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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

William Westby Pennefather and Emma Hay

Much of the following information and photographs were researched by and kindly sent to me by Michael Richardson, a direct descendent of Emma Hay's sister, Frances.  I have added further information as I find it.

We descend directly from John Pennefather, the son of Edward Pennefather of Wellington, Templeogue. John’s brother was William Westby Pennefather who had been born to Edward and Eliza Pennefather in Dublin circa 1833.

William Westby Pennefather married Emma Hay, the daughter of an engineer Alexander Hay, in St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, on 3rd June 1856. William gave his address as Clontarf, presumably 15 Fairview Avenue, while Emma gave her address as 17 Newcomen Place. The witnesses were Emma’s brother, David A. Hay and her sister Eliza Hay. Both William and his father, Edward Pennefather, are noted as ‘gentlemen’, this despite the fact they both worked!
William was admitted to the Freemen of Dublin on 11th March 1858 - he was admitted by birth, his father having been admitted in 1810.  His address was given as 1, Hacketts Buildings, North Strand, and William was working as a commercial clerk.
William and Emma spent some time in Waterford, before heading to Liverpool, then finally to Bermondsey, London.
William appeared on the English 1871 census as a draper’s assistant. Ten years later on the 1881 census he was a ‘traveller in woollens’, later still he worked for the railways.

The children of William Westby Pennefather and Emma Hay were as follows:

Edward Pennefather 1857 - 1942 (See photo below) :  Born in Dublin, he later married Fanny Elizabeth Barton (1855 - 1926) at Christchurch, Rotherhithe on 5th April 1885. Edward, like his father, worked as a woollen draper. On 19th August 1888, the couple baptised a daughter, Constance, in St. Luke's Church, Battersea - she would be recorded in 1911 as a student in Bishop Otter College for training of school mistresses in Colchester. She married Charles F. Atwood in 1940 and died in Barnstaple in 1981.

Edward Pennefather

Eleanor Pennefather (1859 - 1938). Born in Dublin, she later married Fanny’s brother, George Samuel Barton (born 1857) who worked as a mercantile clerk. The wedding took place in Bermondsey on 2nd August 1884. They had four children: Montague Leslie (born 1886, Camden)  who married Florence Kench; Dorothy Frances  (born 1889 in Brixton)  married Bernard Hughes; Gladys Irene (born 1896 in Brixton) married Maurice Nolan; Eva Victoria (born 1898 in Brixton) married Angus McKenzie in 1929 - they had a son, Alastair, in 1932.
George Samuel Barton died in Pontresina, Switzerland, on 23 August 1923, leaving a substantial estate of £2000.

Alexander Pennefather (1861 - 1903). Born in Dublin, he later married Eliza Jane Flint on 15th July 1899. On both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, however, his wife is recorded as being the Australian-born Sophia. Alexander was an outfitter’s assistant and a sharp dresser as can be seen from the following photo.

Alexander Pennefather died at 47 Bonham Road, Brixton, on 6th December 1903, and the executor of his will was named as E.J. Pennefather, presumably his wife Eliza Jane Pennefather, née Flint. 47 Bonham Road was where Alexander was living in 1901 with his wife Sophia.  Odd.
Alexander Pennefather
David Pennefather born circa 1863 in Waterford. (Griffiths Valuation of 1850 shows an Edward Pennefather as the owner of one acre of land in Ballydonagh townland in Co. Waterford, although it's more likely that William Westby Pennefather was working in Waterford at the time of his son's birth.)
David married Louisa Grace Bullivant at St. Mary Magdalene, Peckham on 9th November 1891. Louisa Grace Bullivant had been born to Richard and Sarah Anne Bullivant on 10th October 1869 in St. George in the East, London. In 1891 the UK census showed her visiting the family of Thomas E. Frampton in Camberwell but there was no sign of David Pennefather.  In 1901 she was at 184 Crystal Palace Road in Camberwell, but David was similarly missing.  Louisa Grace died in Southwark in 1904, and David married again, this time to Marguerite Ada Wright in 1912 in Wandsworth.
David died on 13th January 1913 and was buried at Norwood Cemetery - the register mentions that he was ‘removed from London Hospital’. His will gives his wife’s name as Marguerite Ada Pennefather.

William Pennefather was born in Liverpool in 1866 and died circa 1936. He married Jessie Ruth Holt at St. Jude’s, Peckham on 4th September 1897. By 1901 William was a railway clerk; his wife, Jessie, was working in the rag trade as an ‘underclothing merchant - working from home. By 1911 Jessie was living with her brother, William Holt, while William was a patient at the Camberwell Workhouse Infirmary. His employment was given as a ‘clerk (railway claims), Great Northern Railway. Following the death of her husband, Jessie Pennefather married Arthur Warner in 1935 but died two years later in 1937.

Emma Pennefather was born 1868 in Bermondsey and died in Peckham in 1937:
  'Pennefather, Emily of 39 McKerrell Road, Peckham, Surrey, spinster, died 12 July 1937 at 5 Brunswick Square, Camberwell, Surrey.  Administration London 28 July to Eleanor Barton, widow.  Effects £68 18s.'
Her name in the Calendar of Wills was transcribed as Emily, rather than Emily, but the Electoral lissts for London for 1936 confirms that Emma Pennefather was living at 39 McKerrall Road.  In the years leading up to her death, she lived in a variety of places in the same area. Her sister, Eleanor Barton, would die the following year.

Notes on the Family of Emma Hay:

Alexander Hay is believed to be the son of David Hay and Mary King who married in St. Anne's, Dublin, on 11th March 1796.  Betham's extracts record David Hay as living in the Barracks, Dublin, while Mary King was of the parish of St. Anne's.  Children of the marriage are recorded as follows:

  • Alexander Hay, baptised St. Paul's, on 22nd June 1798.
  • Peter Craig Hay, baptised St. Paul's, on 15th July 1800.
  • David Switzer Hay, baptised St. Paul's, on 10th June 1804. (Possibly known later as James S. Hay.)   The son of James Switzer Hay, David Alexander Hay of 23 South Anne Street, was admitted to the Dublin Freemen on 29th May 1857 by birth, being the grandson of David Hay who had been admitted earlier in 1801. 
  • Mountiford John Hay, baptised St. Paul's, 3rd July 1808, and named for an earlier member of the family, Mountiford John Hay, sheriff of Dublin city, and architect/builder, who developed most of Blessington Street and who worked on the Mansion House, the residence of the Dublin Lord Mayor.  
Alexander Hay, engineer of Dublin,  who worked alongside Alexander Nimmo on public works, including Cleggan Pier, Co. Galway, and possibly further public works in Co. Kerry, married Eleanor McDonagh who was possibly born in Galway.
Alexander Hay's nephew, David Alexander Hay, (son of James Switzer Hay of Galway) would later prove the will of a gentleman, William McDonagh, of Portland, Tipperary, who died in London in 1846.  It is worth noting that Portland is in Portumna, on the border between Galway and Tipperary.   A McDonagh family of Portumna were associated with Willmount House there, including Allen McDonough (various spellings) a famous steeplechaser of the early 19th century.   Alexander Hay and Eleanor McDonagh named a son as Alan Hay.

Alexander was noted in the 1820s at Dominick St., Galway city, as was a Mrs. McDonagh.  He was later noted as living in Clontarf, North Dublin, in 1849, but disappears from known records at that point.
The Landed Estates Court Rentals 1850 - 1885, viewable on the Find My Past website, noted that Alexander Hay was a tenant at numbers 16 and 17, Lady Shea's Plot, Shantallagh, Galway (the lower end of the street being Dominick Street), and that he had taken the lease out on 23rd December 1826 from John Whaley.

The 'Northern Whig' of 30th April 1832 ran an advertisement for Alexander Hay's services, and noted that he was, in 1832, living at 27 James Street in Belfast.  "A Card - Alexander Hay - Architect and Civil Engineer - In soliciting the patronage of the Public, he assures them that, from his long experience in the business, together with his connexion, for ten years with the late Mr. Alexander Nimmo....he is fully competent to undertake any Business in his Line...27 James Street, Belfast. April 30th."

The Children of Alexander Hay and Eleanor McDonagh were:
1) Mary Hay, born circa 1822, possibly in Galway while her father was working there. She married Richard Coote MD, the youngest son of Sir Charles Coote of Baggot St., on 22nd July 1843, in St. Mary's.  Mary Hay was living at the time at 25 Blessington Street - the 'Belfast Newsletter' of 14th August 1843 noted that the bride was the eldest daughter of Alexander Hay of Villa, Co. Galway.

The witnesses to the 1843 wedding of Mary Hay and Richard Coote MD were Charles Coote (Richard Coote's father or brother) and Wardle Ivy Sterling who was related to one of Mary's late relations, Mountiford John Hay, an architect of Dublin who built, not only Dublin's Mansion House, but also the greater part of Blessington Street where Mary Hay was living when she married Richard Coote.

Architect Mountiford John Hay's daughter Matilda Hay, married solicitor Paul Ivy Sterling (1804 - 1879) of Queen's County, in St. Anne's in January 1828 who would later serve as a Judge of the Supreme Court in Ceylon.  Paul Ivy Sterling - sometimes known as Paul Joy Sterling - was the son of Rev. Joseph Sterling of Gillfield, Mountrath, Queen's County, as was Mary Elizabeth Sterling who died aged 70 on 10th September 1864 in Leeson Street.
(The 'Dublin Morning Register' of 11th November 1826 reported the death of Eliza Anne Hay, the second daughter of Montiford John Hay of Molesworth Street, aged 22.)

There were two Wardle Ivy Sterlings, one born in Marino Crescent, Dublin in  1811, a solicitor of the Court of Queen's Bench Common Pleas and Exchequer in Ireland, who married Sarah of Mountrath, Queen's County,  and who was most likely the man who witnessed the wedding of Mary Hay and Richard Coote, and also Wardle Ivy Sterling, born in June 1837 to Matilda Hay and Paul Ivy Sterling, and who, in 1849, was awarded a First Class Certificate at his school in Kingstown/Dun Laoghaire.

The children of Matilda Hay and Paul Ivy Sterling were:
Matilda Sterling born at 124 Stephen's Green in 1829.
Mountiford John Sterling born at 11 Upper Rutland Street on 30th March 1832.
Twins Eliza Ann and Paul Alexander Sterling, born at 11 Upper Rutland Street on 9th April 1834 - on 20th and 21st April 1835, both the twins died.
Wardle Ivy Sterling, born 21st June 1837.
William Robert Sterling, solicitor, born circa 1843, and who was noted later as the only son of Paul Ivy Sterling.

In January 1857 in Stephen's Green, J.W. Sterling, the eldest son of Hon. Paul Ivy Sterling of Ceylon, died.

Matilda Sterling, daughter of Mountiford John Hay of Dublin, and wife of Paul Ivy Sterling, died on 30th August 1866 at Lower Brunswick Street, Brighton.  Her husband, Paul Ivy Sterling, was living with his son, William Robert Sterling, in Hanover Square, London, in 1871.  William would be the executor of his father's will when he died in 1879.

Richard Coote MD, husband of Mary Hay,  died on the 8th October 1856 at Hollybrook, Donegal. The youngest son of Richard Coote MD and of Mary Hay was Mervyn Richard Coote who died, aged 11 years and 8 months, on 14th March 1862 at Martello Cottage, Williamstown (Blackrock, Co. Dublin?) - his late father had previously lived at Dunkaneely/Dunkineely, Co. Donegal.    Richard Coote had a brother,  the surgeon, William Coote MD,  who also lived at Hollybrook, Killybegs and Dunkineely, Co. Donegal, in 1846.
William Coote MD was involved in a dispute with his own father in 1830 over the ownership of clothes! His father stated that he had lived in Baggot Street since about 1810, and that his son, William, was aged 30 and currently living in Wicklow....William, however, was noted in 1837 as being of both Baggot Street and of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.   He was married to Anna Maria Smyth, the 2nd daughter of Mr. Smyth of Harcourt Street.   William Coote, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, died on 11th May 1859 at 13 Tritonville Avenue, Sandycove, Dublin.

Sir Charles Coote of Baggot St:
Both William and Richard Coote were the sons of Sir Charles Coote of 91 Lower Baggot St., Dublin, the illegitemate son of the first and last Earl of Bellamont, Coolany, Co. Sligo, also named Charles Coote whose title, which had been created in 1777,  had died out on his death for want of a legitimate heir.    Sir Charles, Earl of Bellamont, had married, on 20th August 1774, Emilia Maria Mary Fitzgerald, the daughter of James Fitzgerald, the Duke of Leinster, with whom he had the one son, who died young in 1786.   His illegitemate son, Sir Charles Coote of Baggot Street was considered to be the son of a Rebecca Palmer or Sheldon.   The Earl of Bellamont was a busy man,  having had eleven other children by five different women, not including his successor, Sir Charles of Baggot Street.   He lived at Coote Hill, Co. Cavan, and was related to the Cootes of Ballyfin.

Sir Charles Coote of Baggot Street succeeded his father in 1800.
In 1837, Mary Anne, the wife of Sir Charles Coote, died in Baggot Street of flu.  This was Mary Richardson who Sir Charles had married before 1798.
As well as the two doctors, Richard and William, Sir Charles of Baggot Street had a son who succeeded him, Rev. Sir Charles Coote of Donnybrook who had been born in about 1798, and who died in Sandycove, near Dunlaoghaire, aged 68 on 5th November 1861;  his will was proved by his widow, Helen Mellefont Coote of Rathmines Road.  His successor was his son Sir Charles Algernon Coote who had been born in 1847 and who was married to Elizabeth Coote who died in Dublin aged 57 in June 1913.

As mentioned above, a son of Mary Hay and Richard Coote MD was  Mervyn Richard Coote who died, aged 11 years and 8 months, on 14th March 1862 at Martello Cottage, Williamstown, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
Another son of Mary Hay and Richard Coote MD was Charles Anthony Coote (1846 - 1890), who, when he died in September 1890, was noted as the eldest and last surviving son of Richard Coote MD of Hollybrook, Co. Donegal.
The second daughter of Mary Hay and Richard Coote MD was Ida Marion Coote, who married John
Moore Hovenden, JP, DL, of Queen's County, the son of Charles Warner Hovenden, and grandson of Arthur Aylmer Hovenden, in St. George's, on 15th September 1888.  One of the witnesses was Ida Marion's sister, Charlotte Emily Coote.
John Moore Hovenden died at 16 Lower Beechwood Avenue, Dublin, on 16th December 1895, with probate to his brother, the mineral water manufactuer, Pierce Giles Hovenden of Spencer Villa, Moyne Road.
The widowed Ida Marion Hovenden (1866 -1930) was living here at 16 Lower Beechwood Avenue with her unmarried sister, Charlotte Emily Coote (1854 - 1932), and her stepson, the solicitor's clerk Henry Charles Hovenden (18th March 1885 - 1917).   They were also there in 1901; however the 1901 census return for Lower Beechwood Avenue was never filmed and is therefore not searchable online.

As already noted above, Ida Marion Coote had married John Moore Hovenden, the second son of Charles Warner Hovenden of Ballylehane, Queen's County.   Charles Warner Hovenden had been born in 1817 to Moore Hovenden and Julia Warner.  He married his first cousin, Anne Hovenden, the daughter of Arthur Aylmer Hovenden.

John Moore Hovenden was born on 2nd January 1846 to Charles Warner hovenden and Anne Hovenden;  he married, firstly, Susan Sarah Robinson, the duaghter of Thomas Robinson, and had two children, Henry Charles Hovenden (18th March 1885 - 1917) who was living later with his widowed stepmother at Lower Beechwood Avenue, and Anne Margaret Sophie Hovenden who married her first cousin, Piers/Percy Aylmer Hovenden Torney.   Following the death of first wife, Susan Sarah Robinson, John Moore Hovenden married Ida Marion Coote.  A shortlived daughter was Ethel Sybil Hovenden (27th January 1891 - 30th December 1894).

John Moore Hovenden's brother, Pierce Giles Hovenden, was born on 19th February 1847, and married, on 15th November 1879, Elizabeth, daughter of James George - they had Herbert, Edith Anne, Florinda, Violet and Raby.

John Moore Hovenden's sister was Anne Butler Hovenden who married, on 15th August 1875, Thomas Stanley Torney.  They were cousins.  Their son, Piers/Percy Aylmer Hovenden Torney, born in 1888, also married his cousin,  Anne Margaret Sophia, the daughter of John Moore Hovenden and Susan Sarah Robinson - they settled in Belfast where Anne Margaret Sophia died on 20th June 1947 at 6 Loopland Gardens. She was survived by her husband, civil servant Piers Aylmer Hovenden Torney.

Another sister of John Moore Hovenden was Julia Hovenden who married Rev. James Robert Ffolliott of Warrenpoint on 4th December 1867.   James Robert Ffolliot died on 1st April 1874 at Moira, Co. Down, and was noted then as the Rector of Moira, and late incumbent of Warrenpoint. His widow Julia was living in Arless, Queen's County, in 1901, which is where her father, Charles Warner Hovenden had died on 28th September 1889 aged 72.  Julia was living with her son, William Hovenden Ffolliot who had been born in Down in 1872, and a daughter, Catherine, who would marry Henry Ralph Osborne. She had had two other daughters - Ethel Maude Ffolliot and Florinda who would later marry John Marshall Bolton.

2) Charles Hay,  born in the 1820s and believed by the family to have emigrated to Philadelphia.

3) William Hay, born 23rd September 1828 in Galway, baptised 20th October 1828.

4) Alan Hay, born circa 1830.  Named - possibly - for Alan McDonough of Portumna?

5) Mountiford David Hay, born circa 1833 in Galway.  In 1851 he was working as a Port Office clerk in London.  On 30th May 1865 in St. Giles' Church, Bloomsbury, he married Eliza Kernidge/Kernage, the daughter of Henry Kernidge of London.
A son was Mountiford Henry Hay, born 10th June 1866, who married Mary Louisa Sage Beecher in 1888 and who had a subsequent daughter, Phyllis Hay, on 6th March 1889. Phyllis Hay married a man by the name of Leigh, then, secondly, Raymond S. Dane.

By 1881, Mountiford David Hay was working as a dentist and medical assistant while resident with his father-in-law.  Mountiford David Hay of 1 Little Chapel Street, Victoria Street, Westminster, petitioned for divorce in February 1881 on the grounds that his wife, Eliza, had been having an affair with Robert John Hall, and was now - in 1881 - living with him in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.  They married in 1882.

Following divorce from his wife, Mountiford David Hay died in Hanover Square on 22nd June 1881.

6) Eliza Hay, born circa 1835.  She married Richard Benjamin (sometimes Betson) Ince, of the Bank of Ireland in Cork, on 25th July 1860 in St. Thomas's.

Richard Benjamin/Betson Ince had been born in 1840 to the solicitor John Ince of Mountmellick, Queen's County, and of Holles Street, Dublin;  Richard's mother was Caroline Cooke - John Ince married Caroline Cooke/Cook of North Ann Street, Dublin, on 8th July 1834;  the three witnesses were Nicholas Bettson Cooke, a member of the Colles family, and a member of the Evans family.    Nicholas Bettson Cooke, an ironmonger, was living at 23 d'Olier Street in 1845 when his wife, Nanny, gave birth to a daughter named after her mother. This couple had plentiful children in Dublin. Caroline Cooke and Nicholas Betson/Bettson Cooke were most likely the children of John Benjamin Cooke who married Frances Bettson on 11th December 1799 in Dublin.   Frances Cooke was the daughter of Captain Nicholas Bettson of Carlow.

Richard Benjamin Ince's father, the solicitor John Ince, died at  Mountmellick and was buried there on 25th April 1848.  In 1850, Caroline Cooke was noted at Pound St, Mountmellick.

The children of John Ince and of Caroline Cooke were, along with Richard Benjamin Cooke - Rev. John Cook Ince, who moved to England, and who proved the will of his brother, Rev. Charles Frederick Ince who died at Glanmire, Cork on 25th August 1905.   Walter Henry Ince was the 4th son of John Ince of Mountmellick - he died young aged 24 at 12 Phillipsburgh Avenue on 12th October 1870.   A sister, Elizabeth Ince, married Rev. John Christian McCullagh in 1865 in Christchurch, Australia.

Richard Benjamin Ince and his wife, Eliza Hay, emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, where Richard died on 6th June 1920.  He was, however, buried in London, Ontario, Canada.
A daughter, Florence Caroline Ince,  who had been born in London, England, in 1863, died aged 73 at 1705 East 85th Street, Cleveland Ohio, on  22nd November 1936.
Percy Ince was born to Richard Benjamin Ince and Eliza Hay in Cork on 24 January 1867.
Another daughter was Madeline Frances Ince, who had been born in Dublin on 14 Nov 1870.
Eleanor Ince was born in Toronto, Canada, on 06 Jan 1879.  Evelyn Ince,  was born in 1885 in Toronto, and died unmarried on 20 Dec 1945.  A son was Mountiford John Ince who married Jemima Truesdell on 3rd August 1891 in Brantford, Ontario;  Jemima was the daughter of Neil and Sarah Truesdell.

The Ince Family 1891, courtesy of Michael Richardson.

7) Emma Hay, born circa 1836, who married William Westby Pennefather on 3rd June 1856 in St. Thomas's.

8) Ellen Hay, born circa 1840.  Ellen Hay, 3rd daughter of the late Alexander Hay of Dublin, married, in St. Thomas's, Dublin,  her first cousin, David Alexander Hay, the son of the late James Switzer Hay of Galway on 12th September 1860. (From 'Dublin Evening Mail,' 17th September 1860.)

David Alexander Hay of 23 South Anne Street was admitted to the Dublin Freemen on 29th May 1857 by birth, being the grandson of David Hay who had been admitted earlier in 1801.

David A. Hay was the Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper; he died of TB on 6th April 1874.   At one point he lived at 5 Waterloo Buildings, Dublin.

David Alexander Hay and Ellen Hay had:

a) Emma Frances Hay - born in 1862, Emma Frances Hay married  the Cork-born James O'Brien of the Inland Revenue, son of a farmer James O'Brien, in Sligo town on 7th September 1888.  The witnesses were Ellen Lindsay and the bride's sister Maude Isabel Hay.   James O'Brien and Emma Frances Hay had two children in Derry - Lilly Eleanor O'Brien on 8th August 1889, and James O'Brien.  Five children were subsequently born in Dublin - John in 1896, Annie Kathleen in 1897 and Percy O'Brien in Skerries on 24th January 1898.   The family were living in 1901 at 105 Great Strand Street in Dublin, but had disappeared by the time of the 1911 census ten years later. 

b) Annie Florence Hay who was born on 12th July 1863 at Elm Lodge, Drumcondra, who died in 1934, and married on 23rd August 1890, the Offaly-born John Glover, the witnesses being Percy Alexander Hay and Joseph Glover. Both the bride and groom's fathers were dead by this time.   
Joseph Glover, the witness at the wedding, was John Glover's younger brother, both of them the sons of John Glover and Mary Anne or Marianne Dann, who had married in Tullamore, King's County, on 20th January 1854.  John Glover of Tullamore might have been a member of the R.I.C. since a sub-constable of this name was stationed in the area at this time.  John Glover's father was an earlier John Glover, while Mary Anne was the daughter of Joseph and Jennie Dann.   An elderly Marianne Glover, aged 69, was living in William Street Tullamore, with her daughter, Hanna Glover, in 1901;  later, in 1911, Mary Glover, aged 80, was living with her son John Glover and his wife, Annie Florence Hay, in Rathmines.
The two sons of John Glover and Mary Anne Dann, John and Joseph Glover, settled in Dublin and were living immediately next door to each other in both 1901 and 1911.  In 1901, the two were living with their respective families on Lower Gardiner Street, John in flat 45.1 and Joseph in 45.2.  By 1911 the brothers, both commercial travellers, had moved south into the suburbs of Dublin and were at 11 and 12 Belgrave Square in Rathmines.
John Glover and Annie Florence Hay had a daughter, Annie May Glover, at 7 Bachelors Walk, on 27th December 1891, but she didn't survive and they had no further children.
On 17th December 1891, brother Joseph Glover married Sarah Ramsey, daughter of the late William H. Ramsey of Kilbeggan , Co. Westmeath.  They had Olive Marie Glover on 13th October 1892, who died in San Francisco on 10th September 1963, Ralph Glover, later a merchant seaman, Hubert Ramsey Glover born 1906, and Ruth Alexander Glover born 1903.

c) Lilian Mary Hay, born 28th July 1866 in Rathmines, Co. Dublin, and who died on 22nd May 1882 at the Masonic Girls School, Burlington Road.

d) Percy Alexander Hay, born 10th February 1868 in Rathmines, married in the Church of St. Phillip and St. James, in Booterstown, Co. Dublin, on 6th June 1900, Edith Mabel, the eldest daughter of the late Herbert Percival Affleck-Graves of the Bank of Ireland, Ballinasloe, and of Mrs. Affleck-Graves of Blackrock, Co. Dublin. ('Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail', 16th June 1900.)    Ethel Mabel Afflick/Affleck-Graves had been born in Westport on 6th January 1874 to Herbert Patrick Afflick-Graves and to Elizabeth Hamilton Bland;  present at the birth was a relation, Charlotte Bland of High Street, Westport, Co. Mayo.

Percy Alexander Hay was an official with the railway.  He and Edith Maude Afflick-Graves had children.   Vera Maude Hay was born on 23rd May 1901 at Phoenix Lodge, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  On 24th September 1924 she married a Castlebar engineer, Edward John Beresford Gahan, the son of F.G.Townsend Gahan, an inspector with the Irish Commission.     
Vera's younger sister was Edith Lilian Hay who had been born on 16th November 1902 at 22 Portland Place, and who married, on 5th October 1927 in Portarlington, the doctor William Joseph Hogan, son of M.D. Eugene F. Hogan.  Muriel F. Gahan and William Callanan were the witnesses.

A short-lived brother was Kenneth Hay, who died of diphtheria, aged only one year, on 2nd January 1914 at Royal Canal House, Broadstone.

Percy Alexander Hay died of influenza on 17th May 1924;  his widow, Edith Mabel Hay, née Afflick-Graves, died on 28th November 1940 in Portarlington at the home of her married daughter Lilian Edith Hogan.

e) Maude Isabel (Mollie) Hay, born circa 1872, who married in 1893, Robert Joseph Nolan (1859 - 1919). In 1901 Robert Joseph Nolan was the manager of the London and Leicester Window Cleaning Company.  The couple had two sons by this time - John Nolan who had been born in Ireland in about 1896 and Maurice Burkitt Nolan (1900 - 1978).
In 1911, Robert Joseph Nolan and Maude Isabel Hay were living in Leicestershire with one of their five living children, 3-year-old Eileen Patricia Nolan.  Dublin-born Robert Joseph Nolan was a commercial traveller in the oil trade and had been born in about 1859.  The couple's two sons, John and Maurice Nolan were at boarding school in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.   
Maurice Nolan married his relation, Gladys Irene Barton, the couple's grandmothers, Emma Pennefather and Ellen Barton, being sisters.
Robert Joseph Nolan had been born in Dublin in 1859 to the builder, John Joseph Nolan, and to his second wife, Diana Burkitt, who had married in the Anglican St. Anne's, Dublin, on 28th August 1845. A widower and son of Richard Nolan, John Joseph Nolan had previously been married to Eliza Allen. The witness to this earlier Catholic marriage in St. Andrew's on 21st September 1842, was the groom's future wife Diana Burkitt.   The builder John Joseph Nolan and his second wife, Diana Burkitt had two known children - Robert Joseph Nolan who married Maude Isabel Hay in 1893, and Elizabeth Nolan who married John Christopher King on 28th November 1885 - this was witnessed by Elizabeth's brother, Robert Joseph Nolan.
Diana Burkitt, the mother of Robert Joseph and Elizabeth Nolan and wife of builder John Joseph Nolan, was the daughter of the military surgeon, Robert John Baylis Burkitt of the 94th Regiment.  He had been born in about 1798 to Robert Burkitt and Dyanna Bayis of Enniscorthy - siblings were Christopher and Eliza Burkitt.   
Surgeon Robert John Baylis Burkitt of the 94th Regiment married Jane Weeks in 1816 and had Diana who married John Joseph Nolan, Jane Eliza Burkitt who died in August 1840 ('Clare Journal', 6th August 1840), and John Baylis Burkitt who was born in Gibraltar in 1817, married Mary Miller, and who died in Australia on 11th November 1909 at his son's residence in Glenroy. ('The Argus', 13th November 1909.)  John Baylis Burkitt and the Scottish-born Mary Miller, had 14 children, one of whom was Francis Archibald Burkitt who married Mary Addis, the eldest daughter of G.A.Mouritz on 19th December 1878 in Brighton, Australia.   Their son, another John Baylis Burkitt, would marry Agnes Louisa Grace, eldest daughter of Alexander Cumming, on 14th January 1908, in Merriwak, Trafalgar, Gippaland.  These records are from the online searchable newspaper collections of the Australian site,

9) Frances Hay, born circa 1844 in Co. Kerry.  She married Richard Benjamin Howell on 2nd December 1865 in Donnybrook, Dublin.  Richard Howell died on 25th November 1868 (they had had three children - Charles, Henry and Eleanor), and Frances married William Richardson on 12th March 1872;  a further four children followed - John, William, Frances and Thomas.

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