzie and Caroline Gifford was Jean Aileen MacKenzie, born circa 1919, who married Robert Davidson, and who died at Kelowna, British Columbia, on 4th January 1986.

The marriage of William Hampton MacKenzie to Jessie Bella Brownlee took place in Carleton, Ottawa,  on 1st December 1917.  William’s mother was Francis, his father was wrongly named as JOHN Jackson Mackenzie (should be Thomas Jackson MacKenzie), he was a 34-year old, Dublin-born undertaker, living at 511 Bank St., Carleton.
Jessie Bella Brownlee was a 29-yr-old typist of 17 Florence Street. (Born 1887 according to 1921 census.) Her parents were Scottish-born Thomas Albert Brownlee and Theresa Jardine of Quebec; she had been born in Manotick, Ontario, although the later 1921 contradicts this and gives the place of birth as the USA. Both bride and groom gave their religion as Presbyterian.
The witnesses were Thomas Brownlee of 17 Florence Street and Ethel Prue of Ottawa.

On the 1921 Census, William Hampton McKenzie was at home by himself at 511 Bank, Central Ottawa.  The form stated his year of emigration to Canada as 1901, which is incorrect according to the 1901 census.  His wife, Jessie, was at home visiting her widowed mother, Theresa Brownlee, at 522 Bay, Wellington Ward - she had been born in the USA in 1851 to Canadian parents, and had emigrated back to Canada in 1844.   Jessie and William Hampton McKenzie had a daughter, Violet, named after a sister of William's - Violet had been born in Ontario in 1918.   Jessie's two unmarried sisters were the bookbinder Eliza Brownlee ( born 1883) and the printer Christina Brownlee, born 1889.

William and John MacKenzie ran MacKenzie Brothers Undertakers of 237 Argyle Avenue - in July 1934, they buried Jessie’s brother, Albert Brownlee, who had died suddenly at the age of 40 from a heart attack. The death certificate stated that his father, Albert Brownlee, had been born in Scotland, and his mother, Teresa, in the United States.

William Hampton MacKenzie, undertaker, was buried in Beechwood Cemetery on  June 19th 1966. He had died of natural causes and his final address had been Apt.6, 129 Catherine St. His date of birth was given as January 26th 1879.
Earlier, on November 14th 1957, William’s sister, May Mackenzie, died aged 84 at his address of 129 Catherine St., Ottawa.


I stumbled across a George Jackson MacKenzie on Ancestry, whose life mirrors that of Thomas Jackson McKenzie, and who is possibly related, both having been born in Mayo and having emigrated to Carleton, Canada.   Both mens' wives lived at one time on Haddington Road, Dublin, and both men were Presbyterian....they, of course, also shared a middle name.

George Jackson Mackenzie was born in about 1857 in Co. Mayo to William and Sarah MacKenzie.  A commercial traveller, he too emigrated to Canada, and was living in Montreal on 9th June 1885 when he married Marie Antoinette Alphonsine Beauzlin of Ottawa.   She had been born at 12 Haddington Road in Dublin on 19th May 1867 to the French chef, Antoine Beauzelin and the English Sarah Rarsley.
The groom, George Jackson MacKenzie was Presbyterian, as was Thomas Jackson McKenzie, while the bride was Anglican.

In common with Thomas Jackson McKenzie, George and Marie settled in Carleton, Ontario.  Son, George Victor MacKenzie was born there on 10th January 1887, followed by daughter, Sarah Edith, on 31st December 1888.

George and Marie MacKenzie moved to Boston, Massachusetts where their third son, Louis Albert MacKenzie, was born on 13th September 1890.

However, George Jackson MacKenzie died shortly after this.  His widow settled in Newport, Rhode Island where her father, Antoine Beauzelin, had settled, along with his second wife, Eliza Donnet and her daughter Emma, both English-born.    In 1900,  Antoine's three grandchildren were staying with him, but there is no sign of their parents.
From 1904 up until the 1940s, the widowed Marie A. Mackenzie lived at 6 Prescott Place, Newport, Rhode Island.

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