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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Notes on the Family of Frances Grattan of Drummin, Kildare

This post expands on my earlier post about the Grattan family of Drummin, Kildare.  Rev. William Willis, the son of our ancestor, Thomas Willis of Portarlington, married Frances Willis, the daughter of Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph of Drummin, Co. Kildare.   I will add to it as I discover more....

In 1788, Richard Grattan the Elder married Elizabeth Biddulph, the eldest daughter of Francis Biddulph of Vicarstown, Queen's County, and of Eliza Harrison.

( The Biddulphs ....
In 1694, Nicholas Biddulph leased Rathrobin from Lord Shelbourne.

Nicholas was the third son of Francis Byddolph of Kilpatrick, Wexford who died in 1673, and of an Alice. His older brothers were Thomas of Wexford and Richard of Kilpatrick.

Nicholas Biddulph,who died on 5 March 1702, married Charity and had four children - John, Alice, Jane and Francis.

The eldest son of Nicholas and Charity, John Biddulph, lived in Stradbally, Co. Laois, and died around 1740, having had five children, Richard, John, Alice, Francis and Nicholas.

Francis Biddulph (born 1727 - 1806) lived at Vicarstown and married Eliza Harrison. They had eight children, one of whom was Elizabeth Biddulph who married Richard Grattan of Drummin. They also had  Patience Biddulph who married Henry T. Warner, and Francis Harrison Biddulph who married Mary Marsh. Also Mary Anne Biddulph who married William Scott and Frances Margaret Sarah Biddulph.

Francis Harrison Biddulph, the brother of Elizabeth Biddulph who married Richard Grattan the Elder of Drummin House, (1774 – 1827) lived at Vicarstown - He married Mary Marsh and had 14 children, one of whom was Francis Marsh Biddulph (1802 – 1868)who lived at Rathrobin and who married Lucy Bickerstaffe. Their son was Middleton Westen Biddulph (1849 – 1926) who lived at Rathrobin and who married Vera Flower.)

The Children of Richard Grattan, JP, Drummin House, and Elizabeth Biddulph:

NB: This is a genealogical work-in-progress, and will be added to and corrected as necessary.

1)  A son, born circa 1788 or 1789, died young;  this son was alluded to by Richard Grattan MD of Drummin House, who follows.

2) Richard Grattan MD, of Drummin House, born 23rd January 1790.  See above link...

3)  John Grattan, apothecary of Cornmarket, Belfast, born circa 1801 in the Dublin region, registered with the Dublin Hall of Apothecaries in 1823, and died 24th April 1871 in Belfast.   He married Harriet Shaw or Shawe, who was most likely a member of the Shawe family of Coolair, Kildare, who intermarried with the Edenderry/Kildare Grattans.

When John Grattan died in April 1871, 'Saunders Newsletter' of 27th April 1871, noted that he was the son of the late Richard Grattan of Drummin House, Co. Kildare.

'John Grattan was a native of Dublin, where he was born in 1800. After receiving a sound education there, he came to Belfast in 1825, where he commenced to practise as a druggist.  At this time his knowledge of practical chemistry led him to introduce the now worldwide known aerated waters, which for many years were exclusively manufactured by the firm of Grattan & Co.  His son-in-law (Mr. R.W. Pring) assisted him to perfect his invention.  He married Miss Harriet Shaw, and had a family of three daughters.  His tastes were scientific, and he contributed  various papers to the Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society, of which he was an office-bearer for many years.  His researches on human crania, found in the vicinity of ancient Irish round towers, were of special interest, and a craniometer, invented by himself and figured in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, attracted much attention from anthropologists. He also devoted attention to phrenology, and formed a large collection of casts.  His death took place at his residence, Coolgreany, Fitzwilliam Park, in 1871.'
(Published in 'The Belfast Literary Society' of 1902.)

Both John Grattan of Belfast and Richard Grattan of Drummin mention an unmarried sister named Ellen Grattan.
John Grattan might be the Mr. John Grattan who was present at the 1847 Kildare Lent Assizes which investigated the poisoning by arsenic of Richard Grattan's son, Richard, and who handled poisoned tissue being sent for analysis.  
Both John Grattan of Belfast and Frances Grattan had links to the same Willis family - Frances Grattan was married to Rev. William Willis, white John Grattan named the nephew of William Willis - Rev. John Thomas Willis - as an executor of his will.

The daughters of John Grattan of Belfast were Eliza Pring (1826 - 1888), Ann Jane Grattan (1827 - 1898) and Mary Shawe Grattan (1835 - 1893).

His 1871 will named his unmarried daughters, Anne Jane Grattan and Mary Shawe Grattan.  His  executors were to be his 'friend', Rev. John Thomas Willis, of Forest Hill, his daughter, Anne Jane, and a James White, flour miller of Muckamore.   His son-in-law was Richard Ward Pring who was in business with him as 'Grattan & Co', and who was married to  Eliza Grattan - Eliza's children were also mentioned, but not named.

Note: When John Grattan's sister, Frances Willis died in Dublin on 27th May 1866, John Grattan's son-in-law, Richard Pring, proved her will, as did her nephew, Rev. John Willis of Bepton, Rectory. She was buried in Mount Jerome, Dublin and the register of burials was signed by John Grattan.

John Grattan's sister was named as Ellen Grattan.   A niece was Mistress Anne Jane Lester, and a cousin was Miss Mary Anne Scott.   A John Grattan, with letters J.Y.J.L.J. following his name, was also frequently mentioned.  The codicil mentioned a newly-built house in Fortwilliam Park.

John Grattan's daughter, Eliza Grattan, married Richard Ward Pring, the son of Elijah Pring of Dublin, in Belfast on 13th October 1852.

The will of John Grattan's daughter, Mary Shawe Grattan, of Coolgreaney, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast who had been born in 1835 and who died on 1st December 1893.  One of her executors was named as Charlotte de Castro Willis of Coolgreaney, Fortwilliam Park.  Charlotte de Castro Willis was one of the primary beneficiaries. Charlotte de Castro Willis was the daughter of Rev. John Thomas Willis, who was the son of Thomas Gilbert Willis and Deborah Charlotte Newcombe.
The will of John Grattan's other daughter, Anne Jane Grattan of Coolgreaney, Fortwilliam Park, who died 24th November 1898:   Once again Charlotte de Castro Willis was executrix and beneficiary.  Also named was a cousin, Elizabeth McCaw of Lurgan;    also named was Anna Grattan, the wife of Nicholas Grattan of Cork, who was the brother of John Grattan, apothecary.

Notes on John Grattan's niece, Mistress Anne Jane Lester, who was mentioned in his 1871 will, and also relation Elizabeth McCaw of Lurgan who was named as a cousin in Anne Jane Grattan's 1898 will:
On 5th May 1869 in Trinity Church in Belfast, Elizabeth, the second daughter of the late Jacob Lester of Palnagh, Armagh married linen merchant Robert M'Caw/McCaw of Taghnevan, Lurgan.  Assisting at the wedding was the bride's cousin Rev. Edward Augustus Lester MA.  The children of linen merchant William McCaw and Elizabeth (or Mary Elizabeth) Lester were George Tyrrell Lester born in Lurgan on 29th March 1870, Isabella McCaw on 19th August 1871, Emily Harriet McCaw on 2nd November 1874, and Robert Johnston McCaw.
Robert McCaw's brother was Johnston McCaw who was in the linen business with him, and who married Isabella Carlisle, daughter of William Carlisle of Laurel Lodge, in February 1843. Isabella McCaw, wife of Johnston McCaw, died in Tagnevan, near Lurgan, on 25th April 1860.  A daughter was Isabel McCaw who married Alexander Bell of Moira on 26th February 1875.

Jacob Lester attended Trinity, Dublin - the alumni records noted that he entered the college, aged 24, on 14th October 1842, and that he was the son of the Co. Armagh farmer, William Lester.  He graduated in 1847.   A Jacob Lester died in the city of Armagh on 25th June 1849.

Jacob Lester A.B. was noted in 1849 at Vicar's Hill, Palnagh, Armagh.  His brother was George Henry Lester, married to Margaret Shields, whose son was the Rev. Edward Augustus Lester who had officiated at the wedding of Elizabeth Lester and Robert McCaw in 1869.  Rev. Edward Augustus Lester, of Rathmines, then of Devon, married twice, first in 1864 to Cecilia Jane Browne, daughter of the late Albert William Browne M.D. of Dublin, and secondly in 1868 to Mary Frideswide Standish.    A daughter of George Henry Lester and Margaret Shields was Sarah Emily Lester who married on 10th June 1875 in Killilea Church, Armagh, to James Willis, son of the late John Willis of Grange, Armagh - the groom's brother, Rev. John Willis, officiated at the wedding.  I don't believe this Willis Family of Armagh was in any way related to the Willis family of Portarlington, one of whom - Rev. William Willis - married Frances Grattan, the daughter of Richard Grattan JP and of Elizabeth Biddulph.  The 'Belfast Newsletter' of 20th January 1868 noted that Miss Eliza Lester, daughter of the late Mr. George Lester, postmaster of Killilea, had been elected by the Board of Armagh Jail to be the assistant matron and schoolmistress.
A William Alexander Lester of Palnagh, Armagh, applied to join the civil service in 1865 and provided the details of his birth on the application - according to the Lester family bible, then in the possession of Mrs. Martha Lester, he had been born on 28th
December 1845 to G. and M. Lester of Palnagh.

Jacob Lester of Taghevan, Armagh, had married Anne Jane Tyrrell, the only daughter of George Tyrrell of Kilglass House, Clonard, Co. Kildare, in St. Anne's, Belfast, on 1st November 1844.('Belfast Newsletter', 5th November 1844.)
The Carbery Church of Ireland register shows that George Tyrrell of Kilglass or Carbery had married, on 27th August 1812,  Elizabeth Shawe, the daughter of Edward Shawe of Coolcor, Co.Kildare, who was related somehow to Harriet Shawe of Coolcor or Coolair, Co. Kildare, the wife of apothecary John Grattan.   (An earlier entry in the same register, dated 19th November 1808, noted the marriage of an older John Grattan of Monasteroris, King's County, and Margaret Althrew or Althea Shawe of Carbery.)
The only son of George Tyrrell and Elizabeth Shawe was Thomas George Tyrrell who died aged 24 on 10th December 1838 at his lodgings at 19 Upper Camden Street, Dublin.

George Tyrrell's brother was Adam Tyrrell of Grange Castle, Co. Kildare, who had married in 1804 to Ann Jane Shawe, also a daughter of Edward Shawe of Coolcor.  
The daughter of Adam Tyrrell and Ann Jane Shawe was Mary Ann Tyrrell who married in 1833 Thomas Grattan, who follows later in this post, and who had close family ties with John Grattan, apothecary.
Another daughter of Adam Tyrrell and Ann Jane Shawe was Anne Jane Shawe who married in Castlemagner, near Mallow, on 27th April 1854, to Rev. Francis Webb.
A son of Adam Tyrrell and Ann Jane Shawe was William Tyrell, born 1816, who emigrated to Canada in 1836 and who named a son as Henry Grattan Tyrrell (1867 - 1948).

4)  Catherine Grattan, eldest daughter of Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph of Drummin House, who married Captain George Hamilton of Toronto, in St. Thomas's, Dublin, in July 1836.  In his 'Considerations of the Human Mind' of 1861,  Richard Grattan MD of Drummin mentions that his sister, Catherine Hamilton, wrote him a letter of consolation on 3rd February 1860, following the death of his son William Grattan at an early age.  In the letter, she mentions her sister Ellen, and tells him that her husband, Colonel Hamilton, longed to return to Ireland and Europe.  I know nothing yet about Colonel George Hamilton.  Catherine's brother, Nicholas Grattan of Cork, named a daughter - Catherine Hamilton Grattan, after his sister.

4)  Ellen Grattan, who was mentioned in a letter of 3rd February 1860 written by her sister, Catherine Hamilton of Ontario, to her brother Richard Grattan of Drummin.   John Grattan, apothecary of Belfast, mentioned a sister, Ellen Grattan, in his will.

5) Frances Grattan, born circa 1805, married  Rev. William Willis of Charleville in July 1836 in St. George's, Limerick.  We descend directly from Eliza Willis, the sister of Rev. William Willis.  The nephew of William and Eliza Willis was the Rev. John Thomas Willis who was mentioned in the will of John Grattan above, and whose daughters were close to the daughters of John Grattan.

6) Nicholas Grattan, M.R.C.S.E., dentist of Killeagh, Co. Cork, born 23rd March 1808, died at The View, Orry Hill, Cork on 6th August 1869 (from 'The Cork Examiner' of 7th August 1869).

He studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in England, and qualified there in 1831. He was most likely named after Nicholas Biddulph of Vicarstown, a brother of his mother's.

He lived at Sunday's Well Road, Cork in 1863.

The 'Waterford Chronicle' of 15th June 1833 noted a first marriage of Nicholas Grattan.  'In St. Andrew's, Dublin, Nicholas Gratrtan of Killeagh, Co. Cork, to Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of the late John Jackson of Grafton Street.'   Eliza, the wife of Nicholas Grattan, surgeon of Killeagh, died in August 1837. ('Tipperary Free Press', 5th August 1837.)

Nicholas Grattan married, secondly, in February 1838 in Christchurch, Cork, Mary Anne Peet, daughter of the late Joshua Peet of Waterford. ('Tipperary Free Press', 17th February 1838.)   Mary Anne Grattan would die in childbirth, aged 34, at 24 South Mall, Cork, on 5th March 1850.

The children of Nicholas Grattan and Mary Anne Peet were:
a) Nicholas Grattan, b. June 14, 1839, Killeagh, Ireland, d. August 23, 1896, Cork, Ireland.   An orthopaedic Surgeon, he qualified at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1862, and registered with the Apothecaries' Hall in Dublin the same year.

Nicholas Grattan, son of Nicholas Grattan and Mary Anne Peet, married Hamina, the daughter of the late Hamilton Cliffe Lowe of Lismore, Co. Waterford, in August 1866. ('Tipperary Free Press', 21st August 1866.)
His  first wife Hamina Lowe, died on 18th October 1878.
A second wife of Nicholas Grattan Junior was Anna Gibson, who was named in the 1898 will of Ann Jane Grattan, daughter of John Grattan of Belfast.

Nicholas Grattan Junior and Hamina Lowe had Charlotte Hamina Grattan, born at North Main Street on 22nd August 1867, but died young in 1876; Mary Elizabeth, born on 25th June 1869 at 42 Grand Parade, Marcella Grattan born at 99 North Main Street on 11th March 1871 and a son, Hamilton Grattan, was born on 28th October 1872 at 24 South Mall.

By his second wife, Anna Gibson, Dr. Nicholas Grattan Jr. had a son, William Henry Grattan, norn at 24 South Mall on 30th July 1883;  a metallurgist, he died unmarried, aged only 43, of carbon monoxide poisoning at 21-22 Rrathmines Road, Co. Dublin, on 26th May 1927. The inquest was held on 27th May 1928, and he was buried in Carbery, Co. Kildare -
 'In memory of William Henry (Harry) Grattan youngest son of the late Nicholas Grattan MD., Cork. Died 26th May 1927.'

Nicholas Grattan Junior died, aged 57, at 24 South Mall, Cork, on 29th August 1896 and was buried in St. Finbar's Cemetery.  The chief mourners at his funeral were named as Henry Grattan, John Penrose (Nicholas Grattan's brother-in-law), H.L. Livy,  Master Cecil T. Livy, F. Livy and T. Russell.

b) Mary Grattan, b. April 16, 1841, Killeagh, Ireland, to Nicholas Grattan and Mary Anne Peet.  She married in Christchurch, Cork, John Penrose of Cork, in April 1864.

c) Catherine Hamilton Grattan, b. 1847, Cork, Ireland, to Nicholas Grattan and Mary Anne Peet, and who died in January 1936 in Chicago.  Catherine Hamilton Grattan must have been named after her paternal aunt, who had been born to Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph, and who married Colonel Hamilton of Ontario.

Following the death of his first wife, Mary Anne Peet in 1850, Nicholas Grattan Senior married a second time - on 30th January 1852, he married, in Christ Church, Martha Gregg, the only daughter of the late George Gregg.  In 1850, Nicholas Grattan's address was still South Mall, Cork.  ('Evening Freeman', 24th January 1852.)
Nicholas Grattan and second wife, Martha Gregg, had a son, Thomas Grattan, born 24th November 1864 at 24 South Mall.

7) Anne Grattan, the youngest daughter of the late Richard Grattan of Drummin, married the widower, George Cooke, son of Randal Cooke, in St. George's, Dublin, on 12th September 1850. The wedding in St. George's was witnessed by Anne's brothers, Richard Grattan MD and John Grattan and by a John Conway. At the time, Anne Grattan's address was 22 Pembroke Place, Dublin, and George Cooke's was 4 Drumcondra Terrace, where the couple's son, George Grattan Cooke, was born on 9th April 1852.
George Grattan Cooke, son of George Cooke and Anne Grattan, followed his grandfather, Richard Grattan MD, into the medical profession, who studied in Trinity, Dublin and who registered as a doctor on 22nd July 1873, before working first with the Royal Navy, then taking up a post in 1877 as the district medical officer for the Mandeville area of Jamaica, where he married Henrietta Emma Calder, daughter of John and Georgiana Calder.
George Grattan Cooke and Henrietta Calder had Kathleen Isabelle Cooke, born 21st February 1885, who married Arthur Guy Robinson in Jamaica on 19th June 1907.
George Grattan Cooke and Henrietta Calder also had a son, George Grattan Cooke, on 8th November 1883, who married Helen Augusta Bonnito, daughter of Simon Bonnito, in Jamaica on 6th December 1911. She died on 17th August 1912, and George Grattan Cooke never remarried.  A planter, he travelled frequently between Jamaica and England where he was living at York House, Giggs Hill Rd., Thames Ditton, in 1957.
George Grattan Cooke and Henrietta Emma Calder also had a son, Francis Hamilton Cooke (1879 - 1939) who was licenced as a doctor on 10th November 1902 having trained in Trinity, Dublin. He practiced medicine in Hounslow, England, and at one stage held the post of medical officer for the West African Medical Service in Ghana.  He married Alice Katherine Fleming, the daughter of Thomas H. Fleming, in Jamaica on 26th February 1908. Their son was yet another George Grattan Cooke, who was born in 1911 and who married a Nettie Dilys Cooke, and who had another George Grattan Cooke in 1947.

Notes on Thomas Grattan of Edenderry, Armagh and Belfast:

I had originally believed Thomas Grattan to be one of the sons of Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph of Drummin, Kildare.  However, he seems rather to the Thomas Grattan who married, in 1833, Mary Ann Tyrell - the newspaper announcement for this event names Thomas as the son of John Grattan of Edenderry.  Mary Ann Tyrrell was the daughter of Adam Tyrrell and Ann Jane Shawe of Grange Castle, Kildare.

A handwritten genealogy of the Tyrrells of Grange Castle, which is slightly faded in places, seems to have John Grattan of Edenderry, father of Thomas, as 'John Grattan MD'.

So many of this Grattan family were members of the medical profession, that it makes deciphering all this painful!  However, there was a John Grattan MD of Edenderry (1788 - 1836) who married another member of the Shawe family, Margaret Alicia Shawe, the daughter of Edmund Shawe of Coolair, and these were most likely the parents of Thomas Grattan of Belfast. The marriage of John Grattan of the parish of Monasteroris, King's County, and of Margaret Alicia Shaw of Carbery, was noted in the parish register as taking place in Carbery on 19th November 1808.  Monasteroris is on the outskirts of Edenderry,
This John Grattan MD was the son of Thomas Grattan (1749 - 1801), another of the Grattan doctors, who was married to Ann Sullivan. This earlier Thomas Grattan MD of Edenderry was the son of John Grattan MD (1713 - 1787) who was married to Hannah Colley, and who was the grandfather of the writer, Thomas Colley Grattan, a close relation of Richard Grattan MD of Drummin, second son of Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph.  I'll have to draw a chart!
A newspaper announcement mentions the death in December 1847 of William Grattan, dentist, third son of the late John Grattan MD of Edenderry, so this William Grattan, dentist, must have been a brother of Thomas Grattan of Belfast.
The Carbury church register notes the burial of Anne Jane Grattan of Monasteroris on 7th November 1813 aged only five months.
(The same register notes a stray John Grattan of Monasteroris was buried on 16th February 1814 aged 56, and also a Richard Grattan of Monasteroris who was buried aged 76 on 2nd November 1827.)
A possible son of John Grattan and Margaret Alicia Shaw/Shawe would be the 2-month-old Shawe Grattan who was buried in Carbery in 1815. The exact date wasn't noted in the burial register.

(To confuse matters even further, the Cork Examiner of June 1851 noted that a Marianne, the wife of Dr. Thomas Grattan, died in Pennsylvania, thirty years after leaving Edenderry, but this is a different Dr. Thomas Grattan.)

The Public Records Office in Belfast holds the surgeons' and apothecaries' certificates of members of the Grattan family of Edenderry;  amongst these papers are the rent receipts for Thomas Grattan's premises as a surgeon dentist in College Square, Belfast.  Also included is an 1850 letter from A. Tyrrell of Weston, Ontario.  I haven't read these items, but they serve to link Thomas Grattan to both the Tyrrell family of Weston, which had its roots in Grange Castle, Kildare, and to the Grattans of Edenderry.

Thomas Grattan had been born in about 1810.  He was a dentist who had registered with the Apothecaries' Hall in Dublin in 1832, and who died in Belfast on 21st February 1879:  the executors of his will were Richard Ward Pring, the business partner of John Grattan of Belfast, which whom Thomas Grattan had close links, and Joseph Richardson Turtle Mulholland, spinning-mill manager. The beneficiaries were his daughter-in-law who was the widow of his late son, Edward Shawe Grattan, and a son, John Smith Grattan.   Son Edward Shawe Grattan had been named for his maternal grandmother, Ann Jane Shawe of Kilglass, the daughter of Edward Shawe.

Thomas Grattan had operated as a surgeon-dentist at College Square, Belfast - he had been working in the Coombe Hospital in Dublin in 1832.   In the 1840s he was working as a surgeon-dentist at the Medical Hall, 20 Scotch Street, Armagh.  In an advertisement for 'Grattan & Co. of Belfast', the company operated by his relation, John Grattan, he was included at the bottom as their agent in Armagh - both were suppliers of leeches.
He moved to 39 King Street, Belfast in 1876, and, on 1st March 1877, his wife, Marianne Grattan, née Tyrrell, died there.  

His son, the surgeon Edward Shaw Grattan (1840 - 1874 - he died in Bangor, Co. Down, and was buried in Rice Lane graveyard, Liverpool on 11th July 1874) appeared in the UK Medical Directory of 1863, with an address at Burrough Gaol, Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool. He was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in England.   He was married to Mary, and their daughter, Harriet Emily Grattan, was baptised in St. Mary's, Walton on 1st July 1868.  Harriet Emily Grattan later trained as a nurse and worked at Lambeth Infirmiary, London.

His brother, John Smith Grattan (1834 - 1880), was noted in the earlier 1858 edition of the Medical Register as a doctor of midwivery with a similar address at Walton-on-the-Hill in Liverpool, who had studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in England.
John Smith Grattan died, aged 46 in 1881 in Lancashire, having married  Evelina Carter, the daughter of Rev. Thomas Carter of Walton-on-the-Hill, in Walton Church on 5th August 1868.
Their son, Thomas Carter Grattan, was baptised in St. Mary's on 11th September 1869.  On the same day,  another member of the same Grattan family was baptised there, Alfred Grattan, the son of another surgeon, Edwin Thomas Grattan and Mary.  Thomas Carter officiated at all the above christenings.

(Notes on the Carter family:  Evelina Carter was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Carter (1805 - 1873) of the Liverpool Borough Jail who was married to Evelina Barnes, who had been born in 1804 on St. Croix, the Virgin Islands, and who died in Lancashire on 26th June 1867. The couple married in Liverpool on 11th April 1833, and had, along with Evelina who married John Smith Grattan, Thomas Barnes Carter, born 13th February 1833, and Maria Elizabeth Carter born 30th March 1836 in Bury, Lancashire.)

Following the death of John Smith Grattan in 1881, both his widow, Evelina,  and his son, Thomas Carter Grattan, emigrated to Balmain North, Sydney, Australia, where Thomas married Ellen Elizabeth/Nellie Lynam in 1892.  He died aged 52 in 1921 in Petersham, Sydney. His mother, Evelina, died aged 72 the following year at Marrickville, Sydney.

The children of Thomas Carter Grattan of Liverpool were Doris Helen Grattan (1893 - 1986),  Robert Desmond Grattan, born in 1894, and Brian Grattan, born 1896.   Doris Helen Grattan emigrated to Kyogle, New South Wales, where she married the Englishman, William Redmayne (1886 - 1965) who had served with the Australian Army during the Great War.   A farmer, he had arrived in Australia in 1909.   The children of Doris Helen Grattan and William Redmayne were all born in Kyogle - Robert Grattan Redmayne (1920 - 2004), Thomas William Redmayne (1923 - 2003), Marjorie Elizabeth Redmayne, born 1926, and Jean Helen Redmayne, born 1926, who married Kevin Edwards.
Robert Grattan Redmayne married Edith Phyllis Pardew (1920 - 1996) and had William Robert Redmayne in 1959, Richard James Redmayne in 1960.  Thomas William Redmayne married Isabel Clare Knight, born 1926, and these were the parents of Brian Redmayne who shared this info with me.

Notes On Rev. John Thomas Willis:

Rev John Thomas Willis (1819 - 1902), the son of Rev. Thomas Gilbert Willis and Deborah Charlotte Willis, and nephew of Rev. William Willis who married Frances Grattan, the daughter of Richard Grattan and Elizabeth Biddulph.  (Rev. Thomas Gilbert Willis and Rev. William Willis were half-brothers, both being the sons of Thomas Willis of Portarlington.)
Rev. John Thomas Willis was Rector of St. Mary Belize 1861 to 1862; Chaplain of Kingston Convict Prison 1862 to 1863; Rector of Bepton Sussex England 1863 to 1867; Victor of Rhosmarket 1875 to 1875.

Rev. John Thomas Willis, youngest son of the late Thomas G. Willis. LL.D., married at Islington on 25th April 1861, Mary Ransford de Castro, only daughter of the late Samuel de Castro, Esq., of Bill Hill, Berkshire.  His brother, Henry de Laval Willis, officiated at the London ceremony.

They had four daughters -
a) Mary F. Willis, born 1862 in Honduras.
b) Charlotte Newcombe de Castro Saddler Willis, baptised 12th June 1863 in Bepton, Surrey. She died on 20th July 1923 and her will gave her two addresses as Brookhill House Cliftonville Belfast and of 11 Duke Street Bath.  She lived in Belfast later with her two relations, Anne Jane and Mary Shawe Grattan, the daughters of John Grattan and Harriet Shaw. John Grattan was either the brother or close relation of Frances Grattan who married Rev. William Willis.
c) Madeline Louise de Laval Willis, born 1868 in Kent, but died in 1871 and was buried on 5th October 1871 at Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth, London. The family's address at the time of Madeline's death was noted as 3 Plymouth Terrace, Devonshire Road, Forest Hill.
d) Rebecca Gertrude de Castro Willis, baptised 18th November 1870 in Forest Hill, England.

Notes on the Pring Family:
Richard Ward Pring, business partner and son-in-law of John Grattan, was the son of Elijah Pring, glass manufacturer or apothecary of Westmoreland St., and of Seafort, Williamstown, Dublin.
An Elijah Pring of Westmoreland Street founded the Ringsend Bottle Factory.  In 1858, Elijah James Pring lived at Maryvilla, Ballsbridge.

Elijah Pring of the New Medical Hall, Dublin, married Harriet Locke, the youngest daughter of James Locke of Taunton, on 9th October 1821 in Taunton, Somerset, England. The witnesses to this wedding were Eliza Locke, Mary Sutton and Elizabeth Cox. Harriet Pring would later die in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, on 10th March 1870.

A son was Elijah James Pring, who had been born in Somersetshire, England, in 1826, and entered Trinity, Dublin, on 2nd July 1842 aged 16.  The Medical Directory for Ireland later recorded this Elijah James Pring in Carrickfergus in 1858.

In November 1862, Charlotte Eliza Pring, the last surviving daughter of Elijah Pring, druggist of Westmoreleand Street, married John Johnson, the only son of William Johnson of Castle Kevin, and nephew of James Doyle of Cloyne.

Another child of Elijah Pring of Westmoreland Street was Edward John Locke Pring who had been born in England in about 1835.  On 18th October 1856 in Donnybrook Church, Edward John Locke Pring of Mary Villa married Emma Fannie Hayes, the only daughter of William Hayes of Trimleston, Co Dublin.  A son was born in Pembroke Cottage, Ballsbridge, on 5th September 1859, another on 15th January 1858 at the Martello Tower, Merrion Strand.
In November 1862, Edward John Locke Pring and his partner, Ephraim George Webb, photographers and picture dealers operating under the name of 'Pring, Webb & Co' at 15 Sackville Street, were declared insolvent.     Edward subsequently emigrated temporarily to Windsor, New South Wales, Australia where a daughter was born on 26th June 1867.  He practised there as a doctor, chemist and druggist.
The family moved subsequently to California in 1870 where they were captured by the 1870 and 1880 census.  Children were Ernest Pring, born circa 1858 in Ireland, Francis born circa 1860 in Ireland, William Hayes St. George born 16th April 1865 in Australia, Elizabeth born 1867 in Australia and Frances born at sea in 1870.
Edward's wife, Fannie, died on 16th May 1909 at the home of her son-in-law, Archibald Edward Moeran, in Portumna, Co. Galway.   Archibald Edward Moeran, a land agent and son of the Dean of Down, Edward Busteed Moeran, had married Helen Frances Locke Pring, the daughter of Dr. Edward Locke Pring, in Taney Church, Co. Dublin, on 17th November 1897.   She had been born, according to the Irish Census, on the Pacific Ocean, presumably on the voyage to or from New South Wales.  In 1897, the papers reporting her wedding to Archibald Edward Moeran, noted that her father, Edward John Locke Pring, was living in The Peaks, California, while her mother was living at 4 Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin.

Richard Ward Pring was licenced by the Apothecarys' Hall in 1858.

1832:  Ward, Pring & Co, New Medical Hall, 30 Westmoreland Street, Dublin. (Richard Ward)

Richard Ward Pring married twice, first to Eliza Grattan,the daughter of John Grattan of Belfast, and secondly to Adelaide Eugenie Strong.  They lived at Firmount, Belfast.  He died on 10th November 1891 at Ventnor, in the Isle of Wight.  His first wife, Eliza Pring, née Grattan, died at Firmount, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast, on 11th May 1888. Her will was witnessed by Charlotte (de Castro) Willis, and by her own sister, Anne Jane Grattan.
The widower Richard Ward Pring of Firmount was married by Rev. Willis, on 22nd January 1890, to Adelaide Eugenia, the widow of Henry B. Strong of Detroit, USA.
The best friend of Richard Ward Pring, apothecary, was Henry Kirke White of Killiney, one of the beneficiaries of his will.  Richard Ward Pring administered the 1869 will of the Offaly-born spinster (of Elizabeth Locke who died in Wexford.   Richard's brother was Edward John Locke Pring, which seems to suggest that the Prings were somehow related to the Locke family - possibly Elijah Pring had married a member of this family.

Business associate of John Grattan of Belfast, Richard Ward Pring proved many of the Grattan wills, including that of Frances Willis,  née Grattan, who had married Rev. William Willis.

The children of Richard Ward Pring and Eliza Grattan:
1) Arthur Henry Pring was the eldest son - he lived abroad in Tenerife for a number of years 'because of his health.'  Arthur seems to have settled in England - he had married Lucy Jane Barnsly Reid, the daughter of James Reid, on 30th January 1879 in Belfast.  A son, John Grattan Pring, was born in Belfast on 7 March 1881.   In 1911, one-year-old Aileen Lucy Grattan Pring, who had been born in Budleigh, Bristol, was a boarder in Paignton, Devon, along with what seems to be her parents, John Gratton Pring, and Jessie Elizabeth Pring (née Baker) of Plymouth. John Grattan Pring died at 5 East Terrace, Budleigh, Salterton, Devon, on 21st September 1952, with administration of his will to Aileen Lucy Grattan Pring and to Moya Nora Grattan Pring.

2) Rev. Richard Henry Pring (born circa 1860)  who married Ellen Marguerite of Croyden, Surrey, and who had two children - Noel Grattan Pring, born 30th December 1896 at Marto, Cheshire, wheren Rev. Richard Henry Pring was clergyman, and Nora Grattan Pring, born Oct 1899 in Marton, Cheshire (This from the UK 1901 Census. ) Son, Noel Grattan Pring, died on 15th October 1948 at Peshawar, India.  He was married to Ida Margaret.
3) Henry Grattan Pring died at Slieve-na-Failte, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim on 5th October 1942.  He married Eliza Barbour Gordon in Belfast in 1894. In 1906 he proved the will of his sister, Harriet Grattan Pring Macmaster of Skerries, Co. Dublin. He worked as a merchant in aerated water, which had been originally manufactuered by Grattan & Co, the firm founded by his grandfather, John Grattan, and taken over by his father, Richard Ward Pring. Henry Grattan Pring had a large family in Whitehouse, Co. Antrim, and they appeared on both the 1901 and 1911 census - Elizabeth Violet Beatrice Pring, born Antrim in about 1896; Vera Pring, born circa 1897; Hilda Pring, born circa 1898; Moya Pring, born circa 1900; Ellen Pring, born circa 1903; Richard Gordon Pring, born circa 1909.
4) Elizabeth Frances Pring, or Frances Elizabeth Pring. On 24th June 1891 in St. James's, Belfast, Rev. Richard Henry Pring presided at the wedding of his sister, Frances Elizabeth, to John Traill Mill.
5) Harriet Grattan MacMaster. Harriet Grattan Pring was married to Charles Macmaster;  a son, Richard Ward Pring Macmaster was born at Moyne Road, Rathmines, Co. Dublin, on 14th November 1886. There were also two daughters - Lizzie Macmaster, born circa 1885 and Edith Macmaster, born circa 1888. Richard Ward Pring Macmaster died on 3rd July 1956 at 63 Church Street, Skerries, Co. Dublin - he had married Emma Caroline Fennell in Dublin in 1938.   Harriet Grattan Pring Macmaster died at Holpatrick Villa, Skerries, on 27th April 1906, with probate of her will to her merchant brother, Henry G. Pring, and to Elizabeth F. Mill. According to the two Irish censuses, Charles Macmaster had been born in either Meath or Louth in about 1856.

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