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Saturday, 3 September 2011

More on the La Valade Family and the Valada Family

It is known that the La Valade family intermarried with the DuBourdieu family - the sister of Charles de la Valade had married Jacques DuBourdieu who had been murdered  in 1685.
Jacques' father, Isaac DuBourdieu, married three times - his first wife was supposedly a La Valade. The daughter of this marriage was named Andree le Valet/la Valade DuBourdieu.

The Dubourdieu family had their origins in the Bergerac area fifty miles east of Bordeaux and, given the Dubourdieu/La Valade connections, I would expect to find the La Valade family floating around there in the mid-seventeenth century.

Pierre de la Vallade, prior to becoming the pastor of the Reformed Church at Fontenoy-le-Comte, had worked at Bergerac.

I discovered a list of Protestant ministers of the south-west published to the web and there were Valades mentioned....
De la Vallade was pastor at Libourne, Bordeaux in 1620.
Valade was pastor at Bazas, near Bordeaux from 1661 - 1671
Valade was pastor at Salignac/Clerans, Bordeaux from 1677 - 1678.
Valade was pastor at Sauvignac, Bordeaux from 1677 - 1678. (Was this a separate minister from the above?)
Valade was pastor at Tournon (there are many Tournons, most near Lyons)  from 1678 - 1683.

Other names of interest:
I. Duboudieu, pastor at Bergerac from 1642 - 1650. This was Isaac Dubourdieu who was the celebrated Huguenot minister at Montpelier from 1650 until his expulsion from France in 1683.
J. Dubourdieu, pastor at Lafitte in 1642.  This was Isaac's son, Jean Dubourdieu.  It is known that Armand Dubourdieu, the uncle of Isaac, also worked at Lafitte earlier in the century.
Costebadie, pastor at Tonneins-Dessus in 1668.  A Marie de Costebadie was one of the three wives of Isaac Dubourdieu - I have no idea if the pastor was related to her however. Lafitte and Tonneins are both south of Bergerac and Bordeaux.

From the Register of the Temple de Begles in Bordeaux town, there is an entry for June 1675 which refers to the baptism of Jean de la Valade, the son of Alain de la Valade.
In 1683, Jean Rocal de la Valade de Saint Paul, renounced Calvinism - he was the son of Jean de la Valade, an equerry and a counsellor in the Parliament of Bordeaux.

Of interest is the La Valada/La Valata family from Realville, an area 20kms north-east of the Quercy/Languedoc town of Montauban, and extremely close to the Moissac/Castel-Sarrasin town which I had mentioned in an earlier post in relation to the La Valade family.
This was a prominent Huguenot family who also had to leave France at the Revocation and who ended up in London and Dublin. I have no idea if there is a connection between this family and the family of Charles de la Valade in Lisburn, but both end up in Ireland.
From a statement made by a Geraud Rigail:  'Monsieur Valada, my brother-in-law, left for Flanders in 1685, and his wife and children went to join him later, after which his wife had lived in Bordeaux for about a year and a half, and was later thrown into the town prison;  they next sailed for Holland in October 1689 by order of the King, along with Mademoiselle Marguerite de Valada, the daughter of Monsieur de Valada de Pui, the uncle of my brother-in-law.  The aforementioned Valada, my sister, died in London in October 1697; she had a son named Joseph who died in Ireland on the 14th June 1699 - on the 29th of the same month of June 1699, he had married his eldest daughter Jeanne Valada in Dublin, Ireland, to Monsieur Saint Mesmen, a native of....near Orleans.  Their two daughters survive - Marguerite and Paule.'
A Marguerite de Valada married a Gabriel Brassard in Dublin in 1705.
I browsed the registers of the French churches of Dublin - in the National Library, Dublin - and came across the following entries for the Valada family:
The marriage of Mademoiselle Paule Valada to Monsieur Virouleau de la Capelle took place in Dublin about this time. (Date not noted by me.) ) Present at the ceremony were Jeanne de St.Mesmin, Margaret Brassard, Susane Molles, Catherine Molles and Estienne de St.Mesmin.
Estienne de St.Mesmin married Jeanne de Valada on 20th June 1699. M. Severin performed the ceremony. Estienne de St.Mesmin, chevalier, was the son of M.Estienne, seigneur de St.Mesmin; his mother was Dame Benigne de Maumon, from Vienne in the Duchy of Orleans.    Jeanne de Valada was the daughter of Joseph de Valada, ecuyer/esquire, captain in La Melonniere's regiment, and of Madame Aldonée de Rigal of Montauban.  Present at the wedding were Mademoiselle Paule de Valada, sister of the bride, Monsieur Pierre de Gignoux, ecuyer/captain,  M. Japhet Geraud, ecuyer, sieur de Puichemin, and Mr. Albert Prevost, merchant of Dublin.
A daughter of Monsieur de St.Mesmin, aged 14 years, was buried in Peter Street French Church on 8th August 1721.

Gerard Rigail's brother-in-law (see above statement) was Joseph de Valada who had married Adonce Rigail in 1657. He was a lawyer from Realville who had died in 1681 in London.
This de Valada family had been linked to Realville for centuries and intermarried with the Fraisse family and the nobel Dupuy family.
In 1669 the advisor and doctor to the King, Estienne Fraisse married Paule de Valada who was the daughter of a lawyer, Paul de Valada and Marie Dupuy.  Also present at the wedding was Jacques Dupuy, advisor to the King.  The pastor Jean Barbat blessed the marriage in the Temple d'Albias.
From the register of the French Church in Sohon Square in London, we see Rev. Marc Barbat marrying Jeane de Valada in 1691- another record states that he was the minister at Hadleigh in Essex and that she was from Realville; they were married by Jean Molles.
A Jean Barbat had been the pastor at Realville from 1644 - 1685.

A Monsieur de Valada, a Protestant, was arrested and thrown in jail in Bilbao, Spain, along with 13 other travellers in November 1687. They had been arrested on 10th November 1687 while awaiting to embark on a ship taking them to Holland.  Most of the party were from Bearn and Castres.

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