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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Some Huguenot Baptisms/Wills etc. of Ireland

I transcribed the following births/deaths/marriages from two publications available in the National Library in Dublin - 'Registers of the French Non-Conformist Churches of  Lucy Lane and Peter Street, Dublin' and 'Registers of the French Conformed Churches of St. Patrick and St. Mary, Dublin.'
I only took down the entries for families which were of interest to me.

Baptism from the French Church of St.Mary and St.Patrick, Dublin:
   'Salomon Cossart,  fils de David Cossart, marchand, et de Marguerite Cognard de la paroisse de St. Jean de cette ville, a été batisé le 15 Fevrier 1670.  Parains - David Daussy et Isaac Cossart.  Mareine - Judith Cossart, soeur de dit Salomon, né le 5 du dit mois.'
   'Salomon Cossart, son of the merchant David Cossart and of Marguerite Cognard, of the parish of St.John in this town, was baptised February 15th 1670.  Godfathers - David Daussy and Isaac Cossart. Godmother - Judith Cossart, sister of the above-named Salomon who was born the 5th of the said month.'
   I transcribed the above baptism, because the Cossart family intermarried later with the Carleton family who intermarried with my own Williams family....

I transcribed the Pelissier entries, because a member of the family married into the Jones family - Adelina Maude Pelissier married Robert Oscar Jones;  her father was Edward Pelissier of Clonmel, Tipperary, but I've yet to decipher their French lineage.

A baptism from Les Églises Francoises Unies de Dublin:   Marianne Pelissier, born 3rd November 1716, baptised 19th November 1716.  She was the daughter of Abel Pelissier and Madame Marie de Choisy. The godfather was Louis de Boisragon;  the godmothers were Madame Marianne de Bouchetier and Mademoiselle Henriette de la Bouchetier.

Burial in St.Patrick et Sainte Marie:   Angélique Pelissier, eldest daughter of Abel Pelissier, died 9th February 1731.
Burial in St. Patrick et Sainte Marie:  Madame Pelissier, widow, 29th February 1756.

Some mentions of the Laval family of Portarlington - the marriage of Marianne d'Ully to Abraham de Courteille (Ardesoif) in St.Patrick's, Dublin, on 18th July 1694.

There are mentions of a Peter/Pierre de Laval and his wife Elizabeth, but I'm unsure if this Pierre is of the family of the Vicomte de Laval.
In Peter Street, French Church in Dublin, Elizabeth de Laval was born on 27th July 1710 to Pierre de Laval and Elizabeth.  The godfather was Monsieur Janssen de Tudebeuf;  the godmother was Madame Barbara Walton.
Jeanne de Laval was born on 13th December 1712 to Pierre and Elizabeth de Laval in Peter St., Dublin. The godmother was Janne Guy; the godfather was Paul le Feron.

I also noted some entries referring to the Espinasse family: the only reason I transcribed these was that the mother of the Lisburn minister, Saumarez Dubourdieu (grandnephew of Charles Lavalade) was a Charlotte Massey, countess d'Erponage.  I can find no other reference to such an odd name as' Erponage' and wonder if it might have been incorrectly transcribed at some stage. She may have been a member of the Espinasse family or perhaps even a grandchild of the French minister of London, Jean d'Espagne, but I'm only guessing at this stage. The Espinasse family seem to have put down their roots in South Dublin.

These two baptisms took place in the French Church of Golblac Lane, Dublin:  Paul Espinasse was born on 2nd December 1701 to Sr. Pol Espinasse and Francoise Espinasse.  A second child, Susanne Espinasse, was born to the same couple on 29th December 1704.

I transcribed some wills from 'Huguenot Wills and Administrations in England and Ireland 1617 - 1849' which is available in the National Archives in Bishop Street, Dublin.   I was primarily interested in anything relating to Lisburn, and the family of the minister, Charles Lavalade, but I transcribed others as well. They may be of some use to other researchers.

'John Anthony Berniere of Lisburn, Co. Antrim. My son, Lewis Cromelin Berniere, my daughters Mary Anne and Madeleine Berniere, my estate in France, Executors, my father-in-law Lewis Cromelin, and friend Samuel Lewis Cromelin, both of Lisburn.  Dated 11th February 1724/5.  Probate, 4 July 1728, by Henrietta Lafure, widow, attorney for the two Cromelin.

'Ann Crommelin, of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, widow. My three grandchildren, Lewis Cromelin de Berniere, Mary Anne de Berniere, and Mandeline de Berniere, otherwise Dunlevy.  First two executors, he of Dublin, she of Lisburn.  Dated 22nd October 1744,  Probate 4 March 1756.'

'Nicholas de la Cherois, major in my Lord Lifford's regiment, living in Lisburnm blessing to my wife and three children, Lisburn poor £5,  De Valeda, Minister £5, wife Maria Madeleine, children Maria Madeleine, Nicholas and Samuel.  Executors brother David and brother-in-law Lewis Crommelin.  Dated 12 June 1702.  Probate July 1702.'

'Abel Pelissier, fortune under £1000, son Alexander one quarter, and three-quarters to wife Mary, to other children 1/- each, Alexander and Mary executors.  14th January 1727-8.  Affadavit in February by his son John Pelissier, Fellow of Trinity College.  Probate 17 February 1727-8.   Also Naturalised a James Pelissier, born at Nimes, son of Isaac and Jane.'

'John Pelissier, DD Rector of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, wife Mary Maxwell sole Executrix. 5th May 1763.'

'Mary Pelissier, son John owes me £300 of which £100 to daughter Molly, and £200 for Olympe and Maryanne, son Charles, to each of the other children 1/-.  11th July 1748.  Affadavit by Rev. Peter Pelissier her son 14 April 1756.   Administration to Olympe, a principal legatee.'

Finally, a few notes on the London Lavalade family:   Allen Lavalade's will mentions James Lavalade, eldest son of his brother, doctor of physic, Elias MD of Cahors,  his cousin John Lavalade of Middlebourg, and a son William Lavalade. Dated 1742, but the will makes no mention of any relations settled in Ireland.
James Lavalade of London mentions in his 1781 will that he came from Puiquillem and Duras. Duras is midway between Bordeaux, Bergerac and Nerac and very close to Monsegur where the refugee, Jacques Lavalade hailed from.   James Lavalade's will makes no mention of Charles Lavalade of Lisburn however, nor of any Irish relations.

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